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Chilling Time with a Footslave

Chilling Time with a Footslave lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

On a lazy afternoon, Goddess Candy chills and plays on her phone while keeping her enthusiastic footslave busy. Before Clarissa is allowed to taste the feet of divine perfection, she must lick the soles of the boots as clean as if they were brand new. When ready, she’s been rewarded with Candy’s footsweat, which she licks off gladly with her devoted little tongue before giving those amazing soles a relaxing massage.
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The complate foot odor

The complate foot odor foot domination pictures

The slave now gets to taste my dirty stinky feet – he has to lick every inch of my soles! You can clearly see the dirt in the sneakers’ tread and my slave also gets to taste it clearly. But that was only the first part – next he gets my stinky socks! He has to take off my sneakers and then press his nose into my stinky sweat-soaked socks. He inhales the foot odor deeply! I’m amused seeing him suffer so badly. That’s why I’m going to take it one more step further. After taking off the socks the slave has to lick my sweaty bare feet – and obviously he also has to lick between the toes – there shouldn’t be a single sweaty spot left when he’s done with his task!
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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Lick her dirty soles

Lick her dirty soles foot domination pictures

Are you a footslave without limits? Miss Jenna wants you today to clean her dirty bare soles with your tongue. Its a honor to be allowed licking a real Mistress’ bare feet. Mistress Jenna orders you finally to swallow the dirt.
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Vinegary Nasal Treat

Vinegary Nasal Treat foot domination pictures

Sniffing beautiful girls’ cute and lovely feet? Everyone would be willing to join that ride! So was the footboy, too. But natural born Goddesses Candy and Emily readily show, that it’s all about their supremacy, nothing else! You may take a few whiffs from the divine odor of their soles or crave just to touch them, you sample the joyful taste of their sweat or lick their soles until your tongue drops off: it’s all up to their mood! So they start to play with the footboy, kicking his head and rubbing their feet into his face. It doesn’t matter, that the rotten undertones of a synthetic socks enhanced vinegary foot aroma is not he was after. He must smell just as he was told, take as deep breaths and as often as the two Goddesses want him to. Or just not to breathe at all…
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The Sweat Discipline

The Sweat Discipline footdom girls pictures

Goddess Candy is doing her regular workout, she’s just about to finish, when she realizes, that her sluggish slave forgot to bring in her towel. She loses her mind in vengeful anger, she shouts the head of her lazy slave off and teaches her a lesson. If no towels present, the Goddess will use her tongue to remove the sweat of the workout! She orders the slavegirl to lick every drop of the salty sweat off her divine soles, constantly shouting at her, calling her names and humiliating her. The slave almost cries in the neverending torrent of verbal insults, the penetrating stink of Candy’s soles just make her situation harder. No chances left, she must lick the Goddess’ hot soles clean as been ordered to! However, she can’t even do such a simple task, so Candy makes sure, she learns how to lick her soles for good: she makes her stick out her tongue, press it hard against her soles and then lick it from the heel to the toes for 100 times! Of course, the slightest failure means extra licks on those perfect soles! When the slavegirl finally reaches the 100th lick, she gets an other task: since there is still no towel in the room, she must lick Candy’s sweaty armpits clean, too! She kneels next to the Goddess, opens her mouth, and licks that smelly, salty juice out of Candy’s armpits, just until she wants to use her!
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Licking a student girls feet

Licking a student girls feet foot domination pictures

Sweet Medical Student Miss Vivian wants a male face under her feet. She wants a defenseless guy to her feet and she wants all male object to lick her bare soles and toes. First she orders a slave to worship her dusty ballet flats / slippers before she allows him to kiss and lick her bare sweaty soles… Great Point of Views incl.
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Slave licks my disgusting dirty flip flops

Slave licks my disgusting dirty flip flops foot domination pictures The first few hot days of the year – and of course I had to wear flip flops immediately. But after merely one day they’re already all dirty and dusty – with some of last year’s dirt as well of course. I sit down on the barstool and order the slave to lick them clean. First he has to lick the filthy soles – then I take them off and make him lick the sweaty and dirty inside as well!
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Foot Domination Non Stop – Lady Alice

Princess Alice has her slave trapped under her chair and his face under her perfect feet! He cannot move he is totally at her mercy. He rubs her feet all over his face and makes him lick her soles, running them on his tongue. She footslaps him and she spits on his face and mouth and she smothers him under her perfect feet!

