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Cruel Shoe Domination – Lady Ingrid

Ingrid calls her victim, puts a leash on his collar and commands him to lick her high heel sandals clean! She looks amazing in her sexy dress, black pantyhose and elegant sandals and she makes her shoebitch lick the dirt from the soles of her shoes. She crushes his mouth with her shoe and she kicks him and whips him to do better. Ingrid fucks his mouth with he heel and when the job is done, she kicks him some more times in the face because he was terrible!

Cruel Shoe Domination   Lady Ingrid foot domination pictures

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A Stink that Urges to Taste

We were busy shooting some solo material with Candy in the studio, when Eryss paid us a visit. She came in her old New Rock boots, with the stinky sweat of many gigs and festivals conserved inside. To be even more tempting, she had a black pantyhose on. When Candy noticed this, she told me to fuck the schedule, let’s do a scene where she can smell those boots. Not too surprisingly I agreed, and in minutes Candy started to inhale the stink of Eryss’ boots. She got so turned on by the fetid smell, that she had to taste her bare soles, just to pet her sense of taste with the salty sweat within. She teared Eryss’ nylons open, and started to play with her soft, wrinkly soles…

A Stink that Urges to Taste lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Heel Puppy

Is there anything hotter than a sexy woman dominating a nerdy loser with her heels? I think not. Go ahead, go green with envy that I would even let this fool in my presence, let alone let him up close and personal with my pantyhose covered feet and legs. He worships me like the princess I am and relishes in every minute of it; kissing my ass, sucking my toes, and licking the dirt from my shoes.

Heel Puppy foot fetish pictures

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This is WHY it has a 2nd Job

BITCH has a 2nd Job just so it can afford to meet with me on a regular basis. I won’t let it cum so it always stays frustrated & needs to keep on working that much harder for my perfect feet. I usually rub them all over it & then send it on its way with blue balls. So my plan was only to frustrate it.. But I look so fucking hot in this dress & my pretty toes look so sexy in black pantyhose that they made the BITCH have an accident.. lol.. hope nobody notices the big stain on the front of its pants!.. ha ha

This is WHY it has a 2nd Job foot domination pictures

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Thanksgiving FEMDOM Foot Affair

Thanksgiving FEMDOM Foot Affair foot worship pictures James Riker is a nasty little foot slut and at Thanksgiving dinner he can’t help but notice his soon to be sister-in-law’s gorgeous feet! He sneaks away to the bathroom but gets detoured by his fiance’s sister’s closet of pantyhose and shoes. Lorelei had a sneaking suspicion and catching James jacking it all over her clothes was not a surprise! This dirty little foot slut is going to get the thrill of his life being made to worship, suck and clean all of Lorelei’s perfect toes, make her cum and get a teasing, torturous foot job then left there tied up in her pantyhose for his fiance to find! Read more »

The New Bitch

The New Bitch foot domination pictures
Enjoy as Mistress Missy and Miss Lydia test out a new submissive for 24 minutes. It is his first time and they give him the humiliation treatment at the bottom of their shoes as he worships and gets some trample before being tied in the chair and having is leg humped and nipples whacked. Finally, they amuse themselves by making him jack off into Miss Lydia’s worn pantyhose. Miss Lydia is joined by Mistress Missy and, together, they break a new bitch in underfoot. Both blondes are clad in pantyhose and are having their shoes worshipped by slave rickybobby. Some humiliating verbal and slapping follow and then he is put to his back for punishment. But not before he has to kiss each of their asses and get a spanking from Mistress Missy. Miss Lydia delights in wrapping his face and stuffing his mouth with pantyhose. Trample action as Miss Lydia and Mistress Missy keep the new bitch on his back. Mistress Missy’s perfect size 5′ nylon covered feet stroke his big cock as Miss Lydia stands over him for foot domination and verbal humiliation. Mistress Missy produces a pair of pantyhose and helps him into the tight nylon. Next he is bound to a chair for punishment and teasing. He is tied to the chair helpless as Miss Lydia and Mistress Missy take turns punishing him. This makes Mistress Missy excited and She humps his leg to orgasm. Her partner takes a turn and they tease and stomp him after She orgasms. He is released and ordered to cum onto the cum board. Miss Lydia takes off Her pantyhose to give him a target and Mistress Missy puts out Her perfect foot for him to gaze at as he spews into the nylon.

