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After-school Foot Fetish

After school Foot Fetish lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

This session – casting, if you like – took place a day before Esther’s first published clip. Rosie and her friend Esther came to our studio after school, they both still were high school students at the time of shooting. First we planned to shoot a short foot tease clip with Esther, but she was so shy, that Rosie had to join her. They took off their shoes and revealed the very socks they wore all day at school, sweaty and stinky as they were. After a short tease in socks, they removed them too and continued shoving their bare young soles right in your face. They giggled and laughed the whole clip through, adding much to the feeling of this clip.After we were finished, Rosie started pushing Esther, that for she brought her here and introduced her to us, she deserves a foot worship right at the moment, that’s mandatory for signing in, anyway (which is obviously not, but the trick worked). Esther thought licking the soles of someone is weird enough to say an immediate yes and have some fun. Rosie changed over her socks and shoes to her P.E. ones, sat in and we recorded a second clip. Both the girls could not stop laughing out loud when Esther’s tongue started caressing Rosie’s young, soft soles, and she proved to be a natural born footlicker, I might add!
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Throat Deep Toesucking

Throat Deep Toesucking lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Clarissa has great oral skills when it comes to foot worship, but a good footslave always needs training. Down on her knees and her hands bound behind her back she submits her mouth to Rosie’s smelly feet. After a few licks on her sweaty soles, Rosie orders her slave to suck her toes, of course, all of them at the same time! Clarissa has to take her whole foot in her mouth and suck on her toes until they’re right down her throat and her gag reflex is triggered. Her makeup runs down in tears on her face, she’s constantly on the edge of throwing up but still keeps sucking Rosie’s feet like an obedient little bitch. Rosie laughs at her throughout the entire clip, a girl choking on her feet is undoubtly ridiculous! In order to make this session even more kinky, she came to our studio with no socks within her shoes to make her soles really disgustingly stinky.
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Virgin Tongue on Tasty Soles

Virgin Tongue on Tasty Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Yet another clip from our archives! Even though she had suffered the stink of Clarissa’s feet before in Stinky Punishment, this was the very first time Rosie submitted her tongue to the game. She had never licked soles before, this was her very first time. After smelling Clarissa’s socks and naked feet for a while, she gives her an amazing foot worship, shy and sensual at the same time.
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First Timer Footlicker

First Timer Footlicker lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

When we recruit a new model, her first few scenes will feature her in the dominant role, of course we’re much more intereseted in her beautiful soles than her nose or tongue. However, if a girl decides to stay with us for future sessions, she can’t get away without inhaling stinky feet and licking the juicy sweat off them. I constantly persuade them to explore the fun of the other side, to learn how in feels to kneel before a girl and serve her soles in a submissive worship. Emily was very reluctant to do this, every time I tried to convince her, she strictly refused the idea. However, over time curiosity won and her resistance weakened, today, finally she accepted! It took more than 9 months to get her into submission! Today was her very first time, she has never licked anyone’s feet before in her life. Never ever! Smelling a girls smelly shoes, submissively filling her lungs with the stink of her feet and tasting the sweat of her soles were all new for her. It was Candy, who introduced her into foot worship, so she got the real thing for her first time! Candy’s feet are incredibly stinky in summertime, she wears her VANS shoes almost exclusively without socks, so all the summer sweat is conserved within! It was more than 39 degrees celsius today and we shot the scene immediately upon their arrival, in the very outfit they came. Candy kept her shoes on until camera roll, to ensure an authentic experience for Emily! She had to smell those shoes, Candy’s sweaty bare feet, and she had to lick all the sweat off those divine soles! Even she was nervous and grossed out by the stink, Emily got used to it pretty fast in this who experience turned out fun for her. Unusual for a first timer, Candy was also satisfied with her foot worship skills, specially when Emily sucked on her tempting toes as a real pro!
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Izzy’s sweaty feet

Izzys sweaty feet foot fetish pictures

Sweet, blonde Miss IZZY takes off her smelly bare socks and orders you to smell and lick her sweaty bare feet. She feeds you wit her stinky socks and then you are allowed to lick the top of her feet, her soles and each toe. She wants you to stick your nose between her smelly toes.. the most sweaty part of her feet size 39 EH. Great sweaty feet worship POV’S!
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Suck my sweaty toes and soles

Suck my sweaty toes and soles foot domination pictures

Miss Kitty removes her ballet flats and wants her footslave to worship, to lick and suck her sweaty bare feet. She loves to watch him sucking her her sweaty toes and lick off the sweat between her toes. Pure amateur footworship session / Great Point of Vies incl.
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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Bonnie’s First Time

Bonnies First Time lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Fresh out of high school, our 18 y/o Bonnie is here! Her size 38Eu(7’US,5UK) feet are getting worshipped by two of our beauties: Candy and Rosie. She just sits in the armchair and enjoys as the girls make their tongue dance on her soft soles! No story, no talk, just pure foot worship!
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Foot Worship Competition

Foot Worship Competition footdom girls foot worship pictures

Our amazing foot fetish girls, Candy and Elsa show us some unbelievable action again! This time around, they show off to each other how an excellent foot worship they can give! And they really into besting each other! I mean, I’ve never seen Elsa to lick a sole with such passion as she licked to soles of her very sis here! With her skillful tongue she worshipped Candy’s soles with utmost enthusiasm, licking every inch of her perfect soles and sucking on her gorgeous toes! And Candy gave her little sis no less: joyfully she caressed her wonderful soles and sucked her heels and toes like a real champ! Anytime these divine girls go on each other’s feet, it’s a guarantee for an ultra-hot clip, but this time around, they both outshined themselves as they tried to excel each other!
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Worship in Anguish

