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Squirm & Eat My Fruit – Mistress Gaia

Squirm & Eat My Fruit   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I have my slave on the floor, hooded with his hands tightly bound behind his back. He’s going to have the luxury of sharing in my dessert. I happen to have some delicious strawberries that I’m going to enjoy. As he wriggles beneath me I get him to kiss and worship my feet. Then I begin to eat my strawberries. I make sure that I have enough of a mouthfull to share with my slut. As he squirms on the floor I spit out the fruit and order him to eat it. I also place some fruit under my beautiful red shoes, crushing the strawberries. My messy slut has to lick my shoes clean or he will be severely punished. He is so lucky, It’s not everyday a slave will be allowed the delight of crushed fruit from under the feet Mistress Gaia…

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