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Respect the Stink

It’s kind of difficult to schedule a session with Candy, she is extremely busy, so whenever she has a small gap in her timetable I grab the chance. This night was no different, I was waiting for her with Clarissa in our studio an hour before dawn. She left her friends downtown to shoot with us, and was also tired. But Clarissa showed no respect for her efforts, she was hissy as well due to the odd timing of the shoot and had complaints against virtually everything, specially when she found out that the socks she has to smell are stinking within Candy’s warm woolly winter chucks despite the hot summer. Candy got totally pissed off and decided to teach her a lesson, she grabbed her, ordered her on her knees and told me to start recording. She carved into her mind for good, that she is here to inhale the stink of her sweaty feet, not to play the princess. Her socks had an awful strong smell and she stinked them up for a reason! She punishes Clarissa with the piercing sour smell of her socks and sweaty soles to make sure she gets the idea about who’s the boss here!

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