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Foot slave pampers 4 nylon feet

Foot slave pampers 4 nylon feet foot domination pictures

The slave has to bring a small stool to Madison and me – so we can rest our feet on it. He has to kiss the soles of our sexy high heels before he’s allowed to take them off and pamper our nylon feet. He has to kiss them, caress them, smell them and massage them – while we relax and enjoy getting pampered like that. Then he has to lie down on the ground and we cover his face with our 4 nylon-clad feet – to make sure he gets the full odor!
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Slave has to lick my high heels – and the toilet!

Slave has to lick my high heels   and the toilet! foot domination pictures

I’m going out tonight and my high heels need to be cleaned perfectly. While I finish my make up in front of the mirror the slave has to sit next to the toilet and clean my high heels with his tongue. But he isn’t doing it good enough! I grab the shoe from his hands and put the shoe sole into the water in the toilet – now he can lick it off my shoe soles! But that brings another idea to my mind – and I rub the sole of my other shoe on the toilet seat – which he has to lick as well of course. For the final humiliation I make him lick the top and bottom of the toilet seat before I push his head into the toilet and flush it!
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Smelling her Stinky Pantyhose

Smelling her Stinky Pantyhose lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

This clip is from the first sessions of Candy and Rosie together. Candy spent her day on a business meeting and came over to shoot a scene right after. It’s very rare to see her in such an outfit, it’s very unlike her normal style, however she looks very hot as a businesswoman, too, and the shortage of these kind of moments just enhance their thrill. We planned something different, she even brought a bag of clothes to change, but once she took off her shoes and the stink of her feet instantly filled the room, I was totally mesmerized by the scent, and insisted her to use those reeking pantyhose in the scene. Rosie hasn’t got used to such a strong foot odor like that of Candy by that time, so I thought it was a great opportunity to shoot something really authentic. Rosie lied beneath Candy’s chair and her abuse began! Candy shoved her shoes into her face and made her smell them, but that was just the warm-up, the hot, moist stink within those high heels was no match for the stink of her pantyhose. She rubbed her feet into Rosie’s face, knowing that the smell will stick to her face hours after the smothering ended! Rosie tried to fight off Candy’s feet, but she yelled at her to keep her hands behind her back. Rosie is just too easy dominate, even though see was disgusted by the stench, she kept filling her lungs with it. Candy was constantly laughing at her and intensifying her humiliation by abasing words. She took pictures of her with her phone, and even threated her, that she will send the pics if she fail to inhale in utmost submission!
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Skanky Feet – Jillian Janson & Dylan Snow

Skanky Feet   Jillian Janson & Dylan Snow foot fetish pictures Sexy Jillian Janson really likes a pair of high heels her friend with a giant dick brought home so she decides to not only offer him her wet pussy but also to pleasure him with her feet.

Piercing High Heels, Crushing Bare Soles

Piercing High Heels, Crushing Bare Soles foot domination pictures

Cruel Goddess Candy Blade tortures her slave by trampling him in her needle-thin high heels. The slave has to suffer extreme pain, he begs her Goddess to stop his torment but his cries are just fueling Candy’s kinky lust. She mercilessly deepens her heels into her victim’s belly and chest, leaving painful marks all over his skin. After 8 minutes she takes off her shoes and gives her slave a hard time with her bare soles. Fast steps into his guts, crushing jumps on his body, breathless throatstanding and walking tip-toe on his belly: Candy makes sure the slave does not have a moment of peace under her divine feet!
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My human foot stool

My human foot stool foot domination pictures While I’m comfortably sitting and smoking, my slave has to play my personal, comfy foot stool! He has to develop his abilities as a foot stool and get better day by day. Part of that is a skill to totally stand still – except when I, his mistress, want him to move! Furthermore he shall kiss my high heels whenever I stick them to his face! Well done, well-behaved footslave!
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Suck Our Heels!

