Foot Worship

Sadistic Foot Gagging – Lady Electra

Princess Electra puts a collar on her slave and pulls him near her. She commands him to open his mouth, just to put her thin long foot down his throat! She pulls the leash and pushes her foot to gag him and she finds it amusing, so she repeats it in many ways! She fucks his mouth with her foot, pushing his head with her hands or with the other foot and she even footgags him with both feet or the heels! She footslaps him hard when she doesn’t footgag him and at the end she kicks him on the floor for some more sadistic footgagging. Electra enjoys it so much that in her cold face appears a smile!

Sadistic Foot Gagging   Lady Electra foot domination pictures

Click here to download the ‘If Sirens Were Real’ – Sadistic Foot Gagging – Lady Electra video clip

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