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Adoring Their Feet

This is just another two gorgeous girls having their feet worshiped by adoring slaves clip. You know, a fairly common thing here in LA where it’s normal for dominant women to keep male slaves around for various needs. The two girls chat and basically could care less about their slaves. The slaves meanwhile worship, as is to be expected of them.

Adoring Their Feet foot worship pictures

She Likes Clean Feet

‘Lick my foot’ Delilah says, and the slave starts cleaning the bottom of her feet. Delilah keeps the remote control to the ball shocker in her hand to zap him every now and then, but for the most part she just sits there surfing the web while he licks her foot clean.

She Likes Clean Feet foot worship pictures

It’s A Lazy Day

It’s a lazy day for Tory and Holly, they are just lounging around texting, talking about boys, sex, and other things. The slave though is preoccupied with their feet, lavishing them with oral attention. His licks the soles, sucks the toes, and generally tends to the needs of female feet being the proper foot appliance that he is. Just another typical day for the girls!

Its A Lazy Day foot worship pictures

Her Feet Are Filthy

Dirt, dust, cat hair, there is all manner of filth on the stairway Lexia is on. Fortunately, slave tongue is very good at removing such filth from female feet. So Lexia takes a few steps and has the slave lick the bottom of her bare feet clean. A few more steps, and more foot lapping from the slave is demanded. Lexia finds the whole thing hysterical and laughs while the poor slave licks away all the debris from the bottom of her feet.

Her Feet Are Filthy foot worship pictures

Mona Wales Loves Her Feet Worshipped

Mona Wales loves to have her way with men. She loves the idea of her boyfriend worshiping her from top to bottom. He better do a good job with those feet, or else he won’t get to fuck her good and hard.

Mona Wales Loves Her Feet Worshipped foot worship pictures

Kristen Scott Fucks her roommate JoJo Kiss with Her Toes

Kristen Scott is entering a singing contest. She thinks she is the best, but her roommate JoJo Kiss thinks she will win. These two girls fight until their toes come out and they just to suck them. They both win this battle of the toes.

Kristen Scott Fucks her roommate JoJo Kiss with Her Toes foot worship pictures

Virgie’s friend to worship Hanna’s feet

Hanna loves when someone is at her feet, and don’t mind if it’s a men or a women. It depends who’s their when she wants to play with a slave. In this video, she’s with Virgie when she ask her to massage her feet, talking about how much her feet smell after a day at work. She will make her smell her sweaty socks and orders her to get on her knees and submit to her mistress wishes. Virgie obeys like a good foot slave, sniff, kiss and lick Hanna’s pretty little feet with love. Enjoy this girl/girl foot worship session with two hot FGF models!

Virgies friend to worship Hannas feet foot worship pictures

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Lesbian sis foot worship

Celia and Alyssia are back from their run, and as usual, their feet are sooo stinky and sweaty! Alyssia removes her sis shoes and socks and start smelling her feet with deep breathes. After few minute of intense foot smelling, Celia admits that she also really wants to smell her sis feet. Alyssia is very happy s because it means they will be able to smell each other feet after every workout. And that’s what they do! At the end, Alyssia finally take advantage on Celia and put her feet right on her face as she lay on the floor. For all Girl/Girl foot worship lover! A lot of close-up!

Lesbian sis foot worship foot worship pictures

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Little sis’s socks always stink

Emma has a little sis. She’s wearing her dirty stinky socks to make me smell both of their foot sweat! Emma rubs them on my face and ask me if I love to have her little sis’s socks on my nose.. Of course I love it! But Emma wants more from me. She wants me to take them off and rub her stinky barefeet right on my face. She humiliates me with hard words and orders me to lick her feet. Finally, she decide to trample my body and even crush my face with her full weight!

Little siss socks always stink foot worship pictures

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Made to worship Anais stinky feet

Danielle Trixie is a very messy roommate who never do the dishes and leave her dirty laundry all over the house. Anais Jolie can’t stand it anymore and decide to get her revenge on her by putting something in her drink… Danielle wakes up tied up on Anais bed and as soon as she opens her eyes, Anais stinky feet are already on her face, ordering her to smell between her toes and lick her soft sweaty soles. Anais loves having her messy roommate worship her feet and feels in control. Very nice girl/girl foot worship action!

Made to worship Anais stinky feet foot worship pictures

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Stinky & Tasty

WOW! I just can’t believe my own eyes! Our incredibly beautiful, young Elsa worships her own tasty soles with passion no words can describe! When she told me, that she’s up to a scene like this, I insisted to use her regular workout shoes and the very socks she wore for the last time in the gym. She’s been wearing these cheap shoes in the gym exclusively for like two years now, you can guess what a stink they have! Combined with a pair of sweaty, dirty socks they’re a perfect tool to impregnate her feet with a strong, foul stench within minutes! However, she wastes no time smelling the shoes or her socks, the point of this clip is enjoy the touch of her own tongue on her soft, young soles! A must for Elsa fans!

Stinky & Tasty footdom girls foot worship pictures

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A Sweaty Surprise

Rosie arrives right after an extremely hard workout, just in time to find the lazy girl wasting time on the sofa. That can’t be tolerated, not one bit! Rosie’s whole body is soaked in salty sweat, but there’s an even more kinky surprise hidden in her shoes! She has done the whole workout with her feet wrapped! She takes them off and orders the lazy girl’s sluggish tongue into work!

A Sweaty Surprise footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Soles Need to Be Licked

Dorothy haven’t had her amazing feet worshipped for a while, she missed the feeling, big time. She even phoned a couple of times to arrange a shooting and experience the sensation of a warm tongue licking her salty soles once again. She came tired after her regular job, so she just sat in the chair and watched Clarissa as she licked every inch of her young soles clean.

Soles Need to Be Licked footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Tongue Spoiled Soles

Elsa treats her friend Anna with a nice foot worship. Gladly she licks every inch of her soles and sucks her toes for a mutual fun.

Tongue Spoiled Soles footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Foot Worship Blondies

Amazing blondie Goddess Elsa’s perfect soles are being worshipped by our blondie footgirl Clarissa. Beautiful closeups, and soft pink soles ahead!

Foot Worship Blondies footdom girls foot worship pictures

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No Time Wasted

Emily had to have a break during our session to retouch her nailpolish. But since it was her hands, her feet were still free to lick! Those flawless, perfect soles simply had to be licked! So Clarissa joined her on set, giving those divine soles a worship so passionate and sensual, it instantly blew my mind away! She joyfully licked her gorgeous soles and sucked her toes with utmost pleasure. At the end, this one turned out to be one of the best we’ve ever done! Super hot clip alert!

No Time Wasted footdom girls foot worship pictures

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