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My First LEZBO Footslave!

Ok, so I heard about this lezbo whore that is like totally obsessed with worshipping Mean Girls like ME :) and she lets you treat her like complete garbage…lol! And it turns out that this little slut is TOTALLY obsessed with MEEEE…of course. I am THAT fucking HOTTT! :) She has apparently been paying to download & watch MY videos! LOL! So I decided to borrow her from GoddessNo and use her in MY clips! :) She basically just crawls in the front door and starts groveling at my feet, telling me how BEAUTIFUL I am…blah, blah, blah…stuff I already know. But she knows her place and realizes how much more GORGEOUS I am than her, so I allow her the privilege of giving ME a foot massage. This chick is SOOO pathetic! Like, she is fucking THRILLED just to RUB MY FEET BECAUSE I AM SO MUCH HOTTER THAN HER! LOL! And I let her know in the video that she is SO lucky and tell her right to her face that I think she is not as pretty as me!! HAHAHA!!!

My First LEZBO Footslave! lesbian footdom pictures

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