Stinky Punishment

Rosie haven’t showed up in our studio early in the morning as she promised, thus messing up our whole day. She must be punished – all agreed. So Clarissa simply took her stinky Superstars on her naked feet and kept them on all day long, until Rosie finally arrived in the evening. Knowing what’s coming for her, she took the slave position under the chair obediently but not without fear. She has never been obliged to smell an other girl’s sweaty feet! Although, when I’ve asked her before about taking the sub role in foot fetish, she has said ‘maybe’, but she certainly haven’t imagined her first time like this! Clarissa’s feet reek really bad, when she wears her Superstars without socks, a deeply rotten stink with vinegary tones! She rubs all the sweat into Rosie’s face while relentlessly makes her smell their stench! Rosie desperately tried to evade smelling those soles, but in total vain: there is no escape from under the chair until Clarissa decides she has inhaled enough! And she wants to enjoy every moment, obviously. The sight of Rosie suffering under the stinky, sweaty soles is just simply gorgeous!

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