Dirt Sponge 3

Ugly Girl is made to lick the grimy soles of Celine’s shoes! Celine gets a phone call from a friend (REAL – You can actually hear her friend speaking LIVE) during the filming of the clip. When answering the call the shoot continues without pause despite this being completely unscripted and totally candid! Meanwhile Celine is a complete natural, talking to her friend, even telling her about the shoot all while Ugly Girl licks her dirty shoe soles!
Walter films the shoot getting all the hot close-ups and priceless facial expressions/reactions from Celine as she looks on as Ugly Girl does all the DIRTY work! He pushes the back of Ugly Girl’s head pressing her face against Celine’s shoe soles as Celine smiles and looks on while chatting with her friend over the phone. By the end of the scene Ugly Girl shows her BLACK DIRT COVERED TONGUE towards the camera! It was so dirty and gross with street grime and god only knows what were on the bottom of those soles. Ugly Girl eventually got up and went to the washroom sink FEELING SICK looking like she wanted to VOMIT as I followed her into the washroom and continued filming. Not for the faint of heart! Real domination of a hot princess towards an ugly girl, real dirt, unscripted, candid, and cold!

Dirt Sponge 3 lesbian footdom pictures

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