Foot Worship

Sweat Loving Sis

FeetExtreme’s amazing Goddesses, Candy and her younger sis, Elsa arrived to our studio with some surprise withing their boots, the best kind, I might add! They had their beautiful feet wrapped in plastic foil under their socks! They both know it’s nearly unbeatable sweaty effect and it’s also a great fun for them to wear it, they love the sound it makes as they walk and the feeling of a mobile sauna just for their perfect feet. Maybe it’s just me, but there is also it’s spectacular aspect: just a very few thing can be sexier than the sight of soft, pink, moist soles underneath the plastic wrap! In fact, none occur to my mind right now :) So they sit on the sofa, take off their boots and socks, and expose the gorgeous beauty of their wrapped soles right into the cam! Every detail of their tempting soles caught on record, these two girls are just way to hot! They start teasing by slowly wiggling their toes, wrinkle up their soles and shoving them into your face! As two genuine, real sis, their feet share some obviously similar features, but are also different andunique. After a few minutes of mind-blowing tease, Candy removes all the four wraps and the girls show their naked, sweaty bare soles and release their wonderful odor into the air. Candy just can’t wait any longer, gets her own feet into her face and quickly licks all the juicy sweat off her own soles. Elsa just watches her elder sis enjoying the salty juice of her feet, which is more than kinky, I’d say. A quick suck on her perfect toes, then Candy realizes, that there are two soles of dripping sweat at a much more easy reach: she grabs Elsa’s feet and gives her younger sis an amazing foot worship! She licks off every drop of the tasty sweat, with lusty lashes of her tongue she cleanses in between her toes and joyfully sucks on her toes on by one! Elsa just sits there relaxed and never stops giggling, she outright enjoys Candy’s warm and quick tongue on her soles! Even though she had experienced foot worship quite a lot of times, getting her soft soles licked by her very own sis is unmatched! Candy gives the session a unique touch by her funny approach to her sis, but never forgets to give some naughty winks to the camera at the same time! All in all, an incredibly hot, unrepeatable, authentic sis on sis foot worship, a must have for Candy’s and Elsa’s fans!

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