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Sweat Loving Sis

Sweat Loving Sis foot worship pictures

FeetExtreme’s amazing Goddesses, Candy and her younger sis, Elsa arrived to our studio with some surprise withing their boots, the best kind, I might add! They had their beautiful feet wrapped in plastic foil under their socks! They both know it’s nearly unbeatable sweaty effect and it’s also a great fun for them to wear it, they love the sound it makes as they walk and the feeling of a mobile sauna just for their perfect feet. Maybe it’s just me, but there is also it’s spectacular aspect: just a very few thing can be sexier than the sight of soft, pink, moist soles underneath the plastic wrap! In fact, none occur to my mind right now :) So they sit on the sofa, take off their boots and socks, and expose the gorgeous beauty of their wrapped soles right into the cam! Every detail of their tempting soles caught on record, these two girls are just way to hot! They start teasing by slowly wiggling their toes, wrinkle up their soles and shoving them into your face! As two genuine, real sis, their feet share some obviously similar features, but are also different andunique. After a few minutes of mind-blowing tease, Candy removes all the four wraps and the girls show their naked, sweaty bare soles and release their wonderful odor into the air. Candy just can’t wait any longer, gets her own feet into her face and quickly licks all the juicy sweat off her own soles. Elsa just watches her elder sis enjoying the salty juice of her feet, which is more than kinky, I’d say. A quick suck on her perfect toes, then Candy realizes, that there are two soles of dripping sweat at a much more easy reach: she grabs Elsa’s feet and gives her younger sis an amazing foot worship! She licks off every drop of the tasty sweat, with lusty lashes of her tongue she cleanses in between her toes and joyfully sucks on her toes on by one! Elsa just sits there relaxed and never stops giggling, she outright enjoys Candy’s warm and quick tongue on her soles! Even though she had experienced foot worship quite a lot of times, getting her soft soles licked by her very own sis is unmatched! Candy gives the session a unique touch by her funny approach to her sis, but never forgets to give some naughty winks to the camera at the same time! All in all, an incredibly hot, unrepeatable, authentic sis on sis foot worship, a must have for Candy’s and Elsa’s fans!
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Foot Worship Session for a Gothic Queen

Foot Worship Session for a Gothic Queen foot worship pictures Here a fantastic Footworship Session with a real gothic queen. Lady Absinthia lets him kiss and lick her gothic boots before she takes them off and plays with her wet look leglong socks an him. The gothic queen finally lets him kiss and lick her bare sweaty soles, the absolute honor for a footslave.
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Worship Cherry’s bare feet

Worship Cherrys bare feet foot worship pictures Miss Cherry Preston takes off her Heels and order her slave, who still can not see because of his mask, to lick and kiss her bare feet and toes. She wants him to suck each toe and get down on the floor to become her human footstool. She rubs her bare sexy feet again and again on his worthless slave face !

Acrobatic Foot Worship – Thomas, Darcia Lee

Acrobatic Foot Worship   Thomas, Darcia Lee foot worship pictures Acrobatic babe Darcia Lee is horny and as much as she wants her pussy filled with her lover’s cock, she also wants her feet worshiped. Watch her as she gets pleasured by lucky Thomas.

Foot Worship – Max Fonda & Shona River

Foot Worship   Max Fonda & Shona River foot worship pictures Gorgeous redhead Shona River gets her feet worshiped and her pussy pleasured by one lucky man Max Fonda.

Pre-clubbing Foot Worship

Pre clubbing Foot Worship foot worship pictures Me and my friend Courtney want to go out this evening. Before we do so we are hanging out at our hotelroom, having some fun with one our stupid slaves. We’re sitting on the bed while this idiot has to kneel in front of us, worshipping and massaging our beautiful feet. We are chattering about all kind of stuff, and taking some snapchat pictures, paying no attention at all to this foot freak. Ok thats’s not right. For one minute we pay attention to him. We make some pictures of him to show it to all our girlfriends later in the evening. And maybe sometimes to the slave’s wife. As a divorced slave needs to spend no money on his useless wife, I love to ruin my slave’s relationships. LOL!
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Karos Footworship Pet

Karos Footworship Pet foot worship foot domination pictures Dominant redhead Lady Karo loves to treat her slave like and to use him to worship her feet and to suck her adorable toes. She slaps his face wit her bare soles and he has to get down and kiss her feet and heels.
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Worshiping her Toes – Anita Bellini & Thomas

Worshiping her Toes   Anita Bellini & Thomas foot worship pictures Anita Bellini has the body of a goddess, slim toned skin and small natural breasts. Thomas naturally bows down to worship her glory by kissing and caressing her feet and tender toes. The foot worship continues until both are sufficiently aroused to begin another holy ritual. As Anita slowly gives Thomas a footjob through his jeans, he leans in to lick her wet pussy. Soon Thomas’ fly is unzipped and Anita is fondling his dick with her naked feet. Watch some incredible flexibility as she manages to give him a deepthroat blowjob while simultaneously wrapping both her feet around the base of his throbbing shaft. The final cumshot dribbles onto her tender toes, completing Thomas’ offering to the goddess.

