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Simona’s Foot Humiliation

Simonas Foot Humiliation foot domination pictures

Simona likes to humiliate this loser slave all the time, but she especially loves to do it after a long day with her feet inside her sneakers! She makes him bow down on his knees, and makes him take her sneakers off to make him sniff her socks! The smell was really intense, but she just takes pleasure to rub her sweaty socks all over his face while chatting on her cell phone! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! She wants him to lick and taste all that sweat from her socks! Simona also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and covers his nose with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her toes, and also makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants them cleaned! Simona also takes some pictures of her slave while he is licking her feet and sucking on her toes! She is threatening him to send all those pictures to her friends if he is not doing his job right!
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The taste of a hiking day

The taste of a hiking day foot domination pictures

Today my slave’s going to learn the taste of a full day of hiking. I put some toast in my warm socks in the morning and then put on my hiking boots. The hike was quite hard with some steep ascends – which made my feet sweat quite a lot – and the taste of the bread will be quite intense as well. My slave arrives too late this evening and I’m not amused that he kept me waiting. After the loser took off my hiking boots he has to smell them of course and get a first impression of what’s to come! Then I take off my sweaty socks and the bread is so soaked in my sweat it even sticks to the socks – disgusting! I spit on the bread a few times – then make the slave eat every single bit. In the end I make my sweaty hiking socks into a mouth gag for him – that he’ll have to wear for the rest of the day!
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Ignored at her feet

Ignored at her feet foot fetish pictures Streetgirl Paola ignores you while you can whatch her bare feet. After she removes her sweaty, moist socks, you can now enjoy the view of her bare smelly soles and toes!
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Sucking Jenna’s Feet

Sucking Jennas Feet foot domination pictures Dominant Miss Jenna lets him worship her chucks and hot sweaty socks, before she wants him to lick every inch of her bare smelly feet. She orders him to suck each toe she she ignores him … “Lick the sweat off my feet, off my bare soles… lick between each toe slave!”
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Double Stinkdose

After they have finished their shifts at their regular jobs, Candy and Emily came to make use of the sweat and stink their feet produced today! Both the girls work their brains out during their hours, so it’s their time to have some fun! They’re not here to play the nice girl, but to release all the day’s frustration by giving their helpless victim the nasal torture of her life! They don’t show even the slightest compassion towards their slave. They don’t give a fuck about she’s just a broke schoolgirl in desperate need of some extra cash. All they see is a sluggish little bitch, who haven’t done any worthwile the whole day, and wants to get some easy cash. Well, Rosie never thought that earning some pocket money would be this hard. She got abused so hard, that she would probably never forget it! Candy and a Emily took off their VANS shoes and instantly started rubbing her face with their sweaty socks. Her hands tied back and her mouth taped, Rosie could not escape their unbearable stink! She desperately tried to avoid being touched with those disgustingly wet socks, but the four soles just covered her whole face. They shoved their stinky feet into her face, and there were nowhere to run! They laughed at her, humiliated and insulted her, totally destroying her self-esteem. They made sure, that it won’t be easy to face the mirror after this! Poor Rosie begged to stop her torment, but they just laughed at the ridiculous sounds she made with her mouth taped, and continued smothering her with their stinky soles! First Candy, then Emily took off their socks and rubbed all the sweat of their feet into Rosie’s face and hair, just to make sure she will sport the stink of their feet long after they’re gone! They just smothered and humiliated her, not caring about her feelings at all! No matter how badly their feet smelled, they made Rosie inhale it deep into her pathetic, little lungs!

