Liberty’s Slavery

Liberty is really in control of her slave from now and it seems like she just takes advantage of it! She tied one of her smelly shoe around his nose with a belt for 24 hours to make sure the smell of her feet is well stick in his mind! She had another long day with another pair of shoes so she’s ready to give him a little break! She removed the shoe from his nose to let him give some attention to her feet! The slave must take her shoes off to give her a good foot massage! Liberty’s feet are all sweaty but she rub them all over his face to entertain his addiction! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles and suck on her toes to clean all the dirt! She ties up today’s shoe around his nose for another 24 hours! Your life is all about my feet from now and nothing else! Keep that in mind! What a Cruel and Sexy Goddess! This Clip is a Real Must!

Libertys Slavery foot worship pictures

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Royal Mistress
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