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Croissants soaked in my foot sweat

Croissants soaked in my foot sweat foot domination pictures

I’m going use my workout to also prepare a humiliating specialty for the slave today. I put some small pastries in my socks before I put on my running shoes and go for a long run in the woods. When I get back to the car I quickly show you the socks – they’re completely wet from my foot sweat and so is the slave’s food – flat and soaked in foot sweat! I put my shoes back home and drive to the slave. I take the shoes and socks off and spit on the slave’s food – and then make him eat it! And of course he has to lick my sweaty feet clean as well.
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Smothered under sweaty feet

Smothered under sweaty feet foot domination pictures Lady Samantha takes off her high heel sneakers and sport socks after a day at the fair and starts smother him under her bare sweaty feet She controls. His breathing with her bare soles and her powerful toes!
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Faceslapping with sweaty feet

Faceslapping with sweaty feet foot domination pictures Miss Serena wants him to lick her sweaty sneakers… yes lick the dirty bottom of the shoes, you can already smell sweat of her feet? He takes off her sneakers and slaps his face with the shoes and orders him to smell her sweaty feet. She rubs her warm, smelly bare soles on his face. She also slaps his face wit her sweaty feet and orders him to smell again…
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Young Sweaty Feet

Young Sweaty Feet foot fetish pictures 19 yo streetgirl Paola removes her moist socks and wants you to lick and sniff her bare sweaty soft feet. Like to lick her young toes and to smell the sweat of her sweet feet? Perfect sweaty soft feet!
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Simona’s Footslave Abuse

Simonas Footslave Abuse foot domination pictures Simona loves to humiliate this loser slave all the time with her feet, but it seems like she especially loves to do it after a long working day with her sweaty nylon feet inside her high heels shoes! She sweats a lot during the day with those shoes since she have to walk all day long, so she wants him to take some good care of her feet while she is watching another episode of her favorite series! She makes him takes her shoes off, and completely covers his face with her sweaty nylon feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and wants him to just enjoy that lovely smell without complaining! How do you like that loser? She makes him take some deep sniff in her sweaty nylon feet, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon soles! She just loves to watch him suffer with her sweaty feet on his face! Simona also makes him take some deep breaths inside her stinky shoes, and just holds her shoes on his nose with her feet! She also makes him suck on her lovely nylon toes, while relaxing after a another long working day! The sex appeal of this girl is just simply irresistible. What a lovely Diva!
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Chelsea’s Dating Experience

Chelseas Dating Experience foot domination pictures Chelsea is getting ready to go out and dancing all night with her friends and she felt like her feet also needed to be clean before partying all night! She was doing her make up in the mirror and this loser slave was filming her so she makes him sit on the floor to give him some instructions about her feet! She first needs to make sure her shoes are perfectly clean before dancing all night so she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her shoes! She makes him lick all the dirt at the bottom of her soles, and she wants him to make sure they are very clean! Chelsea also wants to make sure that her lovely feet are very clean before partying all night so she makes him take her shoes off to smother his face with her stinky naked soles! She wants him to sniff them, and makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! There is just nothing like having her feet clean by this loser slave after a long day so she just makes fun at him and makes him lick her sweaty feet, and suck on her toes!
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Ultimative Foot Dom Session

Ultimative Foot Dom Session foot domination pictures The ultimative Footfetish Domination dream comes true for the slave. Miss Serena takes off her sneakers and dominates him under her bare warm, sweaty feet. She tramples his hands and face and she loves it. Great scenes as she crushes his face under her bare soles and she likes to slaps his face with her bare soles!

Lick My Sweaty Feet

Lick My Sweaty Feet foot domination pictures Miss Serena wants him to kiss her shoes before she allows him to take off her sneakers and to smell inside her shoes (She was wearing her sneakers without socks). After that she wants him to lick the sweat off her bare warm, sweaty soles and to suck her smell toes.

Dirty soles sweaty feet

I call over my devoted foot slave to lay down on the floor right in front of me. Then i make him kiss and worhip my boots just right before i trample him with my gorgeous high heels boots. I step all over his body even on his cock. Lateron i take a seat on the sofa, now the slave has to lick clean the dirty bottom of my boots with his tongue. This really seems to be a hard job for the slave as i weared those boots outside for a shopping trip and even in the metro. Uargh!! Disgusting. But thats the kind of job a slave exists for. Lateron i continue with some hard foot humiliation. The slave has to kiss and worship my sweaty pantyhosed feet. Because he does his job well he even gets a little reward: facekicks in his face. LOL.

