Foot Worship

Virgie’s friend to worship Hanna’s feet

Hanna loves when someone is at her feet, and don’t mind if it’s a men or a women. It depends who’s their when she wants to play with a slave. In this video, she’s with Virgie when she ask her to massage her feet, talking about how much her feet smell after a day at work. She will make her smell her sweaty socks and orders her to get on her knees and submit to her mistress wishes. Virgie obeys like a good foot slave, sniff, kiss and lick Hanna’s pretty little feet with love. Enjoy this girl/girl foot worship session with two hot FGF models!

Virgies friend to worship Hannas feet foot worship pictures

Click here to download Virgie’s friend to worship Hanna’s feet video clip

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Royal Mistress
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