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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Pretty Feet – Kristof Cale & Lilu Moon

Pretty Feet   Kristof Cale & Lilu Moon foot fetish pictures Sexy Lilu Moon is excited to show her feet skills to her man. She wants him to worship them as much as he worships her perfect body … the shortest road to a perfect orgasm for Lilu is through her toes!

Gasping For More – Mistress Gaia

Gasping For More   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I have my slave in a stressful position. He is hooded, and on a bench with his arms and feet bound in chains. I have made sure his head is well back and ready for my pleasures. I have some phone messages to attend to, and I’m going to make him worship my feet while I’m working. If he doesn’t do a good job he’ll be punished. I begin with him licking my feet. Then I decide to have some fun with him. I want to see how long he can last without air. So some foot smother should do nicely. As I press down hard on has face he can’t breathe, and begins to wriggle and squirm. Of course he can’t escape his bondage, and I’m going to continue making him suffer. It’s time for some more breathtaking moments, as I use hand over mouth smother. His gasps for air get more desperate as I tighten my grip over his mouth. I so enjoy seeing that look of panic in his eyes as he tries to get free from my hands. Eventually, I have to go out and will leave my bitch chained and helpless. However, when I return I have another breathtaking treat in mind that will leave him gasping for more…
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Worship Cherry’s bare feet

Worship Cherrys bare feet foot worship pictures Miss Cherry Preston takes off her Heels and order her slave, who still can not see because of his mask, to lick and kiss her bare feet and toes. She wants him to suck each toe and get down on the floor to become her human footstool. She rubs her bare sexy feet again and again on his worthless slave face !

Foot Gagging Torture – Mistress Gaia

Foot Gagging Torture   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures Today I have my slave on his knees waiting for me. He has been in a stressful position with his arms bound for a long time. It’s part of a punishment I am giving him. He is also going to worship my feet and learn to obey me in future. I begin by getting him to lick the soles of my sandles, he seems to be having some difficulty and mumbled something as I press them hard against his face. It’s time to shut him up, so I decide on some foot gagging. He must keep his mouth open wide, and enjoy the power of my foot as I shove it to the back of his throat. However, the stupid slave keeps moving his head so I have to put a stop to that. I get my leather belt and whip his nipples before pulling it tight around his neck to keep his head in place. If he moves too much he will choke himself. I continue to push my foot to the back of his throat while pulling tightly on the belt. What a great pleasure to see him suffer, and so amusing as his gargled squeaks are stifled by my beautiful feet at the back of his throat…

Squirm & Eat My Fruit – Mistress Gaia

Squirm & Eat My Fruit   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I have my slave on the floor, hooded with his hands tightly bound behind his back. He’s going to have the luxury of sharing in my dessert. I happen to have some delicious strawberries that I’m going to enjoy. As he wriggles beneath me I get him to kiss and worship my feet. Then I begin to eat my strawberries. I make sure that I have enough of a mouthfull to share with my slut. As he squirms on the floor I spit out the fruit and order him to eat it. I also place some fruit under my beautiful red shoes, crushing the strawberries. My messy slut has to lick my shoes clean or he will be severely punished. He is so lucky, It’s not everyday a slave will be allowed the delight of crushed fruit from under the feet Mistress Gaia…
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Fucking her Heels – Max Fonda & Cecilia Scott

Fucking her Heels   Max Fonda & Cecilia Scott foot fetish pictures Cecilia Scott is a sexy blonde babe, strutting around her apartment with black pumped up high heels. Max Fonda arrives to worship her feet, kissing and licking her toes. She lets him fuck her heels, having the stilettos wrap around his raging cock. This foot-worship session continues into a full-fledged doggy-style fuck. Cecilia grips her heels in ecstasy as she feels Max moving inside her. Watch as 21FootArt takes erotica cinema to another level of fetish.

Her first experience using a foot slave

My friend Virginia was totally psyched when I told her about the great pleasure of having a personal slave – and let’s be honest – every woman should have a male servant at her command at any time! I brought her over and told her to wait in the armchair while I went to get the slave. He has to start by kissing her sexy high heels – then lick them clean as well. Before I take off her shoes I make him kiss and lick mine as well – then it’s time to worship Virginias bare feet. She quickly isn’t satisfied by just getting her feet kissed – and shoves her toes into his mouth – making him suck her toes one after another. And of course he has to lick her foot soles as well. While he’s at it he obviously gets to kiss and lick my feet as well. I’ve a gut feeling we’ll see Virginia using the slave more often in the future.

Her first experience using a foot slave foot domination pictures

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Dirty soles sweaty feet

I call over my devoted foot slave to lay down on the floor right in front of me. Then i make him kiss and worhip my boots just right before i trample him with my gorgeous high heels boots. I step all over his body even on his cock. Lateron i take a seat on the sofa, now the slave has to lick clean the dirty bottom of my boots with his tongue. This really seems to be a hard job for the slave as i weared those boots outside for a shopping trip and even in the metro. Uargh!! Disgusting. But thats the kind of job a slave exists for. Lateron i continue with some hard foot humiliation. The slave has to kiss and worship my sweaty pantyhosed feet. Because he does his job well he even gets a little reward: facekicks in his face. LOL.

