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The Assistant – Mistress Gaia

The Assistant   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures A beautiful girl enters the head office bringing some papers. He takes her and puts her on his knee and starts to caress her. He tells her if she wants to make a career in the company, she must be very cute with him. The girl is angry, but smiles at him and asks if he wants something to drink. (you see the girl put something in the mans drink). He drinks the drink then he begins to feel sleepy and hangs like a statue. The girl insults him then takes off her shoes and begins to rub her feet on his face. She begins to brainwash him, saying that now he will only love her feet and will become a slave only to her feet. He has to then kiss and lick her feet. As the man begins to recover, the girl sits on the couch crossing her legs. The man rises angrily and tells her she’s fired, and he will denounce her. The girl laughs and says to him, look at me. The man looks at her, and she orders him to kneel in front of her. She tells him he is now her slave, (footfrtish footage, foot suffocation) a slave to her feet. The man then begins to kiss and lick her feet. The girl tells him that tomorrow he will fire his deputy, and put her in his place. As the man tries to resist, the girl puts her foot in his mouth. She says to him that from now on, he will only do what she wants, as she will be in command of the office…

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