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Cassandra’s Dirty Deal

Cassandra is coming back from a very long day at McGill university with a gym class in the morning as a bonus so she wanted to test the smell of her socks with this loser slave! That was just the perfect timing after sweating for ten hours inside those filthy converse! She is also wearing the same pair of socks as yesterday so she makes a bet with him that he won?t be able to deal with her smelly socks in his face for five minutes! She takes her shoes off then immediately cover his ugly face with her sweaty white socks! Her sexy cruel smile tells us how bad she loves to watch him suffer with his nose in her feet! She makes him sniff and lick the sweaty bottom of her socks and take some deep breaths inside her two years old converse! Cassandra also takes her socks off with her toes to smother his face again with her smelly bare feet! She makes him lick and clean the sweaty bottom of her soles with his tongue and suck on her precious toes as a devoted loser slave! Very Hot Clip!

Cassandras Dirty Deal foot worship pictures

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