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Seriously Sweaty Soles

Seriously Sweaty Soles foot fetish pictures

Fellow footlovers, if you’re into sweaty feet, and I mean toes drenched in puddles of salty sweat, look no further! Candy once again proves that visible drops of sweat running down on the soles are not just visions of a dream but are just as real as the overwhelming stink coming from between her toes! She took her seethrough plastic boots on without socks in the morning and came to our studio the leave us all stunned by the sight of her taking them off. Candy’s feet are so miraculous, that not even a whole minute spent in the right shoes grants her soles the ability to leave sweatmarks on the floor. If this talent meets with a footwear made of full plastic and the summer heat, the results are beyond amazing. Her toes look so soaked just as she were swimming. Those perfect feet of hers got so incredibly stinky, that even remembering smelling them drives me totally crazy!
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Eye Candy

Eye Candy foot fetish pictures

Candy kicks off her chucks to show off her sweaty feet. The beauty of her soles are beyond what words can describe, you have to see it for yourself! The softness of her skin, the reddish pink vivid color of her soles and the strong, vinegary stink the have are the most amazing thing a foot fetishist can experience! She teases with a naughty smile and takes deep breaths from her shoe while wiggles her toes right in your face slowly and gently. She rubs her sweat from the bottom of one foot to the top of the other, wipes her soles against one other and plays with her toes. This clip can be watched over and over, until the end of days!
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Wax Covered Soles

Wax Covered Soles foot fetish pictures

Esther, Lorena and Rosie got their helplessly tied soles tortured with drops of hot wax.
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Cursed with Too Ticklish Soles

Cursed with Too Ticklish Soles foot fetish pictures

Okay, I admit, we just love to torture this lovely emo girl :) Her soles are so incredibly sensitive, that she must be tickled all the time! She arrived to our studio with her friend Elsa to take some pics, but soon she found herself bound and tickle tortured! Clarissa gave her soles a merciless treat with her fingers and various tools while Elsa helped to hold her down. Anna, as always made awesome screams of laughter and quivered all over.
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Stroke to my feet

Stroke to my feet foot fetish pictures

Foot addicts like you are always very welcome to me because it’s such a great pleasure to see how easy it is to manipulate you and make you become a puppet to do whatever I demand. Just a little look on my sexy bare soles or that wiggling of my toes and your mind is gone. It’s literally melted beneath my feet. I love using them to do this to you because it will bring you to reveal your deepest inner and that makes you vulnerable to me. Of course I abuse this vulnerability to make you become more addicted to my perfect feet and make you pay for them. You will stroke your dicklet to my instructions and you will pay. Let’s see if I will let you cum as you watch my goddess’ feet.
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My feet are your addiction

My feet are your addiction foot fetish pictures

You need your daily dose – your daily dose of my feet. It makes you crazy when you can’t look at my hot feet. Watch them close! That’s just what my little addict needs. I give you what you need and you’re in a feet frenzy!
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Izzy’s sweaty feet

Izzys sweaty feet foot fetish pictures

Sweet, blonde Miss IZZY takes off her smelly bare socks and orders you to smell and lick her sweaty bare feet. She feeds you wit her stinky socks and then you are allowed to lick the top of her feet, her soles and each toe. She wants you to stick your nose between her smelly toes.. the most sweaty part of her feet size 39 EH. Great sweaty feet worship POV’S!
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Bratty Foot Joi

Bratty Foot Joi foot fetish pictures

Dreams come true Loser. Im wearing a bratty, prink nail polish on my nails and those feet are ready to finish you off. I will make you jerk your dick for my feet and worshipping them while i humiliate you at the same time for being such a dirty foot boy. I tease you with my sexy soles, cute toes, wiggeling, toe pointing, arches and everything you could think off. I will even make you squirt your cum out of that nasty dick at the end. There may be a little twist to it at the end that little foot boy will not like. Still you will enjoy this and feel happy, after im finished with you.
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Awesome Pink Soles

Awesome Pink Soles foot fetish pictures

Amazingly beautiful Anna & Elsa kick off their shoes, and shove their silky soft, pink soles right into your face! They play with their feet, wiggle their toes and show off their perfect soles for gazing pleasure.
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Dorothy’s Hot Soles

Dorothys Hot Soles foot fetish pictures

Dorothy’s soles are simply amazing! This time she shows them off at the shores of a small lake. She starts splashing the water with her beautiful feet, then moves away from the pond and presents an amazing view of her charming soles! After a while she turns around and lets you watch them from behind, even making those pretty wrinkles that definitely brings water to your mouth!
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Oily Relief

Oily Relief foot fetish pictures

Dorothy gets her weary feet massaged with a great dose of baby oil. She just relaxes and enjoys the oily treatment to her lovely soles. Mostly shot in POV style, great close-ups of the details of her soles!
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Sweet & Salty

Sweet & Salty foot fetish pictures

Beautiful Elsa crushes a cake with her smelly bare soles. Great closeups of the sweet cake being mixed with her salty sweat.
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Big Soles, Hot Wax

Big Soles, Hot Wax foot fetish pictures

Esther gets a huge dose of hot wax on her big soles. As time passes by, so does her strenth and endurance, the burning drops feel more and more painful. Great close-ups of her tormented feet!
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Smelly Soles

Smelly Soles foot fetish pictures

Amazing Candy and Elsa have a little fun in the studio – with their perfect feet right in your face, of course! They take off their stinky shoes and inhale their smell, while you can gaze at their charming socks. They sniff each other’s, too, and just laugh at how stinky their shoes are. I’ve asked them to get their smelliest shoes on with synthetic socks for this event, just to ensure an authentic, stinky experience for them! They go on smelling their socks and reveal their heavenly smooth, perfect bare soles. They try to dominate each other in a funny foot-wrestling, which means twenty A-class toes constantly wiggling right in the cam!
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Sweet Pink Crush

Sweet Pink Crush foot fetish pictures

Gorgeous girls Candy and Elsa destroy a cake with their incredibly pink, beautiful soles. Their luscious toes eliminate the pastry in no time and their perfect feet get totally covered with it’s mess. They never stop giggling as the sight of their wiggling toes and tempting soles drive us crazy! No cake ever can be as enticing as the one drenched by the footsweat of these wonderful girls!
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Rosie’s Weak Spots

Rosies Weak Spots foot fetish pictures

Since Rosie’s last tickling clip became so popular, we decided to take her suffering to a whole new level! She got tied up in our infamous foot torture pentagram and her tickling began! Her sensitive soles came first, but after a few minutes, her exposed armpits got were terrorized, too! She screamed and shouted like never before! She even begged to stop, but we were not in our merciful mood! Clarissa’s cruel little fingers tickled the hell out of Rosie’s soles and armpits, switching a couple of times between the two spots. She finished her torture with the brush on her soles, a kinky ending of a relentless tickle session!
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