Candy Unleashed

Candy is helplessly hogtied on the table and is about to be tickled by her little sis Elsa! As the cruel fingers begin their work on her soles, Candy’s face almost instantly turns red with big veins throbbing on her forehead! She laughs, screams, shouts and thrashes herself like crazy. She tries everything possible to ease her suffering, but she cannot protect her exposed, sensitive soles! Elsa uses a brush, too, which seems to be the ultimate tool of torture! As evident from her previous tickle scenes, there is nothing sensual or funny in foot tickling for Candy, it’s pure agony instead! However, Elsa hasn’t been a pro with the ropes, so Candy actually manages to free her hands, which makes the girls’ fight even more exciting! A very unique and ultra-hot clip for the tickle fans!

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Royal Mistress
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