Foot Worship

Salty Little Soles

Usually an obedient licker of Candy’s smelly soles, Rosie deserves a reward for her enthusiastic work here. A joyful feeling of her toes being sucked, her little soles sensually licked and all the sweat of her feet swallowed. The sensation of a playful tongue running up and down on the skin of the soles is only a part of the game, the stronger the stink that the footlicker constantly inhales, the more satisfying the footworship is. Rosie’s small, natural feet stink pretty badly anyway, but she wanted to get the most out of this session, so she wrapped her feet in plastic foil hours before the scene to boost the sweat and the odor, too. She just sat back in the chair and let Candy take off her shoes and socks, unwrap her feet and use her oral skills to pleasure her salty soles! The long hours of sweating gave the soles a drenched, wrinkly look, which might be discouraging for some, and their hideous smell was clearly evident even behind the camera, but Candy opened her mouth with no hesitation and started licking every drop of the juicy sweat off Rosie’s feet! Her skilled tongue danced like crazy on the young soles, she varied the speed and the rythm, also the length and direction of the licks. From the heels to the short toes, and even in between them, every inch of Rosie’s soles enjoyed the loving caress of Candy’s playful tongue. Even she admitted later, that Rosie’s feet tasted like rotten cheese, she showed full enthusiasm to give her a naughty footworship and teased her with the sight of submissively swallowing her sweat down on her knees.

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Royal Mistress
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