Dirty soles sweaty feet foot domination pictures

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Lesbian sis foot worship

Celia and Alyssia are back from their run, and as usual, their feet are sooo stinky and sweaty! Alyssia removes her sis shoes and socks and start smelling her feet with deep breathes. After few minute of intense foot smelling, Celia admits that she also really wants to smell her sis feet. Alyssia is very happy s because it means they will be able to smell each other feet after every workout. And that’s what they do! At the end, Alyssia finally take advantage on Celia and put her feet right on her face as she lay on the floor. For all Girl/Girl foot worship lover! A lot of close-up!

Lesbian sis foot worship foot worship pictures

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The College Witch

After crushing you with her stinky bare feet, Kimberly Jane was caught by your girlfriend and a friend of her to get their revenge on what she did to you.They tied her up and smother her face with their stinky feet, exactly the way she did to you when you were her slave.They order her to smell their feet and to worship them. Kim tries to set herself free but she is their prisoner now, and it’s her turn to suffer under sweaty girls feet.

The College Witch lesbian footdom pictures

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Ain’t that Bad

Elsa overwhelms Anna in their playful wrestling match and subdues her with her sweaty feet. She grabs her hands and pushes her soles into her face. Anna know her resist is futile, so she submits her tongue quite easily. After all, licking Elsa’s soles is definitely not that bad.

Aint that Bad lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Blondie Mistress, Blondie Footslave

Clarissa brings the very best of her kinky attitude to enslave Dorothy’s tongue! By no doubt this is her best performance to date! She prepared her wonderful feet sockless in her Superstars, which is a well know method to get a really bad stinking feet. She takes them off instantly and orders Dorothy to inhale the awful, vinegary stench, to take deep breaths from between her toes. Dorothy does her job as a well trained footbitch, without a word she shows utmost obedience, and submissively fills her lungs with the foul stink. When Clarissa put both feet on her face, she in fact looked like she had been attacked by a facehugger! That was the moment, when I started to wonder, wether deep inside she really enjoys being abused, or she took a moment to realize that having a signed contract, that obliges her to allow her face to be disgraced by reeking sweaty feet just sucks big time! Anyway, she just kept sniffing until Clarissa ordered her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out to bring this humiliation to a new level! She had to lick her Mistress’ soles just like if she were a trained pet, with small licks to ensure that the stinky sweat remains on Clarissa’s feet long enough to make her nose suffer while her tongue does the job! To intensify the slave’s discomfort, she had to suck Clarissa’s toes and whole foot as if it were a thick cock! I bet her boyfriend has no clue how oddly she does her blowjob practice sessions.

Blondie Mistress, Blondie Footslave lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet

I put my slave on a leash before I take my stinky black sneakers off – and press it on his nose! He’s trying to get away from the stinky shoe – but thanks to the leash I can easily hold him in place. Next up are my stinky socks – after a full hot day in these shoes they’ve quite a flavour as well! I stuff one sock into his mouth before he gets to smell my bare feet. When I got enough of the foot smelling I make him lick all the foot sweat of my bare feet as well!

Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet foot domination pictures

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Stinky Punishment

Rosie haven’t showed up in our studio early in the morning as she promised, thus messing up our whole day. She must be punished – all agreed. So Clarissa simply took her stinky Superstars on her naked feet and kept them on all day long, until Rosie finally arrived in the evening. Knowing what’s coming for her, she took the slave position under the chair obediently but not without fear. She has never been obliged to smell an other girl’s sweaty feet! Although, when I’ve asked her before about taking the sub role in foot fetish, she has said ‘maybe’, but she certainly haven’t imagined her first time like this! Clarissa’s feet reek really bad, when she wears her Superstars without socks, a deeply rotten stink with vinegary tones! She rubs all the sweat into Rosie’s face while relentlessly makes her smell their stench! Rosie desperately tried to evade smelling those soles, but in total vain: there is no escape from under the chair until Clarissa decides she has inhaled enough! And she wants to enjoy every moment, obviously. The sight of Rosie suffering under the stinky, sweaty soles is just simply gorgeous!

Stinky Punishment lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sweatlick Bully

Fancy a little rolaplay here? Every college, every class have their loser, lazy girls. They get bullied all the time, each and every day. What if one of these losers finds herself alone with the class’ bully chick, just after her workout? Yes, exactly. That foreshadows a great sweaty feet humiliation! Lana orders Clarissa to lick her salty soles clean, while continuously humiliating her verbally. Her feet are stinky and sweaty as hell, Lana jogged a great while around to prepare them for this scene, ’cause no matter what the story is, the sweat always has to be genuine and abundant!

Sweatlick Bully lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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