Suck Our Heels! foot domination pictures The title of this clips says everything. Me and Mistress Zahra take turns bullying this ugly beta male. Most of these slaves have a thing for high heels. We know this of course and take advantage of his pathetic weakness. We have him down on his knees, worshipping, licking and sucking on those amazing goddess heels. We demand him to suck harder! We want him gagging on it!! Loser. LOL.
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Fucking her Heels – Max Fonda & Cecilia Scott

Fucking her Heels   Max Fonda & Cecilia Scott foot fetish pictures Cecilia Scott is a sexy blonde babe, strutting around her apartment with black pumped up high heels. Max Fonda arrives to worship her feet, kissing and licking her toes. She lets him fuck her heels, having the stilettos wrap around his raging cock. This foot-worship session continues into a full-fledged doggy-style fuck. Cecilia grips her heels in ecstasy as she feels Max moving inside her. Watch as 21FootArt takes erotica cinema to another level of fetish.

Cruel Shoe Domination – Lady Ingrid

Ingrid calls her victim, puts a leash on his collar and commands him to lick her high heel sandals clean! She looks amazing in her sexy dress, black pantyhose and elegant sandals and she makes her shoebitch lick the dirt from the soles of her shoes. She crushes his mouth with her shoe and she kicks him and whips him to do better. Ingrid fucks his mouth with he heel and when the job is done, she kicks him some more times in the face because he was terrible!

Cruel Shoe Domination   Lady Ingrid foot domination pictures

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Lick My Elegant High Heel Sandals Clean! – Lady Elizabeth

Can this loser go more down? Can he be more pathetic? Elizabeth wears her high heel sandals and they are dirty from the yesterday’s party. She calls her slave and commands him to lick the dirt from her shoes. He complains in the beginning but, as soon as Elizabeth gets strict to him, he starts licking and eating the dirt! Elizabeth feels disgusted by him, she humiliates him hard and she abuses his face under her shoes while he licks them, crushing it and kicking it. When she checks the progress, she is totally disappointed, not only he licks dirty shoes, but he even cannot do it right! She kicks him on the floor and cleans alone her shoes on his face and tongue, even more dominant! She insults him as she fucks his mouth with the heels and crushes his tongue like a bug! Elizabeth is pure Female Supremacy!

Lick My Elegant High Heel Sandals Clean!   Lady Elizabeth foot domination pictures

Click here to download the ‘Psychological Facts’ – Lick My Elegant High Heel Sandals Clean! – Lady Elizabeth video clip

Hot blonde trampling

Terribly afraid of the Mistress’s whip, this sub drops down on the floor at the mere sight of this tool of torture. That’s exactly what domme Isabella Clark needs! Watch her step on the fucker sprawled under her feet – first in her high heels, then barefoot… Oh yeah, she knows all the right spots to step on to make the worm understand that whipping is far not the worst that could happen to him.

Hot blonde trampling foot domination pictures

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Double foot domination

The high heels of Linda and Laurentia are what their slave loves the most. Yet they are what he fears the most too and that’s not for no reason. No words can describe the pain that he feels when the dommes get down to trampling him. Their stiletto heels sink in his soft flesh like needles almost making him break into tears. What a wimp he is! Time to shut his twisted mouth with some bare feet…

Double foot domination foot domination pictures

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Suzy’s Hot Heels

Suzys Hot Heels foot fetish pictures Suzy Rainbow loves to parade around wearing her sexy new high heel shoes. Mugur goes crazy for them, and adores her perfect little feet. The worship session turns into very hot sex that brings them to complete ecstasy.

Young domme’s foot debut

A good slave is someone who can stand a lot of pain and humiliation and Mistress Taya is on a mission to make this new slave of hers a good one. Crawling at her feet and whining as she whips his ass, this fucker gets so annoying that she decides to test his pain threshold with some trampling. Her high heels on his body and her bare feet on his face… Sounds like a proper punishment!

Young dommes foot debut foot domination pictures

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Office Suit Foot

Office Suit Foot foot fetish picturesAbby is an executive babe… one of the naughty type every office worker guys dream about. Abby has a habit to make love with her co-workers, and the lucky one is Chad. He frees Abby’s cute feet from the high heels and worships them before he pulls them around his cock to get the footjob of his life.

Tired of work?

Tired of work? foot fetish pictures
Tired of work? Well, so is Danny, the handyman, who gets seduced by the mesmerizing lean, long legs of her employer. A pair of white strappy sandals can make a difference, at least when you have a thing for high heels and women wearing them. Danny was so eager to hold Ava’s feet in his hands, and to caress those sexy toes with his mouth… How about you?

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