Foot Worship

Worship my sneakers

Worship my sneakers foot domination pictures You’ll now worship my sexy sneakers! I want you to lick them until they’re spotless clean! Yes, of course they’re both dirty – that’s why you’re licking them!
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Lick her dirty stinky chucks

Lick her dirty stinky chucks foot domination pictures Hey footslave. You are here to worship also our street girls dirty shoes. get on you knees and lick and kiss Streetgirl Paolas old smelly and dirty chucks .. like the taste? Go ahead and lean the soles.
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Foot Worship Session for a Gothic Queen

Foot Worship Session for a Gothic Queen foot worship pictures Here a fantastic Footworship Session with a real gothic queen. Lady Absinthia lets him kiss and lick her gothic boots before she takes them off and plays with her wet look leglong socks an him. The gothic queen finally lets him kiss and lick her bare sweaty soles, the absolute honor for a footslave.
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A street girl’s footslave

A street girls footslave foot domination pictures Streetgirl Paola takes off her smelly sneakers and orders her leashed slave to lick and smell her sweaty bare feet size 38 EU …she rubs her bare warm feet on his face and wants him to sniff between her young, sweet toes…
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The Assistant – Mistress Gaia

The Assistant   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures A beautiful girl enters the head office bringing some papers. He takes her and puts her on his knee and starts to caress her. He tells her if she wants to make a career in the company, she must be very cute with him. The girl is angry, but smiles at him and asks if he wants something to drink. (you see the girl put something in the mans drink). He drinks the drink then he begins to feel sleepy and hangs like a statue. The girl insults him then takes off her shoes and begins to rub her feet on his face. She begins to brainwash him, saying that now he will only love her feet and will become a slave only to her feet. He has to then kiss and lick her feet. As the man begins to recover, the girl sits on the couch crossing her legs. The man rises angrily and tells her she’s fired, and he will denounce her. The girl laughs and says to him, look at me. The man looks at her, and she orders him to kneel in front of her. She tells him he is now her slave, (footfrtish footage, foot suffocation) a slave to her feet. The man then begins to kiss and lick her feet. The girl tells him that tomorrow he will fire his deputy, and put her in his place. As the man tries to resist, the girl puts her foot in his mouth. She says to him that from now on, he will only do what she wants, as she will be in command of the office…
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Boot licking and nylon smelling in the parking garage

Boot licking and nylon smelling in the parking garage foot domination pictures As I return from a day in the mall the slave’s still waiting in the locked trunk of my car. I let him out, only to make him sit down on the ground right away. I sit down on the edge of the trunk and order him to kiss and lick my boots – he has to lick all the street dirt off my sexy boots before I take them off to reveal my sweat-soaked nylons. Then I make him kiss and smell my nylon feet as well – while there are cars and people passing by in the background – always so much fun to expose this loser as a foot slave in public!
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Simona’s Footslave Abuse

Simonas Footslave Abuse foot domination pictures Simona loves to humiliate this loser slave all the time with her feet, but it seems like she especially loves to do it after a long working day with her sweaty nylon feet inside her high heels shoes! She sweats a lot during the day with those shoes since she have to walk all day long, so she wants him to take some good care of her feet while she is watching another episode of her favorite series! She makes him takes her shoes off, and completely covers his face with her sweaty nylon feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and wants him to just enjoy that lovely smell without complaining! How do you like that loser? She makes him take some deep sniff in her sweaty nylon feet, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon soles! She just loves to watch him suffer with her sweaty feet on his face! Simona also makes him take some deep breaths inside her stinky shoes, and just holds her shoes on his nose with her feet! She also makes him suck on her lovely nylon toes, while relaxing after a another long working day! The sex appeal of this girl is just simply irresistible. What a lovely Diva!
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Chelsea’s Dating Experience

Chelseas Dating Experience foot domination pictures Chelsea is getting ready to go out and dancing all night with her friends and she felt like her feet also needed to be clean before partying all night! She was doing her make up in the mirror and this loser slave was filming her so she makes him sit on the floor to give him some instructions about her feet! She first needs to make sure her shoes are perfectly clean before dancing all night so she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her shoes! She makes him lick all the dirt at the bottom of her soles, and she wants him to make sure they are very clean! Chelsea also wants to make sure that her lovely feet are very clean before partying all night so she makes him take her shoes off to smother his face with her stinky naked soles! She wants him to sniff them, and makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! There is just nothing like having her feet clean by this loser slave after a long day so she just makes fun at him and makes him lick her sweaty feet, and suck on her toes!
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Foot Gagging Competition – Mistress Gaia

