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We enjoy coffee and cake – he gets dirty cake from boots!

Madame Madison and I sit down on the couch with cake and coffee – and use the slave as a foot rest. You can see how dirty our boot soles are – so we order the slave to sit down in front of us and clean them with his tongue! We’re in a good mood and throw some big pieces of cake on the floor, crush them under our dirty boot soles and then make the slave eat the cake-dirt mix from the boot soles – while we lean back and enjoy the rest of the cake and our coffee.

We enjoy coffee and cake   he gets dirty cake from boots! foot domination pictures

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Bobbi Dylan Gives Fucking Hot Footjob

Bobbi Dylan is trying to get her man’s attention. She put on some sexy heels, and is walking around for him. Finally she puts her foot down… on him. He gets so turned on that he has to worship her feet. She gives he a footjob then fucks him all ways until his load spills all over her feet.

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Amara Romani Loves Her Feet Covered in Cum

Amara Romani is upset at her boyfriend always making a mess. She forces him to get her a massage for wasting her time. He quickly gets to work on her toes, and turns her on quickly. She gives him a footjob, and strokes his cock so well. He fucks her sideways, and cums all over her feet.

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Licking soles and hard kicks to the face

I’m teaming up with my friend Lady Chanel to make this slave our foot servant today. First he has to serve as a stool for our divine feet – then he’s used as a shoe cleaner. He has to lick our filthy soles and blow our heels – just like a good foot slave is supposed to! But as he’s a real loser he gets hard kicks to the face as well until his cheeks turn red and swell. If he wants it or not – he gets the high heels of Mistress Blackdiamoond and Lady Chanel’s boots brutally kicked into his slave face over and over again!

Licking soles and hard kicks to the face foot domination pictures

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Shona’s Toes – Tarzan & Shona River

Shonas Toes   Tarzan & Shona River foot fetish pictures Shona River struts around the apartment, sexily showing off her petite body to Tarzan. Soon we get a treat of something more – her tender toes and feet draped over his motorbike. This soleful display is too much for Tarzan and he needs to suck on her feet like the cure is inside. Watch this pair of sexy natural specimens go at it while Shona slides her soles all around her man. The final footjob finale makes him explode all over those teeny sexy toes.

Trapped & Choked In His Cage

Locked in his cage with his head trapped outside and unable to move. I am going to make my slave suffer. He is going to worship my feet and make sure he cleans them. I tell him he better make a good job of sucking or he’s going to remain in his cage for a long time. I begin by letting him smell my beautiful sandles and tell him to enjoy their aroma from my feet. He then gets to smell my feet as I stroke his face with my soles and toes. As he looks up at me, I order him to open his mouth and I shove my foot into it. He tries to move his head to stop me from pushing my foot further into his mouth. It’s amusing to see he can’t do anything, as I give him a good footgagging. I continue using both feet, one after the other. I so enjoy watching him suffer as he chokes and gargles for air as I give him some more deep throat foot gagging. He’s getting so breathless with each thrust to the back of his throat. I have decided to let him rest. Of course he’ll remain in his cage as punishment, for not properly cleaning my feet. When I return, my slut is going to understand what it means to serve under the feet of Mistress Gaia…

Trapped & Choked In His Cage foot domination pictures

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Worship My Feet – Mistress Gaia

Worship My Feet   Mistress Gaia lesbian footdom pictures Today I have my female slave here in my dungeon. She commented on how she admired my shoes and they complimented my beautiful feet. I said to her the shoes were designed especially for the purpose I had in mind. She looked a little puzzled and asked what was that. Pointing to my bench, I told her to kneel at the end. Then I bound her wrists, and attached her to the bench. Since she likes my shoes so much, I will give her a special treat. My slut is going to worship my shoes and feet. As I look down on her while she struggles to free herself, I begin by telling the her to lick my shoes. The heels are e very nice shape for getting that mouth open and sucking on them. After a while, I decide to remove my shoes. She is going to continue her foot licking by cleaning my feet. My slut is fairly new to this, so I have to keep telling her what to do. She answers me back so I’m going to make sure she doesn’t do it again. I begin by getting her to open her mouth nice and wide. As she starts to lick, I stuff my foot into her mouth until she begins to choke. She’s not saying too much now. As the footgagging continues, and gets more intense, breathing for her becomes more difficult. I think my bitch is learning. With my foot over her head I order her to the floor, this is a very stressful position, as her wrists are still tightly bound to the bench. I continue to make her suffer with my foot over her mouth so she can’t breathe. With her gasping, I tell her to continue licking and to make sure she cleans between my toes. For a new licking slut, she is doing quite well. I decide to reward her by leaving her bound to my bench with my beautiful shoes stuffed in her mouth.
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Footlicking Slut Training