Worship her Lordship – Toby & Kiara Lord

Worship her Lordship   Toby & Kiara Lord foot worship pictures Kiara Lord is that perfect natural blonde; endowed with ripe large natural breasts and a sexy bubble butt. She toys with a new package when Toby arrives to present one of his own. She’s happy to oblige her man, but only if he worships her feet sufficiently. He bows down to oblige, and kisses each foot with a sensual tenderness that makes her purr softly in response. Things get heated, and soon the platinum queen is giving our Toby an intensely erotic footjob. Watch this scene unfold, as Toby hammers Kiara’s wet pussy while she teases him slowly with her toes, and the soft soles of her feet.

Worship her stinky sneaker feet

You know my little Turkish foot bitch Murat from other clips. This time I really showed him where his place is: of course kneeling on the floor at my feet. I make him lick and worship my dirty sneakers. He has to take off my shoes and smell the inside before I make him worship my sweaty socks. This loser adores my body, he wants to become my little toy, my little puppi. He does whatever I tell him.

Worship her stinky sneaker feet foot worship foot domination pictures

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Foot Worship and Face As Footstool – Lady Electra

After the punishment Electra relaxes on the chair, using her slave’s face as her footstool. Her favorite band sounds from the speakers in a low volume and Electra makes her slave worship her perfect feet. She runs her soles on his tongue and makes him suck her toes and heels and she massages her feet, rubbing them all over his face. She is very relaxed and sometimes she just uses her slave’s face as a footstool. Her pathetic slave has to do perfect job in the foot worship to please his Mistress and, at the same time, to listen to the songs and appreciate the music!

Foot Worship and Face As Footstool   Lady Electra foot worship pictures

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You Can Suck Better Than That

Sure he is doing an ok job sucking on her feet, but he can do better than that. He needs to show more vigor, more enthusiasm, show her how grateful he is to be allowed to worship her feet. After all Halle doesn’t grant such a privilege to just any slave, her feet are a reward for loyal slave service. So he needs to lick them faster to bring a smile to Halle’s face, to show her how much he loves living in her service.

You Can Suck Better Than That foot worship pictures

She Doesn’t Wash Her Own Feet

Probably an obvious statement, but now that Ruby owns a slave she doesn’t bother washing her own feet. Her slave is perfectly capable and he takes care of that task daily. He still sometimes tickles her feet or doesn’t rub them quite right, but her whip steers him in the right direction. It’s a learning curve for the slave as he learns to do things exactly as Ruby likes it. Meanwhile Ruby lies back in a half snoozing state while the slave works.

She Doesnt Wash Her Own Feet foot worship pictures

Misti’s Feet

When it comes to foot service, two are always better than one. It’s always better to have both feet massaged simultaneously rather than have to wait for one slave to make his way from one foot to the other. Hence why Misti keeps two boys around for just such a purpose.

Mistis Feet foot worship pictures

Foot Worship – Lady Alice

Superbeautiful Lady Alice is on her first year in University and she returns home tired from the class. She has her houseslave and financial slave that pays everything for her waiting at home and she relaxes on the armchair with her legs on the stool and calls him and commands him to worship her perfect feet. The slave licks and sucks with passion, trying to please his Mistress, while she ignores him and is lost in her thoughts. Alice massages her feet on his face and makes him lick them to moisturize them, this is the daily routine and caress for her divine feet!

Foot Worship   Lady Alice foot worship pictures

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Dominant Foot Worhship And Foot Massage On Face – Lady Electra

Electra relaxes on the couch and she calls her slave, ordering him to suck her toes. She looks at him with her beautiful eyes like she is happy that he is in his natural place, at her feet! She rubs her soles all over his face and she makes him suck and lick her feet. Of course she gives to him some footslaps to do better and she relaxes back, enjoying the slave’s service. A natural Gothic Godess, born to be served!

Dominant Foot Worhship And Foot Massage On Face   Lady Electra foot worship pictures

Click here to download the ‘If Sirens Were Real’ – Dominant Foot Worhship And Foot Massage On Face – Lady Electra video clip

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