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‘Mother’s Boyfriend, My Slave! – Lady Evike

Foot Domination and Humiliation! Evike is superbratty and has a very dominant personality. Of course nobody can tell her what to do, but her mother has a boyfriend living together with them and he is playing the father. But Evike knows that he is just a pervert, he looks all the time at her drooling and it seems that he has a thing for feet, as she catches him check her feet all the time! She is waiting for the opportunity to put this asshole at his place!
Her mother is away for the weekend in a business trip and Evike has to study for Monday’s exam, but of course she doesn’t care and she gets ready to go to party. But the stupid boyfriend of her mother comes and tells her that she will not go to the party, because her mother put him in charge in the house and he must make sure that she will study. Must? Of course this loser cannot say to Evike what to do! Evike has the opportunity she was expecting!
He says to her to go change her party dress to something casual and then starts to study. Evike demands some foot massage and after she will do what he wants. He massages her feet and she starts to tease him, asking him if he likes her feet. ‘Give my feet a kiss’, she says. He refuses but finally gives a kiss to Evike’s perfect feet. Evike laughs and starts to massage his face with her feet. He tries to resist, but it is impossible! This loser was dreaming about this, to be under the perfect feet of Evike! Bratty Evike makes him lick her feet and when he says to her to stop, she checks his dick and is very hard! She laughs at him and keeps dominating him with her feet on his face. He is totally horny, she tries to grab the foot of Evike and lick it, but of course he is not allowed to touch! With many hard footslaps on his face, sadistic brat Evike makes him understand that he is just her footbitch!!!

Mothers Boyfriend, My Slave!   Lady Evike foot domination pictures

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