2 foot slaves humiliated at once

2 foot slaves humiliated at once foot domination pictures One of my online foot slaves gets a pair of my sweaty socks – and to make them extra smelly I put some plastic bags over my feet for a whole day. In the evening I call for another slave and take the plastic bags and socks off in front of him. The socks are wet and sweat-soaked by then – ready to be packed and shipped to the online slave. But of course my bare feet are sweaty and stinky as well – so I make the slave lick them clean. As you can probably tell by his face the smell is extreme this time – but he has no chance – he has to smell and lick them!
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Footgagging Training – Mistress Gaia

Footgagging Training   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures My slave is being punished for not cleaning my dungeon properly. I begin his punishment by getting him to lick my boots. However, he’s not doing a proper job. As I have him on his leash I lead him on his knees to the wall. Where I select a favourite riding crop that’s going to be used on him. As he kneels in front of me, I instruct him to continue to licking my boots, while I begin to whip his body. He then has to remove my boots, sniffing my socks and start worshiping my feet. I tell him he must get that nose of his into my sweaty socks. I continue to whip him, making sure I get his nipples with some really stinging whacks. This causes him to make too much noise. So I decide to shut him up with some deep throat footgagging. I so enjoy hearing that gargled sound, as I shove my foot to the back of his throat and he begins to choke and suffer. I continue his punishment and allow him to finish cleaning my feet with his tongue. Of course, my whip is at hand to make sure he is obedient…
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Worship her stinky sneaker feet

You know my little Turkish foot bitch Murat from other clips. This time I really showed him where his place is: of course kneeling on the floor at my feet. I make him lick and worship my dirty sneakers. He has to take off my shoes and smell the inside before I make him worship my sweaty socks. This loser adores my body, he wants to become my little toy, my little puppi. He does whatever I tell him.

Worship her stinky sneaker feet foot worship foot domination pictures

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Virgie’s friend to worship Hanna’s feet

Hanna loves when someone is at her feet, and don’t mind if it’s a men or a women. It depends who’s their when she wants to play with a slave. In this video, she’s with Virgie when she ask her to massage her feet, talking about how much her feet smell after a day at work. She will make her smell her sweaty socks and orders her to get on her knees and submit to her mistress wishes. Virgie obeys like a good foot slave, sniff, kiss and lick Hanna’s pretty little feet with love. Enjoy this girl/girl foot worship session with two hot FGF models!

Virgies friend to worship Hannas feet foot worship pictures

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Made to worship her sis stinky feet

Celia and Alyssia are just back home from a long run. They ran for hours outside with the summer heat, wearing their old stinkiest shoes. They remove them and compare their foot smell. They can’t figure out wich one has the smelliest feet but Celia take advatange on the situation and ask her older sis to massage her sore feet. She explains her that she gave her a hard time when they were so now she has to revenge on her. She orders her to smell her sweaty socks, then take them off and grab her nose with her toes.. Alyssia can’t say anything, she just have to breath as Celia want to hear her sniff her bare stinky feet. I just wonder what will happen the next time they go out for a run…

Made to worship her sis stinky feet lesbian footdom pictures

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Foot Slavery 101

Finally! I’ve been able to schedule Candy, Emily & Rosie together! I’ve been waiting for ages to get this happen. Though Rosie is with us for a long time now, she’ve never met Candy, nor Emily. She got the lucky part, too: for all days of shooting, she will be the slave of the two Godesses. She has to smell their stinky feet and lick their sweaty soles clean every day! Unsurprisingly, she was not that happy with that, as we all were, but Candy and Emily could not care less! Rosie arrived the evening before Day 1 to get lodged in FeetExtreme HQ. All of a sudden, Candy and Emily jumped in, they were just too curious about their new footslave. They decided to test her, right at that moment! But very soon, they got totally disappointed. Rosie was completely embarassed as she tried to please the two Godesses, but her attempts did not meet their expectations. First, she had to smell Emily’s stinky feet, but she could not complete even such an easy command! They decided, that it’s time to train her a little bit. While Candy finished her coffee, and took some sample pics, Rosie had to lick Emily’s sweaty soles and taste the salty juice on them. She had to continue until they were somewhat satisfied with her tongue. Then the girls switched places, Candy sat in the chair, and took Rosie’s training in her own hands. She made her smell her dirty, sweaty socks, her stinky bare feet and ordered her submissive, clumsy tongue to work again. The training seemed to be useful, as Rosie obediently sucked on Candy’s whole foot at the end!

