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Trapped & Choked In His Cage

Locked in his cage with his head trapped outside and unable to move. I am going to make my slave suffer. He is going to worship my feet and make sure he cleans them. I tell him he better make a good job of sucking or he’s going to remain in his cage for a long time. I begin by letting him smell my beautiful sandles and tell him to enjoy their aroma from my feet. He then gets to smell my feet as I stroke his face with my soles and toes. As he looks up at me, I order him to open his mouth and I shove my foot into it. He tries to move his head to stop me from pushing my foot further into his mouth. It’s amusing to see he can’t do anything, as I give him a good footgagging. I continue using both feet, one after the other. I so enjoy watching him suffer as he chokes and gargles for air as I give him some more deep throat foot gagging. He’s getting so breathless with each thrust to the back of his throat. I have decided to let him rest. Of course he’ll remain in his cage as punishment, for not properly cleaning my feet. When I return, my slut is going to understand what it means to serve under the feet of Mistress Gaia…

Trapped & Choked In His Cage foot domination pictures

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