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We’ve taken a break today during our shooting session, Clarissa took these minutes to watch her previous scenes. Of course she did it in a kinky way: she rests her sweaty feet on Eryss’ face! That’s how time goes in our studio!

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Candy Blade has an evil surprise for her footslave! She has plastic wrap on her feet instead of socks! She carefully removes the foil and makes her slavegirl Clarissa inhale the hot damp smell of her soles. When her lungs are completely filled with stink of Candy’s hot sweat, she must clean her feet with her tongue, from the heel to the toes. She must swallow every drip of Candy’s juicy sweat! Candy watches her with a kinky, sadistic smile on her face! She has an amazing time torturing her slave with her sweat. For the grand finale, she grabs the wraps, and wipes them into Clarissa’s face!

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Ingredients: get your one-and-a-half-days-worn nylons, spice them up with a pair of unwashed socks you found in your room and let them mature in your clear plastic boots as you walk around the town before serving them to your slavegirl. Clarissa knows her job, obediently she takes deep breaths from Candy’s plastic boots, inhales the stink of her knee-high socks and fills her lungs with the musty, sour stench of the nylons in this intense five minute foot-smelling clip!

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Candy Blade knows her pretty feet are stinky as hell, so she decides to make some fun with her footsniffer Clarissa and teach her obedience. Clarissa must remove Candy’s sneakers and deeply inhale the smell. Obviously she has a hard time doing so, but there’s no chance of dodging the stink, she must obey and continue on smelling Candy’s sweaty socks. But that’s just the warm-up, she must open her mouth for the warm, damp socks and smell Candy’s sweaty bare feet with those stuffed in her mouth! Finally, she has to stick her tongue out and let Candy wipe the sweat of her hot soles into it.

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The slave is doing a good job and mistress Amanda likes it. But he will have to do even better for her to be completely satisfied!

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We all know that girls love to wear high heels and to show off their toes and feet, but when it comes to delicious femdom darling Cassandra Cruz, she is something else. This brunette darling is always in the mod to tease a lot of guys with her long soft legs made for spreading and that is what she is going to do in this gallery. Not only that she is spreading her legs, but she is also showing off her pussy lips which are hungry for something long and hard. Too bad she is all alone since there is no her slave to lick her sexy feet and make her get off like never before. Foot fetish is something that makes her different from all the other babes on the internet. She knows how to make a guy lick her toes even if he has never done that before, and that is what drives them crazy. They all want to see how fast they can make her get off by doing what she tells them to do and that is the most interesting part of the story in which she is the main character.

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Clean, smooth, and soft skin arent an option. Theyre the minimum when it comes to your needs. Not any woman will do. You know what it means when a lady takes the extra time and dedication to get a pedicure. How much effort she takes to paint her toes just right shows just how much she cares about the little things. So, when you see her across the room, and you notice her popper her foot, you know she is sending a signal for you to come and worship her feet.

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Sweet russian Mistress Natalya orders him to worship and smell her Heels and bare feet. She sits on him and he hast to smell her feet again and again…. she also smotheres him with her smelly soles…

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Massage Parlor Foot Job foot worship  pictures
Juliette March gets more than she bargained for when she books a massage. Her handsome masseuse seduces her by rubbing her feet and sucking her toes, and she returns the favor, giving him a foot job and blow job, rubbing his cock with her oil-slick arches, wiggling her toes on his cock and balls and taking a load of cum all over her feet!

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Massage Parlor Foot Job foot worship  pictures

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The kind of lotion she uses isnt cheap. In fact, some people might call it outrageous, but you dont mind shelling out for her because it makes her feet so tender and soft. Yes, she loves rubbing her smooth heel and silky arch with that fragrant cream. So much so that when she gives you a foot job, it feels just like fucking her pussy. But how they feel is only half the situation. Shes kind of a performer and knows how important it is to look good; which is why she carefully cleans and paints her toes.

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