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Rosie’s Weak Spots

Rosies Weak Spots foot fetish pictures

Since Rosie’s last tickling clip became so popular, we decided to take her suffering to a whole new level! She got tied up in our infamous foot torture pentagram and her tickling began! Her sensitive soles came first, but after a few minutes, her exposed armpits got were terrorized, too! She screamed and shouted like never before! She even begged to stop, but we were not in our merciful mood! Clarissa’s cruel little fingers tickled the hell out of Rosie’s soles and armpits, switching a couple of times between the two spots. She finished her torture with the brush on her soles, a kinky ending of a relentless tickle session!
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Lesbian foot slavery revenge

Lina wants her revenge on her roomate for the time she made her lick and smell her feet. Now she has the power and Zoe is her foot slave. Lina orders her to kiss her foot, then to lick her soles. She orders her to suck her toes, grabbing her hair. Then dropping her on the floor, she starts to trample her with her full weight, as Zoe did her last time. And to complete her revenge, Lina shrinks her roomate to 1inch tall and smash her in the insole of her smelly black flip flop.

Lesbian foot slavery revenge lesbian footdom pictures

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Roomate lesbian foot slavery

Zoe turned her roomate into a foot slave, she orders her to crawl under her feet and to smell them. She smother her face with them, putting Lyna’s nose between her sweaty toes. She humiliates her a lot, laughing at her face. She orders her to suck her toes and lick her soles. Then she start to trample her, harder and harder, Lyna is moaning, begging Zoe to stop her foot torture, but Zoe is a pretty evil and sadistic chick. At the and she shrunk her roomate to 1 inch tall, and put her in her well worn flip flops. Included POV shoots.

Roomate lesbian foot slavery lesbian footdom pictures

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you Like That Foot Fuckin’ your Mouth?

Miss Ashlee totally gets off on having Her foot worship sessions while Her & Her man kiss passionately. Her husband laughs a couple times at this loser while he removes Her leather boots as Miss Ashlee commands him to take deep whiffs of Her smelly socks. While the loser has Miss Ashlee’s foot in his mouth She asks him, “u like that foot fuckin’ your mouth?”

you Like That Foot Fuckin your Mouth? foot domination pictures

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Lesbian Foot Torture

Lesbian Foot Torture foot worship pictures Welcome both Aiden Starr and her petite 5 1/2’s and the adorable long lanky toed Veruca James to Foot Worship! Goddess Aiden Starr is a sexy but strict foot dominatrix who expects nothing less than sweaty stocking sniffing, shoe licking, deep toe/foot insertions, tortured tootsies in bondage and as many foot-gasms from Veruca as they both can muster before kicking her foot slave out the door! Veruca is a very eager foot slave giving worship and taking toe curling torture like a good girl! This is a very sexy lesbian foot dungeon shoot not to be missed! Read more »

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