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MILF Cougar With Sweaty Feet!

MILF Cougar With Sweaty Feet! foot worship pictures Blonde MILF cougar porn star dominates newbie production assistant after a photo shoot! This PA gets more than he bargained for when bringing Simone Sonay her champagne after her shoot and finds himself on his knees worshiping, sniffing and licking her sweaty stilettos, nude pantyhose and bare feet! He tries to play coy but it is impossible when in the presence of such a hot foot goddess! Simone demands to get fucked until her toes curl and then sends him back to work after a sweaty footjob loosing his cum all over her beautiful feet, arches and toes! Read more »

Shoe Store Foot Worship and Footjob

Shoe Store Foot Worship and Footjob foot worship pictures Beautiful co-eds Penny Pax and newcomer Cindy Starfall wander into a shoe store only to taunt and tease the college kid working the register! The girls know just how crazy their adorable petite feet and nicely curved arches make men and they use this to get everything they want! Cliff helps the girls try on shoes but soon finds himself hypnotized by the scent of their sweaty feet in lace socks, high heels and sheer pantyhose. Before he knows it the girls are dominating him with their feet making him suck, sniff and clean the sweat from in between their toes. They demand he lick their pussies to get them off and maybe he will be rewarded with a foot job! Cindy sits her round ass on his face with promises of cumming all over her toes if he cleans her ass out properly! The girls show their enthusiasm through their toes with lots of toe scrunches , spreads and contortions. They use his cock for their pleasure only allowing him a footjob once they are completely satisfied. Then and only then is he allowed to cum all over their pretty toes! Read more »

Peeping Tom is made to have kinky foot sex with gorgeous foot goddess!

Peeping Tom is made to have kinky foot sex with gorgeous foot goddess! foot worship pictures Natasha Starr is a gorgeous Polish foot goddess with beautiful size 8 1/2’s. Every Friday night she rushes home from work to seduce the peeping Tom who is obsessed with her feet! He has hours of footage recorded of her high arch and meaty pads and thinks that he is getting away with it. This Friday Miss Starr has a different plan. After giving him plenty of foot poses, toe spreads, pantyhose tease and shoe dangling through the window Natasha grabs him right from his hidden perch and he’s made to worship her stilettos, stockings and feet! Every peeping Tom’s fantasy! They have kinky foot sex and this horny eastern European beauty can’t help but show her orgasms through her toes! She rewards this foot pervert with an oily foot job until he looses himself and she licks it all up off her toes! Read more »

Footsie Footsie Bang Bang: A Lesbian Foot Bang!

Footsie Footsie Bang Bang: A Lesbian Foot Bang! foot worship pictures Have you ever seen a lesbian hardcore foot bang?!?!?!? Yeah, me neither and now we don’t have to wait anymore! Lorelei Lee plays a chemist who accidentally mixes one too many chemicals in the lab sending her into a psychedelic trip where being made to worship candied toes, powdered sugar covered arches, pantyhose, wedge sandals and having both your pussy and ass filled with toes is a hypnotic fantasy come true! This is a FIRST on and you will see nothing like this anywhere else! See what true foot fetishism is all about! Don’t miss this filthy lesbian foot bang! Read more »

Room 417: “The Foot Fetishist”

Room 417: The Foot Fetishist foot worship pictures It’s New Years Eve in San Francisco and John Jammen encounters an array of guests working at the swanky Armory Hotel. His night gets that much more interesting when the queen of foot fetish checks into the infamous room 417. The stories of her fantastical New Years Eve foot fetish indulgences are legendary fantasies and John clumsily finds himself smack dab right in the middle of sweet foot scented pantyhose, leather stilettos and the sexiest shaped size 8 1/2’s you’ve ever seen. John is rendered helpless by the smell of the inside of her shoe, the silkiness of her designer pantyhose and the high arched soles of her bare feet. He’s made to worship her feet until she’s cumming uncontrollably from foot play. Then this lucky bellhop earns a teasing foot job where Madeline controls his orgasms with her perfect feet until he is boiling over her perfect toes and made to clean his mess! What a perfect way to ring in the new year! Read more »

