Summersweat Bully

In the sweltering heat of a hot summer day cruel and merciless Candy stalks her prey in the park. She takes her to a solitary, yet well visible spot, makes her on her knees and the total humiliation begins. Clarissa must lick the bottoms of her sneakers clean for start. She begs for mercy but Candy’s heart is colder than ice, much unlike her feet! Her throbbing veins on the top her feet, the reddish shade of her soles, the salty sweat shimmering in sunlight tell how hot it is within her sneakers and she had no socks on to sponge up the sauce! Cheesy footstink is one thing but that fetid stench rotten in her shoes are completely different. Clarissa couldn’t really tell which is worse: the suffocating smell of Candy’s feet she has to inhale or the fact that everybody watches her humiliation! Faces of shame and disgust are all she can do, there is no escape from Candy! And the worst is yet to come: she has to lick that vinegary sweat off those perfect soles, moreover Candy’s other foot is still sweating in her sneakers! She wipes all the sweat into Clarissa’s face before making her licking feet again! For to enthrone this bully, Candy orders this poor girl to a lengthy shoesmelling to make sure she will throw up every time this day comes back to her!

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