Foot Domination Non Stop   Lady Alice foot domination pictures

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‘What Princess Wants’ – Foot Worship and Domination – Lady Alice

Alice commands her slave to remove her shoes and show to her how clean they are. She is satisfied with the result so she tells him to worship her feet. She rubs her perfect feet all over his face and she makes him lick her soles and suck her cute toes. She massages her feet on his face and uses him as a footstool. Alice is a real Princess, born to be served by men!

What Princess Wants   Foot Worship and Domination   Lady Alice foot worship pictures

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‘The Presentation’ – Sadistic Foot Worship And Foot Domination – Lady Evike

Evike demands some foot worship service from her slave and she lays back on the couch, covering his face under her perfect feet. She makes him lick her soles and suck his toes, but she is in a sadistic mood and she cannot just relax, so she footslaps and stomps the poor slave’s face to do better! It is incredible how she uses her feet to abuse his face, without a lot of effort from her, she makes her slave her total footbitch, until finally she relaxes her feet on his face, using it as a footstool.

The Presentation   Sadistic Foot Worship And Foot Domination   Lady Evike foot domination pictures

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Licking domme’s sweaty toes

Lara is back to her spooky dungeon after a morning jogging session, her shoes and socks dirty and smelling of her sour sweat. Perfect for a quickie foot domination training with her filthy worm of a slave! Watch her push the guy down on the soiled cold floor absolutely naked, make him lick the soles of her sneakers and then gag him with her athletic socks so hard he almost chokes on them!

Licking dommes sweaty toes foot domination pictures

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Rewarding slave with footjob

Can this ugly submissive fucker even hope to get it on with a lady as gorgeous as sexy blond Mistress Jessie some day? Well, he actually can – but only if he acts like a good boy and gives the domme the treatment her beautiful tired legs deserve. Watch him lick every inch of her soles and toes clean before being rewarded with a quick footjob. He will end up on cloud number nine tonight!

Rewarding slave with footjob foot domination pictures

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Lesbian foot slavery revenge

Lina wants her revenge on her roomate for the time she made her lick and smell her feet. Now she has the power and Zoe is her foot slave. Lina orders her to kiss her foot, then to lick her soles. She orders her to suck her toes, grabbing her hair. Then dropping her on the floor, she starts to trample her with her full weight, as Zoe did her last time. And to complete her revenge, Lina shrinks her roomate to 1inch tall and smash her in the insole of her smelly black flip flop.

Lesbian foot slavery revenge lesbian footdom pictures

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Roomate lesbian foot slavery

Zoe turned her roomate into a foot slave, she orders her to crawl under her feet and to smell them. She smother her face with them, putting Lyna’s nose between her sweaty toes. She humiliates her a lot, laughing at her face. She orders her to suck her toes and lick her soles. Then she start to trample her, harder and harder, Lyna is moaning, begging Zoe to stop her foot torture, but Zoe is a pretty evil and sadistic chick. At the and she shrunk her roomate to 1 inch tall, and put her in her well worn flip flops. Included POV shoots.

Roomate lesbian foot slavery lesbian footdom pictures

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Fatal Feet

Fatal Feet foot fetish picturesIt is amazing to watch Nadia Capri and her fatally hot feet in action. One cannot stop thinking how would they suck on those long toes, lick those soles and fuck those beautiful feet. Kris Slater is not an exception. He worships Nadia’s lovely feet and legs and then bangs the sexy Milf like nobody before.

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