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Crushed under Lady Samantha

Crushed under Lady Samantha foot domination pictures Lady Samantha caught you behind the pillow, you little tiny victim. She puts you on the floor and starts to crush you under her heels. She tries to flatten with her ass and with her feet, with sitting on you and trampling. She takes off her heels an and finish you under her bare feet. The last thing you will see is her bare dominant sole!
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Painful footwear show

Mistress Anna has been searching for her sub high and wide in her mansion. His cage was open and empty, the torture room deserted… She was so angry when she finally found him in the wardrobe, sniffing and licking her shoes. She didn’t show it though – still cold as ice, she ordered the fucker to get down on the floor and accept the roughest trampling treatment imaginable. See his punishment here!

Painful footwear show foot domination pictures

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Sissification and trampling

Some say that male housekeepers are no good and it looks like this bossy beauty can certify it. Her slave always leaves her house in such a mess that she decides to swap him for a slavegirl – by sissifying him! Watch her put a tiny skirt and a wig onto him, paint his lips and *** him into washing the floor. Jeez, she will get so angry when he fails to perform even after gender transformation.

Sissification and trampling foot domination pictures

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Hot blonde trampling

Terribly afraid of the Mistress’s whip, this sub drops down on the floor at the mere sight of this tool of torture. That’s exactly what domme Isabella Clark needs! Watch her step on the fucker sprawled under her feet – first in her high heels, then barefoot… Oh yeah, she knows all the right spots to step on to make the worm understand that whipping is far not the worst that could happen to him.

Hot blonde trampling foot domination pictures

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Tasting domme’s toes

Ever heard about transformer furniture and how convenient it is? Well, it’s high time Mistress Shakhti showed you hers! This objectification video shows her fooling around with her boy toy – trampling him as if he were a floor rug, then turning him into a comfy armchair. Hey, he’s even got built-in foot massage system – watch him lick the domme’s little toes humbly in the course of the training!

Tasting dommes toes foot domination pictures

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Double foot domination

The high heels of Linda and Laurentia are what their slave loves the most. Yet they are what he fears the most too and that’s not for no reason. No words can describe the pain that he feels when the dommes get down to trampling him. Their stiletto heels sink in his soft flesh like needles almost making him break into tears. What a wimp he is! Time to shut his twisted mouth with some bare feet…

Double foot domination foot domination pictures

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Doggy boy using tongue

Beautiful Mistress Dominica is a strict business woman who is always tough on her employees in office – and at home too. See, every week the laziest of her workers ends up in her place – naked, his head locked inside a tight leather mask and his worthless body at his Domme’s full disposal. So, what’s on the femdom menu this weekend? How about some whipping, trampling and, finally, cock squashing?

Doggy boy using tongue foot domination pictures

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Young domme’s foot debut

A good slave is someone who can stand a lot of pain and humiliation and Mistress Taya is on a mission to make this new slave of hers a good one. Crawling at her feet and whining as she whips his ass, this fucker gets so annoying that she decides to test his pain threshold with some trampling. Her high heels on his body and her bare feet on his face… Sounds like a proper punishment!

Young dommes foot debut foot domination pictures

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Human door mat

Is this pathetic fucker’s mouth good for anything other than slurping his Mistress’s spit? It’s time to check it! When the long and extremely rude high heel trampling session is over and the dominant beauty is ready to move on, she will get down on the couch and let the boy toy service her tired feet with his tongue. Watch him worship her heels and toes – he seems to be good at it after all!

Human door mat foot domination pictures

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Domme training her puppy

You say that petite Mistress Jessie Gold doesn’t look like someone really rude? Well, try to tell that once again after you have seen her giving her slave the roughest trampling treatment ever! Her stiletto heels sinking in the soft flesh of his nips and scrotum, her soles squashing his little dink… All that makes her boy toy scream his heart out and gets her hotter and hotter with every second!

Domme training her puppy foot domination pictures

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Human massage chair

This domme’s slave is a humble creature made for serving and pleasuring her. Tonight he will lick her shoes and feet clean. He is to worship the feet that squashed him like a cockroach! Mistress’s stiletto heels hurting his crotch and chest will make him beg for mercy. And yes, she will give him a break – though only to take her shoes off and get back to trampling his face and shoving her feet into his throat!

Human massage chair foot domination pictures

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Trampling and CBT combined

Some would say that the moment when Mistress Rita’s drove her stiletto heel deep into her slave’s scrotum was already way too rude but… Hey, it was still just the beginning of the training she had prepared for him. The ball game was followed by a session of high heel trampling and the meanest CBT treatment you can think of. Whew, the sub will surely remember that for the rest of his life!

Trampling and CBT combined foot domination pictures

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Female Rug Training

Dorothy tries expand the limits of her slavery skills one step further: she submits her young, fragile body to yet another trampling session: this time for two girls at the same time! Clarissa and Rosie step and walk on her hips, belly and chest! They also give her samples of stomping, one-foot chest standing and the scary sight of soles closing in her face! Unfortunately, facestandings had to be skipped due to her extensive facial piercings. Of course, she had been requested to come up with some solution, however, enduring a bellyjumping session is her next target anyway!

Female Rug Training lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Trampling Sweat

Rosie showed up with an interesting new footwear she’s been given as a gift recently. What’s so special about ’em? They’re sandals made of 100% rubber! Just a few minutes walk in them, and her soles are dripping wet! Moreover, their bottoms are almost as painful, as high heels, yet balanced enough to let Rosie jump in them! We instantly put them into action. After a few painful minutes Rosie takes them off and rubs all the sweat into the footboys’s face and orders him to lick her salty soles clean! As a reward, she tramples him barefoot, too!

Trampling Sweat footdom girls foot domination pictures

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Floormat Girl

Besides foot gagging, trampling has always been Dorothy’s favourite foot fetish act – it’s time to explore it’s more painful side! It seems she has the guts to let Clarissa step deep into them. It’s been a while she promised to submit her body for a trampling session, luckily, she kept her word! Clarissa walks all over her obedient body, steps on her throat, chest and belly. She stomps her young belly and delivers a few painful kicks too. The rules are clear and simple: Dorothy must endure whatever she Clarissa wants to do with her – without a word or defensive movement.

Floormat Girl lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Slave-jumping on the bed

When Mistress Amanda feels the need to trample some slave, she always makes it interesting. It’s time for the slave to go on to the bed and get ready for her high heel boots. If he thinks the bed will make it easy on him – he is very, very wrong…

Slave jumping on the bed foot domination pictures

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