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Loser licks my dirty riding boots

Loser licks my dirty riding boots foot domination pictures My sexy riding boots are all dirty – and I’m going to make the slave clean them with his tongue! He has to lick the dirty soles and swallow all the dirt and mud underneath. To humiliate him even more I spit on the boots and order him to lick the spit off as well. Obviously he’s disgusted and struggles to swallow all the dirt – but he should thank me for making him lick just dirt! When he whines too much I threaten to walk over the dung hill next time – he surely doesn’t want to lick my boots then.
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Simona’s Footslave Abuse

Simonas Footslave Abuse foot domination pictures Simona loves to humiliate this loser slave all the time with her feet, but it seems like she especially loves to do it after a long working day with her sweaty nylon feet inside her high heels shoes! She sweats a lot during the day with those shoes since she have to walk all day long, so she wants him to take some good care of her feet while she is watching another episode of her favorite series! She makes him takes her shoes off, and completely covers his face with her sweaty nylon feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and wants him to just enjoy that lovely smell without complaining! How do you like that loser? She makes him take some deep sniff in her sweaty nylon feet, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon soles! She just loves to watch him suffer with her sweaty feet on his face! Simona also makes him take some deep breaths inside her stinky shoes, and just holds her shoes on his nose with her feet! She also makes him suck on her lovely nylon toes, while relaxing after a another long working day! The sex appeal of this girl is just simply irresistible. What a lovely Diva!
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‘Don’t Mess With The Dancer’ – Foot Domination And Humiliation in Fishnets – Lady Abbie Cat

Breathtaking Abbie Cat is a luxury dancer for gentlemen and she visits for first time this customer that paid a lot of money for her to the Agency. She starts her show, but he didn’t call her there for the dance, but for sex, as he thinks that all dancers are prostitutes! This type of people makes Abbie sick, but of course he has a lesson for these losers! When he tries to pull her near him to kiss her, she tells him that downstairs waits a big bodyguard and if he will not do what she says, he will come up and cut his throat. The loser becomes white from the fear and he begs Abbie not to do it. And the fun for stunning Abbie Cat begins!
Abbie commands her new slave to kneel in front of her and to lick her feet. He tries to resist, but she reminds him of the bodyguard and he starts to lick her beautiful feet. Abbie laughs at the loser and starts to humiliate him verbally as she dominates him under her feet. She footslaps him and spits on his face and makes him suck her beautiful feet again and again, fucking his mouth and gagging him! Lady Abbie is in total control and this macho guy is now just a pathetic slave with his face covered under her feet!

Dont Mess With The Dancer   Foot Domination And Humiliation in Fishnets   Lady Abbie Cat foot domination pictures

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CBT and foot domination

Mistress Jessie Gold has got her feet really tired after this long day, so she will sure end up shoving them into her slave’s mouth tonight. However, she’s not in much hurry to do so because she feels the boy needs to deserve such a blessing! Watch her train and humiliate him, slap his cock and flog his ass until he’s down under her feet, begging to massage her little toes with his tongue.

CBT and foot domination foot domination pictures

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Cruel Soles and a Mouthful of Ash

Candy orders her pathetic slave to clean her soles, while constantly insults and humiliates her. Is this something that can be called life? Licking the sweat and dirt off someone else’s feet for living? No matter how hard the 18 y/o footgirl tries, her efforts are in vain. After a while Candy gets sick of her and decides to humiliate her even more: she knocks the ashtray over, steps in the ashes and orders this miserable slave to lick it off her perfect soles while she smokes a cigarette and uses her mouth as her new ashtray.

Cruel Soles and a Mouthful of Ash lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Dirty cake

Mistress Larissa and Mistress Katharina have really dirty feet and they use a chance to humiliate him by ordering him to eat his birthday cake from their feet, although he made it for his mistresses…

Dirty cake foot worship pictures

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Mirjana is willing to do anything just to keep her job. Loosing it would bring her and her kids onto a very risky situation and her bosses know that very well. That’s why they use every opportunity to have their way with her, to humiliate her and threaten her with being fired if she is not completely obedient and do everything they tell her to do!

Mobbing lesbian footdom pictures

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Obedient slut

Goddess Victoria uses every moment to humiliate her employee by threatening her that, if she is not completely obedient and does whatever Goddess orders, she will instantly loose her job!

