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Abused Little Footslave

Abused Little Footslave footdom girls pictures

Rosie has to face yet another humiliation by the abusive duo Candy & Emily! They degrade this poor little girl once again, they just can’t laugh enough at her suffering! They’ve spent their day sockless in their VANS shoes, their feet are hot as hell and reek a strong vinegary stink. They take the shoes off and order their slave to smell that hot, damp air coming from the insides. Her hands tied back, Rosie has no choice but to smell the stinky shoes shoved in her face! Candy and Emily rub their sweaty soles into her face and make her smell their hot, stinky feet, too! Every time she tries to evade their feet, they grab her head and push it back to their soles! She’s at the edge of crying, but the bratty girls just don’t care, they just laugh at her agony! Poor little Rosie has to open her mouth and put her tongue to work, she has to lick all the salty sweat off the girls’s soles and swallow their sweat! They make her suck on their perfect toes, too, no matter how disgusted she is!
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The Stink of Revenge

The Stink of Revenge footdom girls pictures

Rosie gets her revenge for the humiliation and suffering she had to take from Esther last time! Now, she is more than ready to give it all back! Since Esther is extra sensitive to foul odors, Rosie choose to smother her with her awfully stinky, week-long worn thick socks and sweaty bare soles! Her mouth hermetically taped, Esther has no chance but to inhale the sickening stink of her feet! She tries hard to free her nose, but her efforts are futile, she gets Rosie’s smelly soles right in her face! There is no other option, she has to smell the strong, vinegary stink, just until Rosie wants her to!
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Dirty Feet Humiliation

Dirty Feet Humiliation foot domination pictures Miss Serena prepares her feet for her footslave today. She walks around at the backyard with bare feet and walks through the dirty part of the ground and looking forward to the following foot worship session. Then she starts using the young of her footslave. He has to clean her dirty soles and dirty toes with his worthless tongue and she enjoys the game …
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Extra part jogging sweat

Extra part jogging sweat foot domination pictures Today I took some additional rounds on my path, so that the sweat got soaked into my socks and the shoes deeply. You’re already waiting impatiently and devotedly for my arrival, hoping that I’ll allow you to sniff my dirty, sweaty shoes! Of course you have to!! It’s your abject passion, isn’t it.. I have somethign more in common – after all, my sweaty socks deserve some appropriate treatment, too! And last but not least you’ll also have to spoil my stinky feet. I’ve prepared your humiliation task very ambitiously, so you will appreciate that by exploring every single inch of the sweat source to make a detailed report!
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Goddess Ice black stockings high heel humiliation

Goddess Ice black stockings high heel humiliation foot domination pictures Goddess Ice wore black stockings and high heels sat on the stairs stretched out her feet to insult the slave, she ordered the slave to lick the soles of the shoes, and they were spitting on the face of slave. Her heel was inserted into the slave’s mouth and stirred. Then she took off her high heels and ordered the slave to lick and smell her nylon feet, she thrust her toes into the slave’s mouth and humiliate the slave. The slave groan debauchery, the goddess stepped on the slave’s crotch and wiggle her feet, the slave became more contemptible wretch.
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Suck Our Heels!

Suck Our Heels! foot domination pictures The title of this clips says everything. Me and Mistress Zahra take turns bullying this ugly beta male. Most of these slaves have a thing for high heels. We know this of course and take advantage of his pathetic weakness. We have him down on his knees, worshipping, licking and sucking on those amazing goddess heels. We demand him to suck harder! We want him gagging on it!! Loser. LOL.
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Boot worship humiliation

Boot worship humiliation foot domination pictures This little maniac was literally begging incessantly to dive into our world and to get humiliated ad nauseam in out Fetish Institute. Hence, Mistress Amy and I handle the cowardly wussy-boy together – first I make him lick my luxurious leather boots, while Mistress Amy brings his muzzle down to make him suck my boots deeper inside of his mouth. It’s right where our piggy belongs! He’s permanently drooling and I understand it as a sign of pooch’s happiness, Haha! Afterwards Mistress Amy’s patent leather boots also cry for his flannel and he licks the black stuff with a motivated, circling tongue. Nice one! But we’re not about to quit, as we’re naturally voracious! We slap his face with out boots and laugh at him all the time! That sound is tremendous!! By the way – his heeled antagonists not only torture his shitface, but also his skin. After he’s blown them like tasty dicks, they dig into his slave nipples and leave him in urgent pain. His look gets refined by out divine spit on his ugly face!
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Lick my dirty Chucks, LOSER!

Lick my dirty Chucks, LOSER! foot domination pictures Ahahah this was so funny. I mean how much more mud, dirt and filth can a loser like this swallow. More than you might think. LOL. Check out this clip and watch me getting my super dirty Chuck Converse cleaned by this piece of shit.
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Verbal Humiliation, Faceslapping, Spitting and Smothering – Lady Artemis

Lady Artemis relaxes on the bed and waits for her loser husband to come. When he arrives after a long day of work, he looks scared and when Artemis asked from him the money he made today, he gives all to her with an apologizing look on his face. Gorgeous Artemis is very angry with what she sees! These are not the money she was waiting for! She humiliates the loser verbally and of course she must punish him! She sits over him and she slaps his face hard and spits on his mouth and face, humiliating him hard and insulting him! His face is full of saliva and she spreads it all over with her foot on his face! The poor loser husband tries to excuse himself, but the temperament of Artemis totally overpower him! She threats him that she will change him and she smothers him with her boobs, When Artemis leaves him alone, the poor husband knows that he needs 2 lives to satisfy his superior hot wife!