Foot Gagging Competition   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I’m with my friend, and we have two slaves in the dungeon. We have decided to use them both at the same time, putting them to good use. The slaves were talking too much, so we decided that som footgagging would be a good way to shut them up. We also want our bitches to entertain us. so we are going to make this a footgagging competition. The looser slave will have to lick, and clean the feet of the other slave. We have the slaves on their backs and begin stuffing out feet deep into their throat. It’s great fun, as we are treated to a gargling symphony from our slaves, as they shoke and try to breathe. It’s not too long before the competition hots up, we have to footslap and shout at both our slave to do better. There will be no time for slacking, as we continue to abuse and punish them. During the competition one of our slaves complaines he can’t breathe and his nose is stuffed up. We allow him the undulgence of blowing his nose. He then returns to resume his position under my friends beautiful feet. Of course points will be deducted from his performance. We continue to choke and footgag our bitches until it’s finally time to end the competition and choose a looser. That’s right!! There are no winners with slaves. With both our bitches on their knees, we sit on their backs as the loser takes up his position for his punishment to lick the feet of the other slave. It’s been a great competition, and we had lots of fun!!
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Smothered under bare feet

Smothered under bare feet foot domination pictures Streetgirl Paola removes her sweaty chucks and presses both sweaty moist soles on her victim’s face. She covered his nose and mouth with her young smelly feet and controls his breathing. She likes the game of smother him with feet and lets him kiss and smell her sweaty bare feet.
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Footslave for Miss Serena

Footslave for Miss Serena foot domination pictures Sweet Miss Serena plays a sexy footfetish game with him. She first wants him to lick her filthy sneakers and after taking off the sneakers she rubs her bare goddess like soles ver his face and tongue. She loves the he licks and smells his bare feet and enjoys it!
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Sucking Jenna’s Feet

Sucking Jennas Feet foot domination pictures Dominant Miss Jenna lets him worship her chucks and hot sweaty socks, before she wants him to lick every inch of her bare smelly feet. She orders him to suck each toe she she ignores him … “Lick the sweat off my feet, off my bare soles… lick between each toe slave!”
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Schoolgirl Soles Waxed

Rosie has done a huge mistake: she skipped her class to show up in our studio. A girl this young should never miss school! Since we support our girls’ education, we choose to teach her a lesson: we tied her up and punished her soft soles with the hardest wax torture we’ve ever done! Very unfortunate for her, she just had her pedicure before coming here. She has done her soles as pink and soft as possible, but also consequently just way too sensitive at the same time! It was too late to regret, she was in helpless bondage on the floor awaiting her torture. Her tormentor treated her soles with no mercy at all, she held the flame extremely close to her sensitive soles to maximize the pain and lengthen the afterburn of the hot drops. Poor Rosie barely could endure the pain, she desperately twitched in her bondage. Did I mention we denied the use of a safeword for her, too?

Sis Licks II

About a year ago, Elsa got her then barely 18 y/o soles licked for the very first time in front of our camera. And the one, who licked her soles clean just happened to be her own sis, Candy! She was extremely shy and totally embarassed back then: she was new to foot fetish, she have never been in front of a cam, nobody licked her soles before and her big sis doing that wasn’t really helping. But since then things have changed, her soft, young soles and lovely long toes became regular in our studio, she got them licked by a couple of girls and her whole attitude changed, definitely for the better. So I guess a remake of that scene was very timely. Elsa came in her stinky chucks and worn socks to fix an adequate scent for her sis’ worship session. Candy gave her little sis a delicate, sensual worship, her skilled tongue played gently on the young soles, softly caressed her toes and tried to give as much pleasure as she could possibly get from a foot worship. Not too shy any more, Elsa just relaxed in the chair and watched her sis working on her feet with a satisfied smile.

Double Stinkdose

After they have finished their shifts at their regular jobs, Candy and Emily came to make use of the sweat and stink their feet produced today! Both the girls work their brains out during their hours, so it’s their time to have some fun! They’re not here to play the nice girl, but to release all the day’s frustration by giving their helpless victim the nasal torture of her life! They don’t show even the slightest compassion towards their slave. They don’t give a fuck about she’s just a broke schoolgirl in desperate need of some extra cash. All they see is a sluggish little bitch, who haven’t done any worthwile the whole day, and wants to get some easy cash. Well, Rosie never thought that earning some pocket money would be this hard. She got abused so hard, that she would probably never forget it! Candy and a Emily took off their VANS shoes and instantly started rubbing her face with their sweaty socks. Her hands tied back and her mouth taped, Rosie could not escape their unbearable stink! She desperately tried to avoid being touched with those disgustingly wet socks, but the four soles just covered her whole face. They shoved their stinky feet into her face, and there were nowhere to run! They laughed at her, humiliated and insulted her, totally destroying her self-esteem. They made sure, that it won’t be easy to face the mirror after this! Poor Rosie begged to stop her torment, but they just laughed at the ridiculous sounds she made with her mouth taped, and continued smothering her with their stinky soles! First Candy, then Emily took off their socks and rubbed all the sweat of their feet into Rosie’s face and hair, just to make sure she will sport the stink of their feet long after they’re gone! They just smothered and humiliated her, not caring about her feelings at all! No matter how badly their feet smelled, they made Rosie inhale it deep into her pathetic, little lungs!

Stomped into the Ground

Rosie and Dorothy have set the level of suffering really high for their footboy! Out in an abandoned surface coal mine they stomp him into the painfully sharp stones. With no compassion at all, they trample all over his body, jump on his chest and belly and stand on his face. They torture him in the steel-cap boots, in socks and barefoot, the footslave has to endure it all!

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