Silky Soles and a Tongue of Rapture

Clarissa is on her knees and starts to sniff Candy’s feet. The longer she smells, the more delighted she gets, deeper and deeper she inhales the sour stink that is always present at her toes. If someone has ever breathed in the smell of Candy Blade’s feet, will spend an entire life being enslaved to it! The whole world is fading for Clarissa as she gets mesmerized by the vinegary stink, only Candy’s gorgeous soles remain, she goes on licking them passionately for long minutes without taking a second break. She licks her soles from the heels to the toes over and over again, gently tastes the sweat in between her toes just before sucking them one by one and goes on licking every inch of her soles again. Beautiful Candy just watches her gladly and enjoys the caress of her devoted tongue. Shot from two different angles, this video gives and amazing view of Candy Blade’s feet, tops and soles alike, besides being the most sensual and passionate foot worship ever. Truly a masterpiece!

Silky Soles and a Tongue of Rapture lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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