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Hurting his worthless cock

Now that Mistress Anita has got her slave’s hurting, glossy, dark blue balls in her hand, she knows she can do anything she wants to him. Watch her take a quick ride on his back while he carries her to the place where he can worship her heavenly feet and she can keep on playing with his hurting scrotum for as long as she wants. He is her slave now and there ain’t no changing that!

Hurting his worthless cock foot domination pictures

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Foot fetishist in training

The Worm has been sitting in the cage under Lady Beatrix’s bed for so long he has almost forgotten how to stand up straight. No big deal though. His Mistress is not that eager to let him get up from his knees anyway. She wants him down on all fours, being her humble pony boy. Then she wants him on the floor, lying under her stiletto heels like a silent door mat. Keep those legs resting, slave…

Foot fetishist in training foot domination pictures

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Foot dominated by sisters

This time the humble slaves are getting a double portion of pain and humiliation. But hey, if they take the training well, they will be rewarded with a double portion of pleasure too. See, tonight they turn into the property of two Mistresses – two gorgeous twins, known as The Cruel Sisters. These young, beautiful and very strict ladies have always dreamt of being served and tonight their dream is coming true.

Foot dominated by sisters foot domination pictures

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Her Foot In Her Mouth

With Sara and Leya busy relaxing means Amanda needs to be given something to do. So Sara makes her part of the couch, sits on her and has her kiss her feet while she watches tv. It’s very comfortable for Sara, having a heated seat that also pampers her feet. It also gives Amanda the chance to adore Sara while the girls waste away a lazy day.

Her Foot In Her Mouth lesbian footdom pictures

Good Girls Lick Toes

Dillion is a good girl. That’s why Dillion licks Ash’s toes. It’s because that’s what good obedient slave girls are meant to do, groveling at the feet of their female master in both worship and gratitude. And she looks so cute down there, how can Ash not adore her little foot worshipping pet?

Good Girls Lick Toes lesbian footdom pictures

Jessica’s Toes

Jessica is comfortably snoozing on the couch while Charity is taking care of the dishes like a good girl. But as Jessica awakes from her nap she decides the dishes can wait since her feet need attention. Charity is a great food licker, always giving Jessica’s feet the full attention they deserve so she doesn’t disappoint as she gets to work licking her soles and toes. Then it’s back to the dishes for this cute slave girl while Jessica resumes her nap.

Jessicas Toes lesbian footdom pictures

I Missed Your Feet

From the looks of it, I’d say that Skylar missed Jessica’s feet. It could be because Skylar spent a portion of the day pleasing herself while waiting for Jessica to come home, and now it looks like she is really happy to see her. So happy that she adores Jessica’s feet, kissing them and sucking on her toes while Jessica looks on, enjoying this moment of devotion from her pet.

I Missed Your Feet lesbian footdom pictures

Princess Feet

A quick yell of ‘Cunt’ from Princess Leya makes Lily drop whatever she is doing and kneel in front of her owner. Leya isn’t one for small talk though, she just wants her feet to be massaged and complimented on how perfect they are. After some worship and adoration from her slave lovingly named ‘Cunt’, Leya then dismisses her to go back to her chores.

Princess Feet lesbian footdom pictures

My Girlfriend’s Feet

Eva likes to share her pets with her girlfriends fairly regularly, in this case her good friend Cherry. Cherry often uses her friends slaves to get herself off by face grinding them, but here she is having her feet licked. The girls chit chat while his tongue performs, with Eva applying the whip as needed to keep him attentive. Occasionally Eva puts her foot forward to be licked as well, making the slave have to jump back and forth between licking two sets of feet. He performs well and it seems to put a smile on Cherry’s face, but that won’t save him from the whip.

My Girlfriends Feet foot domination pictures

Dirty Feet Need Licking

You know girls, when they get together then tend to talk about fucking guys. But that doesn’t mean their slaves are useless, as Vanessa lends her slave to Amy as a foot licker. Holly, Amy and Vanessa then continue to talk about all manner of perversions while the slave licks at the bottom of Amy’s feet, doing his best to get them clean.

Dirty Feet Need Licking foot domination pictures

Sneaker Love

It’s interesting to watch Ruby’s progress as a domme. She was one of the girls in the Dominatrix School videos, and was very unfamiliar with female domination. But oh my she has really taken to it. Now she has her own slave and loves keeping him working at all times. She seems to particularly enjoy being worshiped while she goes about her day. Like in this clip, she was surfing the web and rather than have her slave idle, she has him lick her sneakers. The slave is completely ignored by her in the entire clip and that’s fine by Ruby, she just wants him showing her worship and adoration at all times is he expects her to keep him as her slave.

Sneaker Love foot domination pictures

Adoring Their Feet

This is just another two gorgeous girls having their feet worshiped by adoring slaves clip. You know, a fairly common thing here in LA where it’s normal for dominant women to keep male slaves around for various needs. The two girls chat and basically could care less about their slaves. The slaves meanwhile worship, as is to be expected of them.

Adoring Their Feet foot worship pictures

She Likes Clean Feet

‘Lick my foot’ Delilah says, and the slave starts cleaning the bottom of her feet. Delilah keeps the remote control to the ball shocker in her hand to zap him every now and then, but for the most part she just sits there surfing the web while he licks her foot clean.

She Likes Clean Feet foot worship pictures

Latina Foot Service

I so adore Latina women. They understand their natural supremacy over men, how they deserve to be served, adored and pampered at all times. So when Pepper watches TV, she doesn’t just let slaves stand in a corner or idle in a closet, she has them worship her. She sits atop her throne enjoying some TV while two slaves suck on her toes. One slave serves dual purpose by also holding her water bottle for her. She completely ignores the slaves while they go about their oral ministrations, suckling on her toes trying to extract every bit of feminine nutrients that they can. Their tongues dive deep between her toes, under her toe nails, anywhere they find that delightful feminine foot taste. Both slaves appear to be almost in a trance like state as they close their eyes and adore this woman, both being so appreciative that she lets them serve as her slaves. They are very lucky indeed!

Latina Foot Service foot domination pictures

It’s A Lazy Day

It’s a lazy day for Tory and Holly, they are just lounging around texting, talking about boys, sex, and other things. The slave though is preoccupied with their feet, lavishing them with oral attention. His licks the soles, sucks the toes, and generally tends to the needs of female feet being the proper foot appliance that he is. Just another typical day for the girls!

Its A Lazy Day foot worship pictures

At Her Feet

Sometimes Harmony keeps idling slaves in a closet or in the corner, but this time she wants him adoring her feet. The slave crawls over and devotes his entire being to pleasing her feet, kissing and adoring them as they justly deserve. Harmony isn’t too interested though, she mostly ignores him and reads a magazine while he worships at the temple of Harmony.

At Her Feet foot domination pictures

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