Foot Worship

Schoolgirl Soles Waxed

Rosie has done a huge mistake: she skipped her class to show up in our studio. A girl this young should never miss school! Since we support our girls’ education, we choose to teach her a lesson: we tied her up and punished her soft soles with the hardest wax torture we’ve ever done! Very unfortunate for her, she just had her pedicure before coming here. She has done her soles as pink and soft as possible, but also consequently just way too sensitive at the same time! It was too late to regret, she was in helpless bondage on the floor awaiting her torture. Her tormentor treated her soles with no mercy at all, she held the flame extremely close to her sensitive soles to maximize the pain and lengthen the afterburn of the hot drops. Poor Rosie barely could endure the pain, she desperately twitched in her bondage. Did I mention we denied the use of a safeword for her, too?

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Royal Mistress
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