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Worship my sneakers

Worship my sneakers foot domination pictures You’ll now worship my sexy sneakers! I want you to lick them until they’re spotless clean! Yes, of course they’re both dirty – that’s why you’re licking them!
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Sneakers Femdom

Sneakers Femdom foot fetish pictures I love to wear my sneakers and im sure you love to worship my sneakers – right?! Yes – i will order you now to lick and sniff my sneakers. You have to lick the soles clean with your tongue and you have to sniff my feet odor inside my sneakers!
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Lovely White Sneakers

Lovely White Sneakers foot fetish pictures I got this white canvas sneakers from a fan and in this clip I’m presenting them to you. First I caress them with my bare feet, then put them on and show them to you up close. I rub them over the leather stool and the rubber sole on the leather makes a nice sound. Of course you get to see the well-worn soles as well. This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan.
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Pink and Sweaty

Nancy brought her old jogging sneakers to tease us with their incredible stink! They must have had an adventurous past, ’cause that smell was seriously awful! She took them off for Clarissa to sample the stink with deep breaths, and her socks for a few sniffs, too. Soon Nancy’s perfectly shaped, vivid pink soles are right in Clarissa’s face, who gives them a long lasting, enthisuastic worship!

Pink and Sweaty footdom girls foot fetish pictures

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Lick ’em All

Rosie and Dorothy enjoy taking advantage of their footslave. They both came with no socks in their sneakers, as they knew, the greatest fun is to make someone lick all the sweat off their soles! As they took off their shoes, the vinegary stink quickly filled the whole room, yet Clarissa had to lick them anyway, with utmost obedience.

Lick em All lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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The Foul Stench

How awful can the stink of Candy’s feet be after jogging in cheap sneakers? How badly can they reek? It’s Clarissa’s time to find out! As the weather getting more and more sunny, these jogs produce more and more vinegary sweat within Candy’s shoes and their stench gets more fetid day by day. Since Clarissa started to hesitate when it came to foot smelling, we arranged scene to carve in her mind that this foul stench is the real thing she signed for to inhale! I even asked Candy to skip all kinds of pedicure for a while to make her feet stink even more! Poor Clarissa strives for a while before she accepts her position as the ultimate inhaler!

The Foul Stench lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sunday Service

Each Sunday starts with a visit to the gym for Candy, to keep her hot body fit. She never brings spare socks with her, she takes all the sweat home within her sneakers. The time back home is more than enough for the fresh sweat to mature, into a strong, lung-burning stink. Her soles taste sour and salty: a treat for the tongue of her footslave! Upon arrival, Candy just sits down and watches one of her favorite band’s gig on TV, while her devoted slave licks all the tasty sweat off her soles.

Sunday Service lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!

The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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What Goes Around

Finally, the time has come for Candy to obey our house rules: every model has to taste all the other’s sweaty feet, there are no excemptions! Dorothy longed for this day, since she has been humiliated every time, she came in a pair of thick socks already worn for over a week. But she failed to give Candy a hard time, she even liked the strong smell of her feet! With a playful smile she inhaled Dorothy’s sneakers, stinky socks and bare feet before she licked all the salty sweat off her soles!

What Goes Around footdom girls foot worship pictures

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The Beauty of Foot Worship

Gorgeous Candy Blade gives our little Clarissa a really passionate, sensual foot worship. She takes off her sneakers and socks, takes a few sniffs to set her mood and starts to lick her soft soles slowly and gently. Every inch of Clarissa’s soles gets caressed by Candy’s playful tongue! By each lustful lick on the sensitive soles, each loving kiss on those beautiful feet Candy makes sure she gives a foot worship that won’t be forgotten! She treats Clarissa’s toes with extra care: she licks all the salt from between them, and playfully sucks on each and every one with a loving smile!

The Beauty of Foot Worship footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Candy Blade took this poor girl to the woods to teach her a lesson: there is no escape from her stinky feet! She orders Clarissa to inhale the stench of her sneakers, her fetid socks and sweaty bare feet. She begs for mercy, but she has been taken for a reason: to lick all the sour sweat off the Goddess’ perfect soles!

Stinknapped lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Salty Addiction

We were hanging out at a local pub, discussing some possible new stuff, when Dorothy admitted, that she started to develop some kind of an addiction to the salty juice that Candy sweats on her soles and if once let to worship her soles on her own way, she would never forget it. I was turned on just by hearing a girl actually like licking the soft soles of another, so urged to back inside and shoot a proof of it immediately. Upon arrival Candy layed on the sofa, kicked off her hot sneakers and waited giggling for the enthusiastic tongue to caress her perfect soles! Dorothy kept her word: she liked and kissed Candy’s gorgeous feet with utmost pleasure – for them both!

Salty Addiction lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Goddess Una first time at the Foot Cleaning Cafe

Goddess Una heard about the Cafe from her girlfriends and decided it’s time to visit it. She will test the slaves competence by making him work the whole nine yards. Starting with her sneakers and socks he’ll eventually get to lick clean her bare feet.

Goddess Una first time at the Foot Cleaning Cafe foot worship pictures

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Teen sneakers

Teen sneakers foot fetish pictures
What’s your favorite type of footwear? As for Amirah Adara, it’s sneakers. The young teen girl goes for comfy and cool shoes – while her boyfriend prefers no shoes at all! Yes indeed, this is the choice of a true foot maniac. Click now for more foot sniffing, toe licking and leg worship action!

For her favorite old sneakers

Goddess Victoria usually says that they need a special care. With high quality maintenance, She wants to make them last longer so Her slaves always must have a special approach to those old sneakers. It has to be an approach full of love and care, and it always starts with gentle sniffing, continues with kisses and finishes with devoted and high quality licking which removes any dirt. Of course, that’s not the end: after that it is necessary to thoroughly wash Goddesses sweaty feet which, after a while in those old sneakers, release quite intensive smells!

For her favorite old sneakers lesbian footdom pictures

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What a boring day…

When ever she is bored, Goddess Bianca has a solution. Nothing makes her more happy than dominating over her obedient slave girl Alena. It’s hard to find words to describe her satisfaction while she is watching the slave licking the soles of her old, worn off Converse sneakers. No need to say how much more satisfying is seeing Alena sniffing her smelly socks and licking her sweaty feet.

What a boring day... lesbian footdom pictures

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