Mommy Dearest

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Mommy Dearest foot worship pictures Serena Blaire is home from collage and her mom, Veronica Avluv is in usual form, pissed off at Serena’s dad for always being away working. Veronica gets tipsy on martinis to numb the pain and gets in a huge argument with her daughter revealing that she has been adopted. Serena is so upset she stomps off to her bedroom where she falls asleep restlessly and has a wet foot dream about her adoptive mother! She’s so turned on by the look of her mom’s feet that she sneaks into Veronica’s bedroom to worship her adorable feet and have lesbian foot sex all night long!
Both women have the perfect curved arches, plump toes and petite feet! Not to be missed!

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Mommy Dearest foot worship pictures
Mommy Dearest foot worship pictures

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