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Banana Princess Power

Jennifer loves putting all manner of filth into slaves mouths. In particular she enjoys feeding slaves food that has been soaked with dirt from her feet. Bananas are a favorite as she mushes them all up in the slaves dog bowl with her feet, making sure to get banana all over her soles and in between her toes. Then she feeds it to her pet right from her Princess feet, a meal which the slave is grateful to receive and devours it without question.

Banana Princess Power foot domination pictures

Simply natural

Simply natural foot fetish picturesEvery girls are able to learn how to use their beautiful feet to pleasure a man. But to get on the level of April’s foot art… now that requires talent. April Blue is a natural foot-artist, who knows how to use her long toes and silky soles to give almost unbearable joys to her man. She is natural!

A Million Ways

A Million Ways foot fetish picturesDillion knows a million way to pleasure her boyfriend. Her mouth, her pussy, and especially her silky feet can all do the job, and she won’t shy away to use all of these beautiful tools to give absolute pleasure… and have her own fun in the process, wiggling her cum clad toes in the end.

Fatal Feet

Fatal Feet foot fetish picturesIt is amazing to watch Nadia Capri and her fatally hot feet in action. One cannot stop thinking how would they suck on those long toes, lick those soles and fuck those beautiful feet. Kris Slater is not an exception. He worships Nadia’s lovely feet and legs and then bangs the sexy Milf like nobody before.

Barefoot to the Bliss

Barefoot to the Bliss foot fetish pictures
Busty Allison Tyler has very sensitive feet. Long kisses, gentle strokes or the touch of a cock makes her all wet… and let’s be honest, who would say no to those beautiful toes and silky sole? Bill Bailey won’t for sure, and Allison gets the cock she was wishing for.

Sweet as Sin

Sweet as Sin foot fetish pictures
Beautiful Layla is sweet as sin, and not less tempting, especially if one takes her footjob skills into consideration. The raven-haired vixen can milk a cock with her lovely toes… as if her tight pink pussy wouldn’t be enough to make any man crazy.

Stinky Long Toes

Rosie is tied under the chair again, this time it’s her friend Esther, who makes advantage of her helplessness! She takes off her worn shoes and smelly socks to wipe all the sweat of her soles into Rosie’s face and even her hair, to make sure she can smell the stink of her feet even after the scene is over! Rosie has to inhale the smell of Esther’s feet deep into her lungs, no matter how hard she tries, there’s no escape from the stink!

Stinky Long Toes lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sweet Pink Soles

Elsa’s beautiful pink soles are in action again! This time she crushes a sweet cake with them and messes her feet up to the ankle. Her gorgeous long toes destroying the cake is a mind-blowing sight on it’s own, but why not add to the fun? So we had Clarissa there, who was more than willing to lick it all of Elsa’s soles! Just to dip them in the cake and lick them clean afterwards again and again…

Sweet Pink Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Salty Flip Flops

Flip flops always give the soles a special salty taste: a delightful combination of dried sweat and the dust stuck inside. It’s Clarissa’s job now to lick these off Goddess Candy Blade’s divine soles and from inside her flip flops! She licks those perfect soles and gorgeous toes as been ordered to, and also takes a few deep sniffs from the sour vinegary stink that emerges from between Candy’s fabolous toes. It’s incredible how badly this girl’s feet can smell, in virtually anything she wears on them!

Salty Flip Flops lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Toes Down her Throat

Clarissa gets her gag reflex tested! Inch by inch, Dorothy’s feet get deeper in her mouth, down her throat to her tonsils. She suffers big time, but endures like a pro, opens her obedient mouth again and again!

Toes Down her Throat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Strawberry Soles

Lovely and beautiful Elsa crushes a bunch of strawberries on a plate and plays with the tasty juice. Great close-ups of her gorgeous long toes!

Strawberry Soles footdom girls foot fetish pictures

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Foot Femme Fatale

Foot Femme Fatale foot worship pictures
Paige Turnah, official foot fetishist, sexual predator and full time femme fatale. If someone, she exactly knows how to tie a guy around her fingers… or more precisely her toes. She simply adores the feeling of an erect cock between her naked soles, she loves when hot cum rolls down on her feet, and she loves to turn down their mesmerized preys after. Haven’t we mentioned she is a cruel mistress?

Toe Day

Toe Day foot fetish picturesPretty Sienna Day and her wiggly toes are in action again. The warm spring weather drives her and her newest boyfriend, Thomas, to the garden to enjoy the sunshine, a cool juice and a hot footjob. Sienna’s silky feet work wonder on Thomas’s cock, and the man is eager to repay the lovely foot teasing.

It’s footsie time!

Its footsie time! foot fetish picturesVanessa Cage’s long toes, slender feet and silky sole were made to be worshipped, especially that the girl apparently loves to feel them teased by a wet tongue or a hard cock. But she is not hesitant to give a wonderful footjob even, using those fantastic soles and heels in a way that her partner cannot hold back and cums all over those lovely feet.

Leg lust

Leg lust foot fetish picturesThey are so slender, so beautiful, so long. Oh, sorry, if you’d wonder, we are talking about Kendall Karson’s legs. Damn, that girl knows how to use those long toes around a cock. I think any man would be happy to switch with Billy and have a lovely footjob by Kendall’s feet. Well, we wouldn’t blame them, that’s for sure.

Feet Heat

Feet Heat foot fetish pictures
It is hard to resist to the temptation of Aletta’s majestic curves, and David doesn’t even try it. The horny man devotes his full attention to the beautiful diva, exploring her tender, silky body with his cock, from feet to mouth and back, but today enjoying the slender toes the best, and in the end, spraying his load onto them.

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