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Christy Discovers Foot Fetish

Damn! I thought for one time this could be a great chance for me to have a normal relation with a girlfriend! I met this girl in a bar downtown on a friday night and she finally accepted my offer to watch a movie with her presence! The Envy to smell her feet was so strong that my sex desires were out of my control! That was just imposible for me to watch this movie with her feet over that chair! Christy notices my attention on her feet and she was freakin’ out! That was such a fuckin’ tease! I knew at this time she worn those cute little slippery shoes all day long so i couldn’t resist to smell those feet!

Christy takes her shoes off and asks me politely if the smell bother…She already knows at this time she catches my attention with her feet! She commands me to smell her stinky pantyhosed feet and asks about the smell! Don’t they smell bad? Are you sure? I worked all day long with my shoes! Christy can’t stop laughing and rub her sweaty nylon feet all over my face! That was a pathetic situation! She just can’t believe somebody can get a turn on just by smelling her sweaty feet! You will instantly fall in love with Christy!

Christy Discovers Foot Fetish foot fetish pictures

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