Obedient slut lesbian footdom pictures

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Pose with my Toes

Gorgeous Candy Blade forged a mean idea to humiliate her slave! Why not sweat up her feet in plastic wrap, then make her pose with her sweaty toes to share the photos with world? It’s time for Clarissa to show how she is into Candy’s juicy sweat! She totally owns her! Candy makes great fun of her slave as she makes her smile while licking the salty sauce off her beautiful soles.

Pose with my Toes lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Soles licker – heels sucker

Mistress Victoria and Mistress Sandra orders slave to lick their soles on boots while they humiliate him pushing their heels in his mouth…

Soles licker   heels sucker foot domination pictures

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Suffer my Feet

Gorgeous and cruel Eryss demands total devotion from her slave. Merely licking her soles is far not enough for her this time! She wants to demonstrate her, that her feet are in total control! Clarissa obediently licks her Mistress’ soles, but she is not satisfied with her at all. She tries to please her, but when she hears the order to open her mouth, she starts to panic: she knows what’s coming! Her gag reflex will be tested, her throat will be punished by Eryss’ toes and she can do nothing but endure it! She cries real tears of desperation and helplessness, while Eryss never stops to humiliate her!

Suffer my Feet lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Obey us worthless slave

Goddesses Sandra, Victoria, Valentine and Alena are spending some time together after a while. They all had a long day so it’s time to call a slave and make him clean their shoes, suck their stockings and lick their sweaty feet. Girls want to have fun and not just their feet cleaned. They humiliate the slave while he is working on their feet. But after some time they decide he didn’t do a perfect job so it’s time to trample all over him and show him who is the boss!

Obey us worthless slave foot domination pictures

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No Excuse, Remove the Sweat!

Although it was scheduled, Clarissa was absolutely not in the mood of shooting this video. She wasn’t into kneeling in front of an other girl, smell her stinky socks and let her humiliate her with the sweat of her soles. But Eryss already stinked her feet up, wore her socks for two hot summer days and we just can’t let her feet to sweat in vain! All the salty sweat must be licked off, there is no excuse! So, despite her reluctance, Clarissa must sniff and taste sweaty feet once again!

No Excuse, Remove the Sweat! lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Gorgeous Sharon

Animal print heels are getting more and more popular lately and Sharon is one of the femdom ladies who love to wear them at all times. She is into foot worship action as well and when she met his dude, he had no idea that she is one of the bdsm mistresses who love to mistreat and humiliate their loves. Her goal was to teach him a lesson and show him how a regular day looks like at her place. All he has to do is open his mouth wide and get ready for some licking and sucking while Sharon is moving her sexy little toes and talking dirty to him. He had to lick her heels as well, and that made him even hornier since he has to do what he is told. She didn’t let him take off his jeans pants and that is why she decided to tease and touch his penis through his pants. That made him even hornier and ready to pull it out, but again Sharon is in control and if she wants him to just lick her toes, that is what he needs to do right now?

Gorgeous Sharon foot domination pictures

Carolina has sexy little toes

This is how a usual morning looks like in Carolina’s house. She has just woken up and that means that this horny long haired brunette is more than ready for some feet sucking. That is right, she is very flexible and that is what makes her beaver totally wet. It is only a matter of time when she is going to get off hard and all she needs to do is put her hurricane tongue to use. Femdom is her favorite word, and there is nothing Carolina wants more than to mistreat and humiliate men, but too bad she is all alone, otherwise, she would make sure he plays one of her games with her? This gorgeous honey has adorable legs which are soft and made for spreading, but that is nothing in comparison to her round tanned ass ready for spanking. All she needs to do is spread her butt cheeks a little bit wider and reveal the goods. Her nasty pussy is hungry for something long and hard, or at least for a wet tongue which is going to make her reach an intense orgasm as soon as possible and maybe even squirt.

Carolina has sexy little toes foot domination pictures Carolina has sexy little toes foot domination pictures Carolina has sexy little toes foot domination pictures Carolina has sexy little toes foot domination pictures

German Goddess, Asian slave

This Little asian guy is one of my favourite victims because he always cries like a little girl Girl when we humiliate him. For that reason we just call him “bitch”. In this part the bitch has to lick the bottom of my high heels. He really sucks the heels as if his life depends on it. LOL. Of course he also has to lick the bottom of Lady Faye’s boots. Lateron we use his mouth as our ashtray. Because we think a little disgusting slave like this one should do the maximum disgusting work we make him lick the floor with his TONGUE! Thats really disgusting because the floor is full of filth and dirt. But of course the Little bitch does what he is told. We have a lot of fun while he almost cries. LOL. Content: foot domination, humilation, human ashtray, verbal humiliation

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