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A Debt Payed Off

More than a year ago, Candy itroduced then barely 18 y/o Elsa to the world of foot fetish. Although she enjoyed Candy’s tongue on her soles, she refused to return this favor back then. She was dreadful of the thought to submissively worship the soles of the natural born dominant girl, not to mention the fact, that the smell of Candy’s feet really scared her away. Since that time, Elsa expolered our kinky world more and more, got much more courageous and became one of the favorite models on her own right. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to schedule any further scenes for the two amazing girls together, not until now. But the time has finally come to continue, where they left off a year ago! However, Candy put up some demands. She told, that she’s happily into shooting with Elsa, but not until she pays off her debt, i.e. to worship her soles! And so it was done: Candy leaned back on the sofa, and enjoyed what she has been entitled for! She ordered Elsa to smell her stinky shoes and socks, fill her lungs with the stong aroma of her bare soles, then submit her little young tongue to her divine soles! Elsa knew, that she owed Candy this worship, so obediently she did everything that she has been ordered to!

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Stinky & Tasty

WOW! I just can’t believe my own eyes! Our incredibly beautiful, young Elsa worships her own tasty soles with passion no words can describe! When she told me, that she’s up to a scene like this, I insisted to use her regular workout shoes and the very socks she wore for the last time in the gym. She’s been wearing these cheap shoes in the gym exclusively for like two years now, you can guess what a stink they have! Combined with a pair of sweaty, dirty socks they’re a perfect tool to impregnate her feet with a strong, foul stench within minutes! However, she wastes no time smelling the shoes or her socks, the point of this clip is enjoy the touch of her own tongue on her soft, young soles! A must for Elsa fans!

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Rosie’s Fate

It seems Rosie’s suffering under stinky feet quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, I also love to see her desperately trying to fight for fresh air, while other girls smother her with their sweaty socks! The funny fact, when she signed up to our team, she was hesitant about other girls’ feet. Even she developed some courige since then, the really foul stench of overworn socks still freak her out. Combined with our strict no-foot-wash-before-scene policy, it’s always a torture for her to be enslaved to extraordinary stink. But it seems it’s the hand of fate at work, fans love to watch her misery, I love to record it and the girls love to smother her, so here she is, once again tied up under Clarissa’s chair! Clarissa worn her socks for 7 days in a row, to give Rosie a sound reason to suffer! The strong and terrible odor of her socks were vinegary, putrid and moldy at the same time. Rosie was total hopeless trying to dodge the stink, she had ablsolute zero chance for fresh air! She had to fill her lungs on Clarissa’s orders, no matter how disgusted she was by the stench of dirty sock! And after that, she had to inhale her bare soles, too! By then, Rosie felt totally sick of this scene, but her suffering has not yet come to an end! She had to open her mouth, and submit her tongue to Clarissa soles! She had to lick it all clean and swallow the salty, vinegary sweat!

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A Sweaty Surprise

Rosie arrives right after an extremely hard workout, just in time to find the lazy girl wasting time on the sofa. That can’t be tolerated, not one bit! Rosie’s whole body is soaked in salty sweat, but there’s an even more kinky surprise hidden in her shoes! She has done the whole workout with her feet wrapped! She takes them off and orders the lazy girl’s sluggish tongue into work!

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Enjoy my Soles

Supreme foot Goddess Candy Blade treats her slave with the opportunity to enjoy her vinegar-scented, perfect soles. Right out of her pink VANS, her feet always have a strong, tempting odor and a wonderful taste. The slavegirl treasures every second she’d been granted with Candy’s feet in her face, gently and sensually she licks her divine soles, thoroughly cleans the salty remains from between her toes and sucks on them passionately.

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Facerub FootSmother

As a welcome present for our new model Juliette, she got full control over her tied up slave for her first scene! She makes her smell her shoes and humiliates her by rubbing her socks and bare soles into her face. As the slave’s mouth is taped, she has no chance but to smell the stink of her toes!

