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Chilling Time with a Footslave

Chilling Time with a Footslave lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

On a lazy afternoon, Goddess Candy chills and plays on her phone while keeping her enthusiastic footslave busy. Before Clarissa is allowed to taste the feet of divine perfection, she must lick the soles of the boots as clean as if they were brand new. When ready, she’s been rewarded with Candy’s footsweat, which she licks off gladly with her devoted little tongue before giving those amazing soles a relaxing massage.
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Morgan’s Private Footstool

Morgans Private Footstool foot domination pictures

Morgan feels like she needs to relax and watch TV after a long day with her lovely feet inside her sneakers but, it seems like she wants to do it with her footslave at her feet! She snaps her fingers and makes her slave lay down on the floor to use his face as a footstool! She takes her sneakers off, then immediately covers his face with her sweaty white socks! She has been wearing her socks for a few days now, so they are kind of sweaty and stinky! She just takes pleasure to rub her sweaty socks all over his face while watching her favorite TV show! She also makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks without really paying attention to him. Morgan also makes him take her socks off with his teeth to smother his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She rubs her smelly feet all over his face, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also stands up to make him lick her feet and she wants him to take her foot really deep inside his mouth! She wants to know how deep he can take it! Morgan thinks it’s the best way to clean her toes, with her foot really deep inside his mouth!
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Throat Deep Toesucking

Throat Deep Toesucking lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Clarissa has great oral skills when it comes to foot worship, but a good footslave always needs training. Down on her knees and her hands bound behind her back she submits her mouth to Rosie’s smelly feet. After a few licks on her sweaty soles, Rosie orders her slave to suck her toes, of course, all of them at the same time! Clarissa has to take her whole foot in her mouth and suck on her toes until they’re right down her throat and her gag reflex is triggered. Her makeup runs down in tears on her face, she’s constantly on the edge of throwing up but still keeps sucking Rosie’s feet like an obedient little bitch. Rosie laughs at her throughout the entire clip, a girl choking on her feet is undoubtly ridiculous! In order to make this session even more kinky, she came to our studio with no socks within her shoes to make her soles really disgustingly stinky.
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Metal Chicks’ Footslave

Metal Chicks Footslave lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Emily talked to a friend of hers about our foot fetish sessions and she was totally into giving it a shot! She knew the feeling of her soles being licked well, however, it was never done by another girl! She decided to join Emily for her next session and try out a cool girl on girl footworship. They arrived together in the afternoon with their sockless feet already stinking in their shoes. Although Sue has never met with Clarissa before, they didn’t take much time to befriend, within 15 minutes of their arrival, she was already on her knees ready to be abused. She had to take their shoes off and smell their stinky feet. Emily and Sue laughed at her and humiliated her. They they had enough fun of Clarissa smelling their feet, they ordered her to get her mouth open and start using her tongue on their soles so they can laugh at her even more. She licked their soles clean, just as a good slave ought to do and sucked all their toes in obedience.
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Suck my sweaty toes and soles

Suck my sweaty toes and soles foot domination pictures

Miss Kitty removes her ballet flats and wants her footslave to worship, to lick and suck her sweaty bare feet. She loves to watch him sucking her her sweaty toes and lick off the sweat between her toes. Pure amateur footworship session / Great Point of Vies incl.
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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Candy’s Ashtray

Candys Ashtray foot domination pictures

Sitting on the footslave’s stomach, Candy lights up a cigarette, and starts to abuse the slave with her reeking stinky feet. She rubs the sweat into his face and stuffs her heel deep into his mouth until he starts to gag. He also has to submit his pathetic mouth as an ashtray for the Goddess, swallowing it all. But ashes of a single cigarette is way too little, so Candy tips off an ashtray onto the floor, steps right into the pile of ash and makes her sorry footslave lick it all off! She makes his face a total mess, rubs the dirt into it well. She keeps stepping into the pile, then on his tongue over and over again and orders him to swallow it all. She turns him around and makes him suck the dirt off her toes as well as up off the floor!
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Flattened Footslave

Flattened Footslave foot domination pictures

Bonnie is new to trampling, she has never stepped on anyone before. She teams up with Candy for her first experience! They flatten the slave in shoes, sock and mostly barefoot. They take all the fun in trampling: walking all over the footslave, high jumps, tip-toe and one-foot cheststanding, hard stomping, throat- and facestanding. They’re up for anything that hurts the guy below and make sure it really does, specially Bonnie’s technique to land from jumps full weight on her heels only!
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Tongue Training of the Footslave Girls

Tongue Training of the Footslave Girls lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Anna, Esther and Lorena use their footslaves to clean off their sweaty soles! They’re ordered to take the shoes off, get their noses ready with a short sock smelling, then lick all the six soles with no pauses allowed! Clarissa and Rosie do everything they can to please the other three girls, they lick their beautiful soles and suck on their pretty toes. However, the huge soles of Esther and Lorena are kinda challenge in themselves, let alone the salty taste they have!
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Foot Flattened Face

