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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Lick her dirty soles

Lick her dirty soles foot domination pictures

Are you a footslave without limits? Miss Jenna wants you today to clean her dirty bare soles with your tongue. Its a honor to be allowed licking a real Mistress’ bare feet. Mistress Jenna orders you finally to swallow the dirt.
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Pay to lick my boots

Pay to lick my boots foot domination pictures

Those greedy eyes who are in love with my dirty boots… you’re allowed to lick them clean, slave! But nothing’s for free, you have to pay huge money for it! Give those sexy, green bank notes to your mistress and you can start. Of course you try your best after you’ve paid so much money! Clean every space I’ve shown you. And in the end I’ll reward you for your thoroughly work with a surprise!
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Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet foot fetish pictures It’s great to go on a trip. Every day, slaves serve Martina’s daily life. The slave worships the feet of a mistress, swears to suck every toe, and feeds all the feet of the goddess into the throat. The goddess of barefoot slaves to trample on body weight, it is too true too happy.
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My human foot stool

My human foot stool foot domination pictures While I’m comfortably sitting and smoking, my slave has to play my personal, comfy foot stool! He has to develop his abilities as a foot stool and get better day by day. Part of that is a skill to totally stand still – except when I, his mistress, want him to move! Furthermore he shall kiss my high heels whenever I stick them to his face! Well done, well-behaved footslave!
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Suck Our Heels!

Suck Our Heels! foot domination pictures The title of this clips says everything. Me and Mistress Zahra take turns bullying this ugly beta male. Most of these slaves have a thing for high heels. We know this of course and take advantage of his pathetic weakness. We have him down on his knees, worshipping, licking and sucking on those amazing goddess heels. We demand him to suck harder! We want him gagging on it!! Loser. LOL.
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Foot Worship – Lady Alice

Superbeautiful Lady Alice is on her first year in University and she returns home tired from the class. She has her houseslave and financial slave that pays everything for her waiting at home and she relaxes on the armchair with her legs on the stool and calls him and commands him to worship her perfect feet. The slave licks and sucks with passion, trying to please his Mistress, while she ignores him and is lost in her thoughts. Alice massages her feet on his face and makes him lick them to moisturize them, this is the daily routine and caress for her divine feet!

Foot Worship   Lady Alice foot worship pictures

Click here to download the ‘Back From Class’ – Foot Worship – Lady Alice video clip

Painful footwear show

Mistress Anna has been searching for her sub high and wide in her mansion. His cage was open and empty, the torture room deserted… She was so angry when she finally found him in the wardrobe, sniffing and licking her shoes. She didn’t show it though – still cold as ice, she ordered the fucker to get down on the floor and accept the roughest trampling treatment imaginable. See his punishment here!

Painful footwear show foot domination pictures

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Hot blonde trampling

Terribly afraid of the Mistress’s whip, this sub drops down on the floor at the mere sight of this tool of torture. That’s exactly what domme Isabella Clark needs! Watch her step on the fucker sprawled under her feet – first in her high heels, then barefoot… Oh yeah, she knows all the right spots to step on to make the worm understand that whipping is far not the worst that could happen to him.

Hot blonde trampling foot domination pictures

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At domina’s feet

No, his Mistress’s high-heeled shoes don’t look like a thing of fashion and not much like footwear to this poor skinny slave. They look much more like a kinky torture tool! Just see these spike heels sinking in his bony body as the Domme walks over him… Yes, he’s hurting just as much as he seems to be! No wonder that the foot worshipping session that follows it feels like a blessing for him.

At dominas feet foot domination pictures

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Tasting domme’s toes

Ever heard about transformer furniture and how convenient it is? Well, it’s high time Mistress Shakhti showed you hers! This objectification video shows her fooling around with her boy toy – trampling him as if he were a floor rug, then turning him into a comfy armchair. Hey, he’s even got built-in foot massage system – watch him lick the domme’s little toes humbly in the course of the training!

Tasting dommes toes foot domination pictures

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Dizzying taste of feet

There’s no denying the fact that Mistress Nicole is incredibly hard to satisfy – and her submissive fuckmate fails to again. He was supposed to clean her boots with his tongue and then worship her feet but he just won’t stop slacking around, so… The punishment can’t wait! Watch his domme’s stiletto heels sink in his soft flesh leaving bright bite marks all over it and making him weep like a baby!

Dizzying taste of feet foot domination pictures

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Doggy boy using tongue

Beautiful Mistress Dominica is a strict business woman who is always tough on her employees in office – and at home too. See, every week the laziest of her workers ends up in her place – naked, his head locked inside a tight leather mask and his worthless body at his Domme’s full disposal. So, what’s on the femdom menu this weekend? How about some whipping, trampling and, finally, cock squashing?

Doggy boy using tongue foot domination pictures

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Tasting domme’s little toes

Leashed and whipped, trampled and objectified, this humble slave looks like he just can’t fall down any lower. Still, he is nowhere near the end of his training session today. His Mistress will keep on playing with him until he starts sobbing like a little crybaby – only when he is completely broken in will she show some mercy and let him worship her feet. What a blessing for the little fuck!

Tasting dommes little toes foot domination pictures

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Young domme’s foot debut

A good slave is someone who can stand a lot of pain and humiliation and Mistress Taya is on a mission to make this new slave of hers a good one. Crawling at her feet and whining as she whips his ass, this fucker gets so annoying that she decides to test his pain threshold with some trampling. Her high heels on his body and her bare feet on his face… Sounds like a proper punishment!

Young dommes foot debut foot domination pictures

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Human door mat

Is this pathetic fucker’s mouth good for anything other than slurping his Mistress’s spit? It’s time to check it! When the long and extremely rude high heel trampling session is over and the dominant beauty is ready to move on, she will get down on the couch and let the boy toy service her tired feet with his tongue. Watch him worship her heels and toes – he seems to be good at it after all!

Human door mat foot domination pictures

See full-length episode at Under Feet

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