I have my slut training slave at the bottom of my throne. I’m going to attempt to give him some fooworship and footlicking training. He is not familiar with this. So It’s going to be amusing to say the least. I begin by getting him to kneel and be ready to receive my make him compliant. I tell him to remove my shoes. Even this mundane task seems to give my slut problems. More whacks of my wooden spoon on his ass and back, soon get a proper response. After removing my shoes, I tell him to lick my feet. Once again I have to resort to the spoon. He’s such a stupid slut, he doesn’t listen to me. I then tell him I want my shoes put back on my feet. Simple right? Wrong! He can’t even negotiate the fasteners. I have to slap him and threaten him, then fasten my shoes myself. What a turd this slave is. He’s going to learn, I will teach him until he understands the privilege of being allowed to worship under the feet of Mistress Gaia…

Footlicking Slut Training foot domination pictures

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Clingfilm Smother Shoe Licker

Here I have my bitch on all fours ready to lick my shoes. He has been instructed to do a good job. I have wrapped his head in clingfilm with only a little hole to let his tongue out to lick my beautiful shoes. Because his head is tightly covered with the clingfilm, it will be difficult for him to breath. As he begins to lick my shoes, I can already hear his restricted efforts to breath. What a great way to make him suffer. As the licking continues, he makes more noise. I have to remind him of the consequences of not doing a good job. After a while of licking and trying to breath, he bocomes too noisy. I can’t stand it anymore. My timewaster bitch is going to suffer. I get the clingfilm and completely wrap some more tightly around his head and mouth. I then tell him to go away. His muffled attempts to breath are so amusing. I have to laugh as he crawls back to his cage to suffocate for me…

Clingfilm Smother Shoe Licker foot domination pictures

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My Footslapper Slut

My slave wants a footjob. So I decided to allow him a little treat and give him one. He’s been waiting a while and his cock is not ready. So I begin by stroking it with my stiletto heels and it’s not long before my slut begins to respond. I remove my shoes and stroke his cock with my bare feet. As I continue to massage it putting it between my feet, my slut begs me to allow him to cum. I tell him no.. He must wait until I allow it. After a while I tell him he can cum. He makes such a mess of my feet. I get him to clean them. He’s such a dirty slut, is now going to be punished. I get him to stand in front of me and begin giving him some good hard kicks in his balls. He squeals as I continue to increase the power of my kicks. Eventually I kick him so heard he falls to the ground. What a wimp! I tell him to stay down and and kiss the feet of Mistress Gaia.

My Footslapper Slut foot domination pictures

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Foot Worship and Face As Footstool – Lady Electra

After the punishment Electra relaxes on the chair, using her slave’s face as her footstool. Her favorite band sounds from the speakers in a low volume and Electra makes her slave worship her perfect feet. She runs her soles on his tongue and makes him suck her toes and heels and she massages her feet, rubbing them all over his face. She is very relaxed and sometimes she just uses her slave’s face as a footstool. Her pathetic slave has to do perfect job in the foot worship to please his Mistress and, at the same time, to listen to the songs and appreciate the music!

Foot Worship and Face As Footstool   Lady Electra foot worship pictures

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Fucking the Stepmom – Marcus Dupree & Alana Cruise

Fucking the Stepmom   Marcus Dupree & Alana Cruise foot fetish pictures Marcus Dupree is unexpectedly at home when he runs into Alana Cruise, all dressed in lingerie and awaiting his Dad. The forbidden couple soon ignite in a fire of lust as she goes down on her stepson’s raging boner. The sexy Alana has not had a youthful man for so long… now she can enjoy the younger stud she always wanted. Every thrust in the face-fucking session makes her hornier to go deep-throat longer. Giving him a footjob with her sexy pantyhose-covered toes brings this encounter to a real head. After sucking her step-son’s balls, she needs him inside, and boy does the college youth pound stepmom hardcore! She rides him like a buck, and he explodes all over those sexy feet.

Good Little Foot Slut

As a pet, Belle is good at a great many things. Worshipping Ash’s perfect feet is one of those things, something which Ash prefers to do outdoors with a cool breeze shuffling between her toes. So being the good girl that she is Belle worships, sucks and licks Ash’s feet knowing how lucky and spoiled she is to be her personal foot slut.

Good Little Foot Slut lesbian footdom pictures

You Can Suck Better Than That

Sure he is doing an ok job sucking on her feet, but he can do better than that. He needs to show more vigor, more enthusiasm, show her how grateful he is to be allowed to worship her feet. After all Halle doesn’t grant such a privilege to just any slave, her feet are a reward for loyal slave service. So he needs to lick them faster to bring a smile to Halle’s face, to show her how much he loves living in her service.

You Can Suck Better Than That foot worship pictures

She Doesn’t Wash Her Own Feet

Probably an obvious statement, but now that Ruby owns a slave she doesn’t bother washing her own feet. Her slave is perfectly capable and he takes care of that task daily. He still sometimes tickles her feet or doesn’t rub them quite right, but her whip steers him in the right direction. It’s a learning curve for the slave as he learns to do things exactly as Ruby likes it. Meanwhile Ruby lies back in a half snoozing state while the slave works.

She Doesnt Wash Her Own Feet foot worship pictures

Misti’s Feet

When it comes to foot service, two are always better than one. It’s always better to have both feet massaged simultaneously rather than have to wait for one slave to make his way from one foot to the other. Hence why Misti keeps two boys around for just such a purpose.

Mistis Feet foot worship pictures

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