Foot Flattened Face foot domination pictures

Rosie tramples the footslave’s head in her VANS shoes and barefoot. The slave gets his first purple mark on his face from the shoe in the very first minute, those things are not meant for these kind of use…or do they? She takes them off quite soon, then goes on trampling the slave’s face barefoot. She steps on his nose, on his mouth and whole face with both feet and with only one supporting his entire weight, too! She keeps standing on the footboys face until it turns totally purple and he whines in pain! The area just around his ears gets more and more swollen with every time and also more purple! It just remains so, it seems that the footboy has to deal with long-term effect of face-destruction! 10 minutes of exclusive, uncut facestanding, nothing more, nothing less; so if you love disgustingly flattened men’s face under young soles, seek no further!
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Lick her dirty soles

Lick her dirty soles foot domination pictures

Are you a footslave without limits? Miss Jenna wants you today to clean her dirty bare soles with your tongue. Its a honor to be allowed licking a real Mistress’ bare feet. Mistress Jenna orders you finally to swallow the dirt.
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Hang in the Stink

Hang in the Stink lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Candy brings us a whole new level of footsmelling and footslave exploitation! She suspended Rosie by a chain to a hook in the ceiling and tied her hands back. Totally exposed and defenseless, she has to breath in the stink of Candy’s fluffy pink socks and sweaty bare feet while being completely at her mercy! Candy wore her old, red steel-cap boots for this event, with a well saturated, foul odor within. Her thick socks boosted the sweat, and thus the stink, too, just for Rosie’s suffering. Hanged by her ankles and her hands tied back, Rosie has absolutely zero chance to dodge the stinky feet reeking right in her face! Socks or bare feet: it’s up to Candy, and her alone to decide the source of the aroma, Rosie has to inhale them all! Goddess Candy has great fun playing with her desperate victim, frightening her and making her say how she lover to be footsniffer. She even makes her hold her breath a few times, of course, with the cheesy stink of her feet in her lungs! At the very end, Candy makes her suck the sweat off her big toes, just for the sake of total humiliation.
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How to Train your Dirtlicker

How to Train your Dirtlicker foot domination pictures

Goddess Candy Blade shows how she trains her mud eating footslave! Out in the woods nearby, on an open, public, muddy dirtroad, she lays her slave in the mud, takes off her flip-flops, gets her feet totally dirty and the training begins! She tramples all over him, covers his face with the dirt off her soles and makes him lick huge mouthfuls of mud off her soles, which he must swallow on command! To enhance his humiliation, she splashes water into his face and mouth, what he has to swallow or spit, according to Candy’s orders. Every time her feet get somewhat cleaner, she steps into the muddy puddle again and makes this loser suck the dirt off her toes again and again! In the end, she kicks him into the puddle, and stomps his sorry face into the mud.
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Under Bratty Soles

Under Bratty Soles foot domination pictures

Dorothy does again, what she loves the most: stomping her footslave into the floor! First in her red VANS, then barefoot, she tramples, kicks and stomps the footboy with no mercy at all. She jumps on him, stands on his throat and slaps him with his shoes, too. Her only goal is to be as painful, as possible. Her slave can’t take a beating like this, he cries out loundly in pain and behaves like a pathetic beginner.
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Abused Little Footslave

Abused Little Footslave footdom girls pictures

Rosie has to face yet another humiliation by the abusive duo Candy & Emily! They degrade this poor little girl once again, they just can’t laugh enough at her suffering! They’ve spent their day sockless in their VANS shoes, their feet are hot as hell and reek a strong vinegary stink. They take the shoes off and order their slave to smell that hot, damp air coming from the insides. Her hands tied back, Rosie has no choice but to smell the stinky shoes shoved in her face! Candy and Emily rub their sweaty soles into her face and make her smell their hot, stinky feet, too! Every time she tries to evade their feet, they grab her head and push it back to their soles! She’s at the edge of crying, but the bratty girls just don’t care, they just laugh at her agony! Poor little Rosie has to open her mouth and put her tongue to work, she has to lick all the salty sweat off the girls’s soles and swallow their sweat! They make her suck on their perfect toes, too, no matter how disgusted she is!
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Good morning footslave

Good morning footslave foot domination pictures

Miss Kitty’s Footslave crawls to her feet this morning and she wants him to the sweat off her socks. She wants him to lick and smell the sweat of her unwashed socks to show her that he is only a footslave on his belly crawling around her feet! Good morning foot kisses and trampling. Lady Kitty wants him to crawl on the floor to her feet and to give her good morning feet kisses. She wants him to suck each of her toes and to lick off the sweat of the night. She loves to tease him, so she she tramples his head und her soles and with her full weight.. Point of views included!
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