Verbal Humiliation, Faceslapping, Spitting and Smothering   Lady Artemis foot domination pictures

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‘Mother’s Boyfriend, My Slave! – Lady Evike

Foot Domination and Humiliation! Evike is superbratty and has a very dominant personality. Of course nobody can tell her what to do, but her mother has a boyfriend living together with them and he is playing the father. But Evike knows that he is just a pervert, he looks all the time at her drooling and it seems that he has a thing for feet, as she catches him check her feet all the time! She is waiting for the opportunity to put this asshole at his place!
Her mother is away for the weekend in a business trip and Evike has to study for Monday’s exam, but of course she doesn’t care and she gets ready to go to party. But the stupid boyfriend of her mother comes and tells her that she will not go to the party, because her mother put him in charge in the house and he must make sure that she will study. Must? Of course this loser cannot say to Evike what to do! Evike has the opportunity she was expecting!
He says to her to go change her party dress to something casual and then starts to study. Evike demands some foot massage and after she will do what he wants. He massages her feet and she starts to tease him, asking him if he likes her feet. ‘Give my feet a kiss’, she says. He refuses but finally gives a kiss to Evike’s perfect feet. Evike laughs and starts to massage his face with her feet. He tries to resist, but it is impossible! This loser was dreaming about this, to be under the perfect feet of Evike! Bratty Evike makes him lick her feet and when he says to her to stop, she checks his dick and is very hard! She laughs at him and keeps dominating him with her feet on his face. He is totally horny, she tries to grab the foot of Evike and lick it, but of course he is not allowed to touch! With many hard footslaps on his face, sadistic brat Evike makes him understand that he is just her footbitch!!!

Mothers Boyfriend, My Slave!   Lady Evike foot domination pictures

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‘Don’t Mess With The Dancer’ – Foot Domination And Humiliation in Fishnets – Lady Abbie Cat

Breathtaking Abbie Cat is a luxury dancer for gentlemen and she visits for first time this customer that paid a lot of money for her to the Agency. She starts her show, but he didn’t call her there for the dance, but for sex, as he thinks that all dancers are prostitutes! This type of people makes Abbie sick, but of course he has a lesson for these losers! When he tries to pull her near him to kiss her, she tells him that downstairs waits a big bodyguard and if he will not do what she says, he will come up and cut his throat. The loser becomes white from the fear and he begs Abbie not to do it. And the fun for stunning Abbie Cat begins!
Abbie commands her new slave to kneel in front of her and to lick her feet. He tries to resist, but she reminds him of the bodyguard and he starts to lick her beautiful feet. Abbie laughs at the loser and starts to humiliate him verbally as she dominates him under her feet. She footslaps him and spits on his face and makes him suck her beautiful feet again and again, fucking his mouth and gagging him! Lady Abbie is in total control and this macho guy is now just a pathetic slave with his face covered under her feet!

Dont Mess With The Dancer   Foot Domination And Humiliation in Fishnets   Lady Abbie Cat foot domination pictures

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Massage for slave

Even though the pink pussy hiding between the legs of this young Mistress looks like the most delicate flower in the world, her slave will feel nothing but pain and humiliation when it lands on his face. Well, it’s no surprise – he just can’t expect a tender treatment while his oral skills are so bad. He needs to practice really hard until he feels that his eyes are about to burst from asphyxia!

Massage for slave foot domination pictures

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Young domme’s foot debut

A good slave is someone who can stand a lot of pain and humiliation and Mistress Taya is on a mission to make this new slave of hers a good one. Crawling at her feet and whining as she whips his ass, this fucker gets so annoying that she decides to test his pain threshold with some trampling. Her high heels on his body and her bare feet on his face… Sounds like a proper punishment!

Young dommes foot debut foot domination pictures

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Learning to worship feet

Blond Mistress Attika is definitely not someone who would punish her slave through a session of foot domination. She always makes the pathetic fucker expect the moment when he would finally be allowed to worship her heavenly toes and soles like the biggest blessing in his life. How? Well, a little whipping and humiliation never do any harm! Watch her put it on the sub’s poor ass here!

Learning to worship feet foot domination pictures

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Foot dominated by sisters

This time the humble slaves are getting a double portion of pain and humiliation. But hey, if they take the training well, they will be rewarded with a double portion of pleasure too. See, tonight they turn into the property of two Mistresses – two gorgeous twins, known as The Cruel Sisters. These young, beautiful and very strict ladies have always dreamt of being served and tonight their dream is coming true.

Foot dominated by sisters foot domination pictures

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Wrapped Sickening Taste

When sweaty enough, Dorothy’s feet can get unbearably stinky and have a disgusting taste. That’s why Clarissa hates doing worship scenes with her, but since she is still our most tormented victim here, she simply has to! This time we boosted that awful taste a bit: Dorothy had her feet wrapped to coserve all her stinky sweat for the worship session. Once her feet out of the wrap, Clarissa immediately gets disgusted, but she has to get on her knees and lick her soles anyway. No fake stuff, she has to use her full tongue and press it hard against Dorothy’s soles to meet our demands! With submissive, steady lashes of her tongue she thoroughly cleans off all the sweat from her heels, soles and even the top of her feet. She is in total disgust and almost throws up from the sickening taste but keeps licking just as she had been told to. Not a moment rest is allowed for her, the only way she can steal a few seconds rest is by swallowing all the sweat gathered in her mouth. Well, a fair deal by me!

Wrapped Sickening Taste lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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