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My Female Pedicure Slave

This whore will let me use her for anything. I just got done making her clean my kitchen while me n Princess Chanel made fun of her right to her face, telling her how UGLY she is! And she just takes it and says “Yes, Princess” and tells me how BEAUTIFUL I am! (Like, DUH!?!) And now I am making her give me a pedicure! Slaves work for me and save me money! LOL! (Not that I ever pay for my own pedicures anyway, but now I have the convenience of at-home service!) Not to mention the FUN of being able to treat a SLAVE like SHiT as it does my toes! Those Asian ladies don’t even know what you’re saying when you can them a stupid cunt for messing up! This stupid bitch at least speaks english…lol. I start by making the whore lotion up Princess Chanel’s legs. She does WHATEVER I say…I love it! I even spit in her mouth a few times…she loves me so much…just like male slaves. I think I like female slaves better though because they are more useful…this slut does a pretty good job on my toes even though it took her for-EEEVER! So what do I reward her with? What any good SLUT craves, I guess- a good dildo shoved into her mouth! LOL! Seriously, this fucking slutty slave bitch literally BEGS for my dildo in her mouth that I use every night! LOL! Its like the best-tasting lollypop in the world to her because its been in MY pussy! ;) It’s only like the last minute or so of the video, but it is SOOO funny to watch me shove that dildo into her mouth like she’s such a slut and me and Princess Chanel laugh our asses off at her while she just kneels at our feet and takes it like a whore…and we totally talk down to her throughout the entire video..

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