Dirty soles sweaty feet foot domination pictures

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Trapped & Choked In His Cage

Locked in his cage with his head trapped outside and unable to move. I am going to make my slave suffer. He is going to worship my feet and make sure he cleans them. I tell him he better make a good job of sucking or he’s going to remain in his cage for a long time. I begin by letting him smell my beautiful sandles and tell him to enjoy their aroma from my feet. He then gets to smell my feet as I stroke his face with my soles and toes. As he looks up at me, I order him to open his mouth and I shove my foot into it. He tries to move his head to stop me from pushing my foot further into his mouth. It’s amusing to see he can’t do anything, as I give him a good footgagging. I continue using both feet, one after the other. I so enjoy watching him suffer as he chokes and gargles for air as I give him some more deep throat foot gagging. He’s getting so breathless with each thrust to the back of his throat. I have decided to let him rest. Of course he’ll remain in his cage as punishment, for not properly cleaning my feet. When I return, my slut is going to understand what it means to serve under the feet of Mistress Gaia…

Trapped & Choked In His Cage foot domination pictures

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Worship My Feet – Mistress Gaia

Worship My Feet   Mistress Gaia lesbian footdom pictures Today I have my female slave here in my dungeon. She commented on how she admired my shoes and they complimented my beautiful feet. I said to her the shoes were designed especially for the purpose I had in mind. She looked a little puzzled and asked what was that. Pointing to my bench, I told her to kneel at the end. Then I bound her wrists, and attached her to the bench. Since she likes my shoes so much, I will give her a special treat. My slut is going to worship my shoes and feet. As I look down on her while she struggles to free herself, I begin by telling the her to lick my shoes. The heels are e very nice shape for getting that mouth open and sucking on them. After a while, I decide to remove my shoes. She is going to continue her foot licking by cleaning my feet. My slut is fairly new to this, so I have to keep telling her what to do. She answers me back so I’m going to make sure she doesn’t do it again. I begin by getting her to open her mouth nice and wide. As she starts to lick, I stuff my foot into her mouth until she begins to choke. She’s not saying too much now. As the footgagging continues, and gets more intense, breathing for her becomes more difficult. I think my bitch is learning. With my foot over her head I order her to the floor, this is a very stressful position, as her wrists are still tightly bound to the bench. I continue to make her suffer with my foot over her mouth so she can’t breathe. With her gasping, I tell her to continue licking and to make sure she cleans between my toes. For a new licking slut, she is doing quite well. I decide to reward her by leaving her bound to my bench with my beautiful shoes stuffed in her mouth.
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Foot Worship and Face As Footstool – Lady Electra

After the punishment Electra relaxes on the chair, using her slave’s face as her footstool. Her favorite band sounds from the speakers in a low volume and Electra makes her slave worship her perfect feet. She runs her soles on his tongue and makes him suck her toes and heels and she massages her feet, rubbing them all over his face. She is very relaxed and sometimes she just uses her slave’s face as a footstool. Her pathetic slave has to do perfect job in the foot worship to please his Mistress and, at the same time, to listen to the songs and appreciate the music!

Foot Worship and Face As Footstool   Lady Electra foot worship pictures

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You Can Suck Better Than That

Sure he is doing an ok job sucking on her feet, but he can do better than that. He needs to show more vigor, more enthusiasm, show her how grateful he is to be allowed to worship her feet. After all Halle doesn’t grant such a privilege to just any slave, her feet are a reward for loyal slave service. So he needs to lick them faster to bring a smile to Halle’s face, to show her how much he loves living in her service.

You Can Suck Better Than That foot worship pictures

Brutal Facebusting And Foot Domination – Lady Evike

Bratty Evike calls her slave and puts a collar on him, having him by the leash. The poor guy knows that is not good for him and he didn’t do something bad to deserve this brutal punishment, but he knows that his Mistress needs to take the negative energy out. Evike pulls the leash to get him closer to her and sticks her feet on his face, pushing them hard on it and rubbing them on it slowly and painfully. With one foot she keeps his position and with the other she starts to stomp his face full power. She gives hundreds of fast kicks and footslaps with both feet on his face and she stomps hard his face more times. When she doesn’t kick him Evike footgags him and makes him worship her feet in a very dominant way. Some brutal stomps more and the last is full power with both feet together for the KNOCK OUT!!! The slave is on the floor, as Evike is not so happy, as she wanted more!

Brutal Facebusting And Foot Domination   Lady Evike foot domination pictures

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Foot Worship – Lady Alice

Superbeautiful Lady Alice is on her first year in University and she returns home tired from the class. She has her houseslave and financial slave that pays everything for her waiting at home and she relaxes on the armchair with her legs on the stool and calls him and commands him to worship her perfect feet. The slave licks and sucks with passion, trying to please his Mistress, while she ignores him and is lost in her thoughts. Alice massages her feet on his face and makes him lick them to moisturize them, this is the daily routine and caress for her divine feet!

Foot Worship   Lady Alice foot worship pictures

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‘English Exam’ – Extreme Footgagging – Lady Alice

Sadistic Princess Alice puts a collar on her slave to play some more hard. She makes him worship her divine feet and she fills his mouth with her toes. As her foot is into his mouth, she pulls the leash and pushes her foot to go down his throat, fucking his mouth and gagging him hard! She footgags him in any possible position, even with both feet or with the heels, always hard and cruel! Between each position, Alice makes him worship her feet or footsmothers him. Alice gets harder and harder, but after a while she is annoyed by the gagging noises that the slave makes with her feet down his throat, so she stomps him hard with both feet and knocks him out!!!

English Exam   Extreme Footgagging   Lady Alice foot domination pictures

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