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Hard Licking Labour

Hard Licking Labour footdom girls pictures

It seems Rosie just can get off her suffering streak! This time her duty is to submit her servile tongue to Esther’s huge soles, deeply inhale their strong stink and clean off all the salty sweat! Esther orders her to smell her black socks first. Upon the initial sniffs she realizes how badly they reek and freaks out in total disgust. But Esther doesn’t give a fuck about her suffering, she takes the socks off and makes Rosie lick her feet, and they stink not a bit less! Even she can’t help loathing and constantly sruggles not to throw up for the entire scene, Rosie keeps licking Esther’s feet with submissive obedience, she presses her whole tongue hard against her soles, cleanses them from heels to toes and removes all the salty sweat!
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Goddess Ice black stockings high heel humiliation

Goddess Ice black stockings high heel humiliation foot domination pictures Goddess Ice wore black stockings and high heels sat on the stairs stretched out her feet to insult the slave, she ordered the slave to lick the soles of the shoes, and they were spitting on the face of slave. Her heel was inserted into the slave’s mouth and stirred. Then she took off her high heels and ordered the slave to lick and smell her nylon feet, she thrust her toes into the slave’s mouth and humiliate the slave. The slave groan debauchery, the goddess stepped on the slave’s crotch and wiggle her feet, the slave became more contemptible wretch.
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Stinky feet sniffer

Stinky feet sniffer foot domination pictures This little loser gets Lady Carmens and my extremly stinky feet in his mug today. I havn’t washed them for three days to see this little jerk suffering. We pull a plasticbag over his face so he gets the full stench and push our feet on his nose. Haha what a loser, he whimpers away because of our feetsmell! You would like to have this too right? You would even be allowed to lick our feet and suck our toes. And you are allowed to jerk off on our feet now! Go ahead!
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The Assistant – Mistress Gaia

The Assistant   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures A beautiful girl enters the head office bringing some papers. He takes her and puts her on his knee and starts to caress her. He tells her if she wants to make a career in the company, she must be very cute with him. The girl is angry, but smiles at him and asks if he wants something to drink. (you see the girl put something in the mans drink). He drinks the drink then he begins to feel sleepy and hangs like a statue. The girl insults him then takes off her shoes and begins to rub her feet on his face. She begins to brainwash him, saying that now he will only love her feet and will become a slave only to her feet. He has to then kiss and lick her feet. As the man begins to recover, the girl sits on the couch crossing her legs. The man rises angrily and tells her she’s fired, and he will denounce her. The girl laughs and says to him, look at me. The man looks at her, and she orders him to kneel in front of her. She tells him he is now her slave, (footfrtish footage, foot suffocation) a slave to her feet. The man then begins to kiss and lick her feet. The girl tells him that tomorrow he will fire his deputy, and put her in his place. As the man tries to resist, the girl puts her foot in his mouth. She says to him that from now on, he will only do what she wants, as she will be in command of the office…
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Chelsea’s Dating Experience

Chelseas Dating Experience foot domination pictures Chelsea is getting ready to go out and dancing all night with her friends and she felt like her feet also needed to be clean before partying all night! She was doing her make up in the mirror and this loser slave was filming her so she makes him sit on the floor to give him some instructions about her feet! She first needs to make sure her shoes are perfectly clean before dancing all night so she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her shoes! She makes him lick all the dirt at the bottom of her soles, and she wants him to make sure they are very clean! Chelsea also wants to make sure that her lovely feet are very clean before partying all night so she makes him take her shoes off to smother his face with her stinky naked soles! She wants him to sniff them, and makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! There is just nothing like having her feet clean by this loser slave after a long day so she just makes fun at him and makes him lick her sweaty feet, and suck on her toes!
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Foot slapping and made to lick

Foot slapping and made to lick foot domination pictures How hard can I slap the slave with my feet? I’m having fun and the loser suffers as my feet hit his face! Of course he has to smell and lick my feet in between as well! And if he doesn’t lick them good – he gets more slaps with the foot – until he finally understood how to properly lick feet!

Choking & Foot Gagging Punishment – Mistress Gaia

Choking & Foot Gagging Punishment   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures Today, I asked my friend to assist me with a punishment. This slave has been dissobedient and didn’t clean my shoes properly. So he’s going to have the opportunity of cleaning them now. I’m going to make sure that tongue of his is busy. If not, he’ll be whipped into obedience. We begin by getting our slut to lick and clean our shoes. Of course we have to use the floggers to give him some incentive to obey. He’s making a lot of noise. So perhaps there’s a good way to shut him up. We remove our shoes and begin to get him to lick our feet. Then it’s time for some footgagging, I want to see him choke as I shove my foot down the back of his throat. I so enjoy that gargling sound he makes as he tries to breathe. The poor slave seems so be having some difficulty coping with both mistresses. That’s not going to worry us, as we continually flog him, and stuff our feet into his mouth. His pathetic moans for oxygen only make it worse for him, as we continue to enjoy our footgagging pleasure…
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Breath control with my feet

Now I’ll control the slave’s breath with my feet. First I’ll try in nylons – then switch to bare feet! I press my feet on his face hard – and as long as I want! Once my feet are just above his mouth and nose he’ll submissively smell and lick them!

