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Stink Conditioned Air

Stink Conditioned Air lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

With her hands tied back and her mouth taped shut, Emily lies exposed under Candy’s chair. Even though she had been introduced to foot slavery, this is the first time her free will is taken away, she is obliged to inhale the stink of Candy’s feet. Now she learns, that voluntary foot smelling and being helpless against a pair a sweat-socked socks covering her face is completely different! The video was shot on one of the hottest days of summer, the room temperature reached 40 degrees celsius, or even above. Since we have no air condition, Candy found a rather unique way of cooling herself during the shot: when she took off those stinky socks, she used them as ventillations fans. Almost instantly the whole room was filled with the vinegary smell of her sweaty feet! Candy took advantage of this immediately, she twirled her socks above Emily’s face, in addition to the stink of her bare soles, she gave them an enhanced foot smelling experience!
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Goddess Dannie nylon foot gagging

Goddess Dannie nylon foot gagging foot domination pictures Goddess Dannie black stocking foot gagging, heel and toes gagging, foot smelling worship, face slapping.
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Lesbian sis foot worship

Celia and Alyssia are back from their run, and as usual, their feet are sooo stinky and sweaty! Alyssia removes her sis shoes and socks and start smelling her feet with deep breathes. After few minute of intense foot smelling, Celia admits that she also really wants to smell her sis feet. Alyssia is very happy s because it means they will be able to smell each other feet after every workout. And that’s what they do! At the end, Alyssia finally take advantage on Celia and put her feet right on her face as she lay on the floor. For all Girl/Girl foot worship lover! A lot of close-up!

Lesbian sis foot worship foot worship pictures

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The Foul Stench

How awful can the stink of Candy’s feet be after jogging in cheap sneakers? How badly can they reek? It’s Clarissa’s time to find out! As the weather getting more and more sunny, these jogs produce more and more vinegary sweat within Candy’s shoes and their stench gets more fetid day by day. Since Clarissa started to hesitate when it came to foot smelling, we arranged scene to carve in her mind that this foul stench is the real thing she signed for to inhale! I even asked Candy to skip all kinds of pedicure for a while to make her feet stink even more! Poor Clarissa strives for a while before she accepts her position as the ultimate inhaler!

The Foul Stench lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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An Extraordinary Smell

Ingredients: get your one-and-a-half-days-worn nylons, spice them up with a pair of unwashed socks you found in your room and let them mature in your clear plastic boots as you walk around the town before serving them to your slavegirl. Clarissa knows her job, obediently she takes deep breaths from Candy’s plastic boots, inhales the stink of her knee-high socks and fills her lungs with the musty, sour stench of the nylons in this intense five minute foot-smelling clip!

An Extraordinary Smell lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Foot Smelling Obedience

Candy Blade knows her pretty feet are stinky as hell, so she decides to make some fun with her footsniffer Clarissa and teach her obedience. Clarissa must remove Candy’s sneakers and deeply inhale the smell. Obviously she has a hard time doing so, but there’s no chance of dodging the stink, she must obey and continue on smelling Candy’s sweaty socks. But that’s just the warm-up, she must open her mouth for the warm, damp socks and smell Candy’s sweaty bare feet with those stuffed in her mouth! Finally, she has to stick her tongue out and let Candy wipe the sweat of her hot soles into it.

Foot Smelling Obedience lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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