Foot Worship

The StinkSorround

We arranged a simple game in our studio: whoever arrives last, must smell the stinky feet of all the other girls! Anna, Clarissa, Esther and Lorena was there in time, but Rosie was late, as she always is. So she had to take the place of the victim, she got her mouth taped, her hands tied and she had to submit her nose to the sweaty soles of 4 girls! They took of their shoes, neither one had socks within, so the stink unleashed was overwhelming. And from that very moment there was not a second chance for Rosie to breathe fresh air, the eight soles totally surronded her face, no matter which direction she tried to escape, they kept coming from all angles, totally burying her face underneath. Rosie had to inhale a mixture of four different footstinks, some cheesy, some vinegary but all reeking just too bad! And there was one extra kinky addition to her already unpleasant situation: Anna and Rosie never met before this scene! So Rosie’s very first impression of her was the moment when she had to lie defenseless on the floor and let her push her smelly soles into her face with the aid of three other girls, while I was recording! How humiliating for her! After they had enough, they simply leave her there without a word, they don’t care about releasing the poor girl at all.

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Royal Mistress
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