Breath control with my feet foot domination pictures
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The foot slave’s payment is due!

Obviously being my slave isn’t for free – and it’s time for the slave to deliver his next payment. I sit down on the couch and make him rub my feet before demanding the first money – but he can’t be serious! He hands me a 20 Euro bill – what am I going to do with that? Buy a pack of cigarettes? I’ll show him what 20 Euro are worth to me! I grab my lighter, light the money on fire and use the burning bill to light my cigarette – then just throw it into the ashtray to burn completely. Then he’s more cooperative and hands me 300 Euros – that’s better! I make him kiss and lick my bare feet while I continue to smoke my cigarette.

The foot slaves payment is due! foot domination pictures

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You Can Suck Better Than That

Sure he is doing an ok job sucking on her feet, but he can do better than that. He needs to show more vigor, more enthusiasm, show her how grateful he is to be allowed to worship her feet. After all Halle doesn’t grant such a privilege to just any slave, her feet are a reward for loyal slave service. So he needs to lick them faster to bring a smile to Halle’s face, to show her how much he loves living in her service.

You Can Suck Better Than That foot worship pictures

Dominant Foot Worhship And Foot Massage On Face – Lady Electra

Electra relaxes on the couch and she calls her slave, ordering him to suck her toes. She looks at him with her beautiful eyes like she is happy that he is in his natural place, at her feet! She rubs her soles all over his face and she makes him suck and lick her feet. Of course she gives to him some footslaps to do better and she relaxes back, enjoying the slave’s service. A natural Gothic Godess, born to be served!

Dominant Foot Worhship And Foot Massage On Face   Lady Electra foot worship pictures

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‘Mother’s Boyfriend, My Slave! – Lady Evike

Foot Domination and Humiliation! Evike is superbratty and has a very dominant personality. Of course nobody can tell her what to do, but her mother has a boyfriend living together with them and he is playing the father. But Evike knows that he is just a pervert, he looks all the time at her drooling and it seems that he has a thing for feet, as she catches him check her feet all the time! She is waiting for the opportunity to put this asshole at his place!
Her mother is away for the weekend in a business trip and Evike has to study for Monday’s exam, but of course she doesn’t care and she gets ready to go to party. But the stupid boyfriend of her mother comes and tells her that she will not go to the party, because her mother put him in charge in the house and he must make sure that she will study. Must? Of course this loser cannot say to Evike what to do! Evike has the opportunity she was expecting!
He says to her to go change her party dress to something casual and then starts to study. Evike demands some foot massage and after she will do what he wants. He massages her feet and she starts to tease him, asking him if he likes her feet. ‘Give my feet a kiss’, she says. He refuses but finally gives a kiss to Evike’s perfect feet. Evike laughs and starts to massage his face with her feet. He tries to resist, but it is impossible! This loser was dreaming about this, to be under the perfect feet of Evike! Bratty Evike makes him lick her feet and when he says to her to stop, she checks his dick and is very hard! She laughs at him and keeps dominating him with her feet on his face. He is totally horny, she tries to grab the foot of Evike and lick it, but of course he is not allowed to touch! With many hard footslaps on his face, sadistic brat Evike makes him understand that he is just her footbitch!!!

Mothers Boyfriend, My Slave!   Lady Evike foot domination pictures

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Human massage chair

This domme’s slave is a humble creature made for serving and pleasuring her. Tonight he will lick her shoes and feet clean. He is to worship the feet that squashed him like a cockroach! Mistress’s stiletto heels hurting his crotch and chest will make him beg for mercy. And yes, she will give him a break – though only to take her shoes off and get back to trampling his face and shoving her feet into his throat!

Human massage chair foot domination pictures

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Her Feet Are Filthy

Dirt, dust, cat hair, there is all manner of filth on the stairway Lexia is on. Fortunately, slave tongue is very good at removing such filth from female feet. So Lexia takes a few steps and has the slave lick the bottom of her bare feet clean. A few more steps, and more foot lapping from the slave is demanded. Lexia finds the whole thing hysterical and laughs while the poor slave licks away all the debris from the bottom of her feet.

Her Feet Are Filthy foot worship pictures

Little sis’s socks always stink

Emma has a little sis. She’s wearing her dirty stinky socks to make me smell both of their foot sweat! Emma rubs them on my face and ask me if I love to have her little sis’s socks on my nose.. Of course I love it! But Emma wants more from me. She wants me to take them off and rub her stinky barefeet right on my face. She humiliates me with hard words and orders me to lick her feet. Finally, she decide to trample my body and even crush my face with her full weight!

Little siss socks always stink foot worship pictures

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Feet Licked for the First Time

It’s always a thrill to see a girl getting her soles licked for the very first time in her life. Our lovely 18 y/o Nancy was no different. When I’ve told her, to have her Superstars on for a while with no socks before shooting, she could not believe, that someone will smell or lick her feet for real. She obviously haven’t even imagined a situation like this before! However, by every motion of Clarissa’s tongue, she loved it more and more!

Feet Licked for the First Time lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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