Pieds Du Jour

Pieds Du Jour foot worship pictures Anissa Kate is French perfection. Perfect flawless body, huge natural tits and the lankiest delicate high arched feet we’ve ever seen come out of Paris France. I serve her up right with layers of nude pantyhose, sheer lace topped stockings and the highest leather stilettos we could find. Anissa puts you in a trance with an erotic shoe dangling, pantyhose, nylon to bare feet strip tease luring you in. She serves her toes up to you tantalizing you with a bare foot cake smashing. She’s the only thing on the menu at this restaurant and why would you want anything different when you have the most gorgeous French woman you’ve ever seen demanding you to worship her feet. This is just what Anthony does, cleaning in between her toes until she climbs on top of his cock riding it to orgasm then demanding he blow his sticky cum all over all ten of her long delicate toes. Read more »

Kirsten And The Footsie Kats

Kirsten And The Footsie Kats foot worship pictures This groovy all-girl lesbian trio of go-go dancing rock and rollers sweat in their sheer pastel colored pantyhose and after a day of sexy hip work, languid undulations, hair flipping and toe tapping the pantyhose teasingly make their way off exposing 6 gorgeous feet and 30 perfect toes. Each girl has a different style of toe from the long and lanky to the plump and curvy. There is a hot power exchange between all three girls where each demands the others to worship, lick, kiss and suck her sweaty peds. The three vixens of feet are complete perfection don’t miss all the hardcore lesbian foot fetish! Also included is lots of foot spit, toes in ass, pussy spreading and licking with feet, finger banging and hardcore lesbian anal sex with gaping! Read more »

Project Nylon

Project Nylon foot fetish pictures

Are you looking for a little more than drab and regular sexual encounters? Do you need a little extra to get you fully aroused? Watch as these babes incorporate their nylons and stocking into some steamy and erotically lustful sex that is passionate and exotic!!!

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Uber Foot Babes

Uber Foot Babes foot worship pictures What’s most important in the life of youthful, hip San Francisco denizens? Sex, drugs, rock and roll and FEET! Yes, I said feet! Young wild women in this town need more than your average girl when it comes to sex. Foot fetish is just what they desire to feel they aren’t conforming with the norms of society! Kimberly Kane and Andy San Dimas show off their peds taunting and teasing you with perfectly placed foot poses, hyper colored pantyhose, toe wiggles, toe spreads, self sucking and saliva covered tootsies. The best friends dyke out with each other and can’t control their sexual urges as each try to one up the other to see who’s the dirtiest foot slut of them all. The two sick and dirty foot freakettes invite over some tattooed surf dude they found scouring their beloved foot freak forums and know just how to push everyone of his foot fanatic buttons. He worships their feet, sucks, kisses, licks and sniffs them. A dirty hardcore foot fetish sex threesome ends with our foot worshiping surfer boy begging to drip his sticky mess over all 20 toes from a 4 foot footjob! Just another day in the life of the underground foot fetish scene! Kick ass soundtrack provided by The Mallard an inside-out-echo-laser-garage-psych-rock four-piece from San Francisco! Read more »

Lesbian Footdance: What A Feeling.

Lesbian Footdance: What A Feeling. foot worship pictures Legendary fetish model Justine Joli, AVN award winner Allie Haze and adorable newcomer Staci Silverstone dive feet first into a sweaty workout of leotards, shimmer pantyhose, traditional leather pumps and kinky lesbian foot fetish! After a hot, sweat induced workout the ladies can’t control their foot fetish desires and devour each other in a foot fetish frenzied lesbian threesome! An exuberant amount of lesbian foot worship, saliva drenched toes, sweaty pantyhose sniffing, shoe worship, toes sucking, arch licking, heel biting, pussy eating, strap-on fucking and orgasms to fulfill any foot fans deepest lesbian foot worship fantasies!
Thanks to Sapphic Lasers, a local Bay Area female producer who has a penchant for analog synthesizers, songs from the perspective of real or imagined female historical figures, chromaticism, italo-disco, electro, hip-hop, and creepy electronic music for the kick ass sound track! Read more »

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