Facerub FootSmother lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Soles Need to Be Licked

Dorothy haven’t had her amazing feet worshipped for a while, she missed the feeling, big time. She even phoned a couple of times to arrange a shooting and experience the sensation of a warm tongue licking her salty soles once again. She came tired after her regular job, so she just sat in the chair and watched Clarissa as she licked every inch of her young soles clean.

Soles Need to Be Licked footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Privileged Foot Brats

Some girls have nothing else to do, just get comfortable on the sofa, put up their feet and get them licked. Others don’t share this privilege, they have to get on the floor and lick those feet clean, and have no right to complain no matter how badly they stink. And how they look from the privileged perspective? Well, sometimes funny, sometimes pathetic, mostly both. As a genuine example for this, Esther and Rosie showed up after school to get their pretty soles licked clean, and just couldn’t help laughing at their slavegirl continuously. While they just relax, have their soles worshipped and even got paid for it, someone else has to swallow their stinky sweat. That’s definitely deserves laughing at!

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Tongue Spoiled Soles

Elsa treats her friend Anna with a nice foot worship. Gladly she licks every inch of her soles and sucks her toes for a mutual fun.

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Foot Worship Blondies

Amazing blondie Goddess Elsa’s perfect soles are being worshipped by our blondie footgirl Clarissa. Beautiful closeups, and soft pink soles ahead!

Foot Worship Blondies footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Foot File Disgrace

Dorothy once again submits herself to the ultimate foot slavery: to be someone’s wastebin in her foot care session. Motionless she has to endure the humiliation as Clarissa uses a foot file on her heels and soles. With her mouth open she has to suffer the dead skin slowly covering her tongue, her teeth, her face and neck. And of course, on command, she has to swallow all.

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Femme Feet A Trois

Femme Feet A Trois foot fetish pictures

Explicit Empire presents Femme Feet A Trois, a movie from the footjobs series. Foot fetish filming at its finest! Perfect threesome action with foot fetish and anal sex! 5 scenes and 10 cute models who perform great foot fetish action!

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No Time Wasted

Emily had to have a break during our session to retouch her nailpolish. But since it was her hands, her feet were still free to lick! Those flawless, perfect soles simply had to be licked! So Clarissa joined her on set, giving those divine soles a worship so passionate and sensual, it instantly blew my mind away! She joyfully licked her gorgeous soles and sucked her toes with utmost pleasure. At the end, this one turned out to be one of the best we’ve ever done! Super hot clip alert!

No Time Wasted footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Tight Ropes for a Cruel Tickle

Rosie has never been exposed to a bound tickle torture, so we gave her a hard first time! She laughs out of control as Clarissa introduces the tickling brush after a bare-hands warm-up. We tied her up a bit too tight – hence the color of her soles. However, they still remaint sensitive to even the slightest move of Clarissa’s fingers.

Tight Ropes for a Cruel Tickle footdom girls foot fetish pictures

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Four Soles and a Pink Cake

Esther and Rosie crush a white cake with berries under their bare soles until nothing left but a sweet, pink mess! Halfway through they stop for a while to lick a few mouthfuls off each others feet.

Four Soles and a Pink Cake footdom girls foot fetish pictures

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Foot Worship Aptitude Test

Candy took a while off shooting foot fetish clips, she came to see how her supposedly well trained slavegirl performs her duty. She choose her plastic boots to give the session an edge, she still loves to make sure that her slave gets a fair dose of her salty-sour, tasty sweat! Second to none, the divine, vinegary scent of her feet gave the magical ambience to yet another perfect foot worship scene! However, it seems Clarissa failed to realize how lucky she actually is to have a chance licking Candy’s soles, she leaves her Mistress obviously bored. Candy wasn’t in the mood of giving orders, she has told her slave countless times, how to please her feet. To prevent her slave’s mouth from drying out, she dilutes her precious sweat left in her boots with some water and gives it to her to drink. The only smile of satisfaction showes up on her face when she watches her slavegirl swallow her nasty sweat.

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