Foot Worship

The Taste of her Sweat

For a long time I was looking forward for a scene with Rosie, where I can really enjoy the vinegary stink of her young feet and taste the salty sweat of her soles. As you all probably know, summer heat and sockless worn shoes are a decent solution for these needs. The time has finally come, she promised me she’ll wear her VANS with no socks all day to ensure that authentic smell I’m really into. She kept her word, those 18 y/o soles just smelt amazing! Strong and vinegary, as it should be! She just watched contented knowing that letting a few sniffs is the only thing she has to do to totally enslave guys like us. When she finally let me lick the tasty sweat off her soles, I’ve honored her with an enthusiastic foot worship, swallowing as much of the salty sweat as possible.

The Taste of her Sweat footdom girls foot worship pictures

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