Sweat & Saliva

Clarissa has never really experienced how it feels to have an other girl at her feet who enjoys licking her soles. When Candy learned this, she offered her tongue immediately. I’ve suggested them to wait until next day, so Clarissa could spend the whole day in her shoes without socks. I wanted her to get a sample of the real thing: when someone adores not only her velvet-soft soles but the stinky sweat of it, too. The time has come, both girls were really excited. Candy evidently enjoyed the stink of Clarissa’s soles and gave her an intense foot-worship. She thoroughly licked all the sweat off her smooth soles and from between her toes and swallowed all till the last drop. With all the passionate licks, toesucking and the sensual kisses to her feet, she really gave Clarissa an experience she will never forget!

Sweat & Saliva lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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