Foot Worship

Under Soles Discipline

Candy continues Rosie’s training, this time just by herself. That girl just did not realize how much of a gift to smell her vinegary stink and always tried to get away from her soles. That can’t be tolerated. This time, she has learn her place and also learn some self-control. Rosie has to stay still lying on the floor and endure the abuse. She must not sit or stand up, or try to get away otherwise and she must not defend herself against Candy’s feet in any way. Candy verbally humiliates her, while rubbing her sweaty soles into her face, her clothes and her naked belly. She gives her small but more annoying kicks, abuses her skin with her toes and stomps her belly, while she must suffer everything she does without a word and kiss her soles to show her respect. She even tramples her a few times, stands on her weak belly with her full weight and wipes her stinky soles in her face again!

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Royal Mistress
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