Foot Slavery 101 lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Rosie’s Fate

It seems Rosie’s suffering under stinky feet quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, I also love to see her desperately trying to fight for fresh air, while other girls smother her with their sweaty socks! The funny fact, when she signed up to our team, she was hesitant about other girls’ feet. Even she developed some courige since then, the really foul stench of overworn socks still freak her out. Combined with our strict no-foot-wash-before-scene policy, it’s always a torture for her to be enslaved to extraordinary stink. But it seems it’s the hand of fate at work, fans love to watch her misery, I love to record it and the girls love to smother her, so here she is, once again tied up under Clarissa’s chair! Clarissa worn her socks for 7 days in a row, to give Rosie a sound reason to suffer! The strong and terrible odor of her socks were vinegary, putrid and moldy at the same time. Rosie was total hopeless trying to dodge the stink, she had ablsolute zero chance for fresh air! She had to fill her lungs on Clarissa’s orders, no matter how disgusted she was by the stench of dirty sock! And after that, she had to inhale her bare soles, too! By then, Rosie felt totally sick of this scene, but her suffering has not yet come to an end! She had to open her mouth, and submit her tongue to Clarissa soles! She had to lick it all clean and swallow the salty, vinegary sweat!

Rosies Fate lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sweat Flavoured Tea

Dorothy has to prove her adventurousness and commitment to our project, therefore Clarissa dared her to drink a full cup of tea made of her sweaty, dirty socks. She wore these pair for days long, so their awful stink is mindblowing! Dorothy removes her boots and starts to kiss and smell the socks to show her devotion. Clarissa takes them off, and prepares the tea, while it cools down, Dorothy must lick all the remaining sweat off her soles. Sock-fuzz is a must, too! She just finishes when her tea is ready: you can watch as this 18 y/o girl tries to overcome her disgust and swallow every drop of it!

Sweat Flavoured Tea lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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A Sloppy Footworship

Without any story or whatsoever Dorothy starts to smell Clarissa’s feet in her sweaty socks and gets totally turned on, so she gives her a really devoted and sloppy footworship. If you like saliva by the gallons, this one is a must!

A Sloppy Footworship lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Smile to the Camera

Candy Blade loves the suffering face of her footslave so much she decided to record her humiliation on camera! In her old sneakers and well worn socks she sits on the table, her slave Clarissa at her feet waiting orders. She must kiss her Mistress’ shoes and lick the bottoms. There is no time to hesitate, no chance to escape! She must take off Candy’s stinky shoes, hold them up to her own nose while Candy records the whole scene! She has to face the camera no matter her Mistress never stops laughing at her! What a humiliation! But that’s just nothing compared to the follow up! Clarissa must deeply inhale those sweaty socks, until that sour stink fills her lugs up completely. Candy even orders her a few times to hold her breath while keeping the stink within, until her lungs burn! There is no relief, just the stink of Candy’s socks again! Clarissa must remove them, take them into her mouth facing the camera and has to keep them there while she goes on sniffing Candy’s naked feet. To qualify for an Oscar, Clarissa must stick her tongue out, and get ready for all the sweat of Candy’s soles!

Smile to the Camera lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Inhale my Footsmell

It was a warm a sunny day, yet Candy had long leather boots on. She smokes a cigarette while her footslave Eryss has to smell her boots. Candy makes sure her slave gets every bit of her muggy footstink, so she makes her smell her socks, too. Eryss has to take Candy’s sweaty socks in her mouth, as she continues on inhaling the stink of her bare feet. She obediently takes deep breaths from Candy’s toes, who finally leaves her lying with the sweaty socks stuffed in her mouth.

Inhale my Footsmell lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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