Worship in Anguish footdom girls foot worship pictures

Lorena demonstrates what foot domination means according to her dictionary! She terrorizes Rosie with her socks and bare feet, rubs them into her face and makes her smell and lick them. She shoves her long toes into her mouth and doesn’t leave the poor girl a minute of peace!
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Regular FootService

Regular FootService footdom girls foot worship pictures

Foot worship is highly addictive. It is an incomparable, second to none experience for a girl to get comfortable in a chair, kick off her smelly shoes and have a living floormat under the chair, who is obliged to lick all the sweat off her soles, no matter how stinky they are. In fact, the more foul the smell, the more humiliating this act is for the footlicker and the higher the self-esteem boost is for the reciever. After a few occasions, every girl becomes addicted and soon they start to miss the sensation of a caring tongue on their soles. Between our sessions, the girls regularly text me about how sweaty and stinky their feet are, and how cool it would be, if someone licked them clean. Of course, that’s more than enough for me, to arrange a shooting immediately! This time Dorothy gets her regular sweat removal service. She takes off her shoes, rubs her sweaty feet into Clarissa’s face and orders her to submit her tongue and lick those perfect soles clean!
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Foot Worship Extasy

Foot Worship Extasy footdom girls foot worship pictures

Lorena is a wild, 18 y/o girl with a size 9 (40 EU) feet we’ve been just introduced by her friend Esther. When she learned of our fetish studio, she was immediately keen to join! She is just about to finish high school, yet she has already got some foot fetish experiences and she is totally into it! More precisely, she gets extremely turned on by foot worship and utterly enjoys the privilege of getting her soles licked! To show our appreciation, she got two enthusiastic footlickers for her first time! Rosie and Clarissa licked her soles thoroughly and passionately, while she watched them relaxed with a satisfied smile. However, excitement came by each lash of their tongue and soon Lorena was all nasty, moaning in rapture!
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In and out of Bianca’s sweaty sneakers – part 1

When Goddess Bianca spends long time in her sneakers her feet get very warm and sweaty. In that case an immediate action must be taken bu her girl slave. It is imperative to clean the soles from any left over dirt before sniffing the smell of sweat from the socks. When the socks have been thoroughly sniffed it’s time to feel the taste of Bianca’s warm feet and show the proper amount of worship to them.

In and out of Biancas sweaty sneakers   part 1 lesbian footdom pictures

Click here to download the In and out of Bianca’s sweaty sneakers – part 1 video clip

How much can a Brat take from him?

How much can a Brat take from him? foot domination pictures James is caught off guard when Jenna bursts through his door unannounced again. He’s worried his girlfriend will come home and catch them. This time the brat demands $600 doubling the amount from the previous time she’d been over. She intends to make him her financial slave. She has James take off her boots, sits down on the stairs and proceeds to verbally humiliate James as he kisses her feet. Jenna kicks him away when he starts to lick her feet. The spoiled princess sighs and asks how much longer she has to put up with James. She then threatens to kick him down the stairs if he licks her feet again. James takes off her left boot and sock and starts to sniff the sock. Jenna slaps his face making him drop the sock. James begins to worship her feet again and gets kicked in the face one more time when he forgets and licks her foot again. Jenna demands another $100. James continues to kiss Jenna’s feet until Jenna kicks him down the stairs when he forgets her orders and licks her foot again. Jenna demands her money and tried to leave but James begs her to stay. Jenna orders him down onto his back on the floor. Then she literally walks all over him, standing on him and crushing his rib cage with one foot while she teases his mouth with the other. Jenna smiles meanly as she shoves her foot over James’ face, kicking his chin and shoving his face to the side while she calls him “pathetic” again. Jenna stands on James’ chest with both feet and leans down and smacks both sides of his face, hard. She continues to trample his chest and slap his face while calling him her “foot slave” and her “bitch”. She continues to verbally humiliate him while she kicks him in the face and walks all over him. James gasps as the air is pressed out of his lungs by her feet and he can’t breathe. Jenna calls him “worthless”, pulls up a chair and lets him worship her feet. The spoiled brat wrinkles her nose in disgust and says she is “repulsed”. Jenna demands her money for her rent and walks out the door with her bratty attitude.

How much can a Brat take from him? foot domination pictures

Mischa demonstrates foot worship on Herself!

Mischa demonstrates foot worship on Herself! foot worship pictures Mischa teases you with her perfect feet, humiliates you and tells you how much of a dirty pervert you are for wanting to fuck her feet. She shows off every detail of her toes and feet, then does exactly what you’re dreaming of… she kisses and sucks on her own feet!

Mischa demonstrates foot worship on Herself! foot worship pictures

Post Apocalyptic Lesbian Foot Worship!

Post Apocalyptic Lesbian Foot Worship! foot worship pictures Welcome for the first time ever all natural beauty Dani Daniels and welcome back British bombshell Tanya tate to Foot!! It’s the apocalypse but these two lesbian hotties can’t control their desires and slip away anywhere they can to enjoy some seductive, dirty lesbian foot fetish. Dani dresses in black leather ballet boots, is made to worship Tanya’s knee high boots and sweaty stockings. After a long worship session of Tanya’s perfect bare feet with lots of sniffing, spit and tickling Dani’s made to get Tanya’s pussy off with her feet. Tanya’s foot-gasms are unreal with the most amazing shots of toe scrunches and spreads we’ve seen on Foot Worship! Dani is rewarded with toes in her beautiful pussy bringing her to cum all over Tanya’s red toes!

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