Foot Worship

Pre-clubbing Foot Worship

Pre clubbing Foot Worship foot worship pictures Me and my friend Courtney want to go out this evening. Before we do so we are hanging out at our hotelroom, having some fun with one our stupid slaves. We’re sitting on the bed while this idiot has to kneel in front of us, worshipping and massaging our beautiful feet. We are chattering about all kind of stuff, and taking some snapchat pictures, paying no attention at all to this foot freak. Ok thats’s not right. For one minute we pay attention to him. We make some pictures of him to show it to all our girlfriends later in the evening. And maybe sometimes to the slave’s wife. As a divorced slave needs to spend no money on his useless wife, I love to ruin my slave’s relationships. LOL!

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Royal Mistress
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