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Pampered Pink Soles

Pampered Pink Soles foot fetish pictures

Dorothy applies lotion on her soles and massages them gently.
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Rosie Hogtied & Tickled

Rosie Hogtied & Tickled foot fetish pictures

Hogtied and totally helpless, Rosie gets her soles tickled by Esther with bare fingers and a brush. Even the slightest touch makes her laugh like crazy, it’s the brush, what makes her suffer really big time!
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I crush your face

I crush your face foot fetish pictures

While you are on the floor I start to crush your face with my sexy feet! You don’t have any chance to escape – I crush, and crush and crush! As long I like to crush your face! I stop only when I want!
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Barefoot on a Frozen Lake

Barefoot on a Frozen Lake foot fetish pictures

For the first time in her life, Candy Blade exposes her gorgeous, sensitive feet to extreme cold and you are just about to witness her shivering! She takes her warm boots and socks off, and walks on a frozen lake barefoot solely for our pleasure. Despite her feet get frostbitten and turn red, her little toes freeze numb, she willingly keeps walking on the ice and takes the freezing torture joyfully.
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Footsie Blonde – Giselle Palmer & Jake Addams

Footsie Blonde   Giselle Palmer & Jake Addams foot fetish pictures Busty blonde Giselle Palmer exposes her pretty feet and gets nicely fucked by Jake Addams. She takes good care of his throbbing cock with her cute and nimble toes!

Yoga Foot Job – Lutro & Luna Corazon

Yoga Foot Job   Lutro & Luna Corazon foot fetish pictures Sexy Luna does some yoga stretching topless and has her boyfriend Lutro join in. After some yoga poses he starts licking her feet while Luna starts sucking his cock. Luna gives him an amazing foot job before pounding her tight wet pussy. She then offers her cute feet for hot cum cream lotion.

Foot Heaven – Kristof Cale & Dominica Fox

Foot Heaven   Kristof Cale & Dominica Fox foot fetish pictures Gorgeous Dominica Fox leads her man Kristof Cale to a heavenly terrace lit by sunshine where she takes off her heels to get her feet pleasured by the lucky stud. In return, she takes care of his boner with her mouth, pussy and sexy feet.

Back To The Feet – Kristof Cale & Anya Akulova

Back To The Feet   Kristof Cale & Anya Akulova foot fetish pictures Lovely blonde Anya Akulova and her lover share an intimate moment together. Anya loves to tease him with her feet, gently nudging his manhood into a rockhard pleasure toy! He loves it! He worships her feet as much as he does the rest of her stunning body, giving them all the attention they deserve and when she’s turned on and ready, he pushes himself deep inside her pussy. The sexual energy between them is palpable as they energetically fuck themselves into hard orgasms!

Diamond Toes – Thomas Stone & Tiffany Rousso

Diamond Toes   Thomas Stone & Tiffany Rousso foot fetish pictures Sexy busty MILF receives a hot massage from Thomas Stone. She rewards the gentleman with an erotic foot job. Now he’s hard, he takes her pink pussy for a nice ride that she’ll remember.

Footloose Fantasy – Toby & Heather Harris

Footloose Fantasy   Toby & Heather Harris foot fetish pictures Sweet foot fantasy with Heather Harris and Toby. This perfect brunette knows how to take care of a cock with her nice feet.

Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet foot fetish pictures It’s great to go on a trip. Every day, slaves serve Martina’s daily life. The slave worships the feet of a mistress, swears to suck every toe, and feeds all the feet of the goddess into the throat. The goddess of barefoot slaves to trample on body weight, it is too true too happy.
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Young Sweaty Feet

Young Sweaty Feet foot fetish pictures 19 yo streetgirl Paola removes her moist socks and wants you to lick and sniff her bare sweaty soft feet. Like to lick her young toes and to smell the sweat of her sweet feet? Perfect sweaty soft feet!
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Ignored at her feet

Ignored at her feet foot fetish pictures Streetgirl Paola ignores you while you can whatch her bare feet. After she removes her sweaty, moist socks, you can now enjoy the view of her bare smelly soles and toes!
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You lick between my toes

You lick between my toes foot fetish pictures As my submissive foot slave you’ll lick between my toes as well! Right, there the smell is most intense as well – but you’ll see that yourself soon enough! Stick your tongue out and don’t miss a spot! And then you’ll sniff between all toes!
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Sis Licks II

About a year ago, Elsa got her then barely 18 y/o soles licked for the very first time in front of our camera. And the one, who licked her soles clean just happened to be her own sis, Candy! She was extremely shy and totally embarassed back then: she was new to foot fetish, she have never been in front of a cam, nobody licked her soles before and her big sis doing that wasn’t really helping. But since then things have changed, her soft, young soles and lovely long toes became regular in our studio, she got them licked by a couple of girls and her whole attitude changed, definitely for the better. So I guess a remake of that scene was very timely. Elsa came in her stinky chucks and worn socks to fix an adequate scent for her sis’ worship session. Candy gave her little sis a delicate, sensual worship, her skilled tongue played gently on the young soles, softly caressed her toes and tried to give as much pleasure as she could possibly get from a foot worship. Not too shy any more, Elsa just relaxed in the chair and watched her sis working on her feet with a satisfied smile.

Double Stinkdose

After they have finished their shifts at their regular jobs, Candy and Emily came to make use of the sweat and stink their feet produced today! Both the girls work their brains out during their hours, so it’s their time to have some fun! They’re not here to play the nice girl, but to release all the day’s frustration by giving their helpless victim the nasal torture of her life! They don’t show even the slightest compassion towards their slave. They don’t give a fuck about she’s just a broke schoolgirl in desperate need of some extra cash. All they see is a sluggish little bitch, who haven’t done any worthwile the whole day, and wants to get some easy cash. Well, Rosie never thought that earning some pocket money would be this hard. She got abused so hard, that she would probably never forget it! Candy and a Emily took off their VANS shoes and instantly started rubbing her face with their sweaty socks. Her hands tied back and her mouth taped, Rosie could not escape their unbearable stink! She desperately tried to avoid being touched with those disgustingly wet socks, but the four soles just covered her whole face. They shoved their stinky feet into her face, and there were nowhere to run! They laughed at her, humiliated and insulted her, totally destroying her self-esteem. They made sure, that it won’t be easy to face the mirror after this! Poor Rosie begged to stop her torment, but they just laughed at the ridiculous sounds she made with her mouth taped, and continued smothering her with their stinky soles! First Candy, then Emily took off their socks and rubbed all the sweat of their feet into Rosie’s face and hair, just to make sure she will sport the stink of their feet long after they’re gone! They just smothered and humiliated her, not caring about her feelings at all! No matter how badly their feet smelled, they made Rosie inhale it deep into her pathetic, little lungs!

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